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Among the 6000 estimated languages spoken in the world today, only half of them could still be spoken in a century. The principal contributing factors to the disappearance of languages are mass media and assimilationist submersion education systems where children and students are taught through the medium of dominant languages. In fact, research has shown that first language literacy and academic skills are an important support for the development of literacy and academic skills in the second language, and that bilingualism enhances cognitive flexibility. This issue will examine the role of educational systems in the acquisition and maintenance of bilingualism and all aspects of bilingual education. Topics of interest include:
  • Case studies of bilingual classrooms around the world
  • Evaluation studies of bilingual education programs
  • Assessment of bilingualism
  • Computer assisted language learning (CALL) for bilinguals
  • Bilingualism in higher education

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Educators and researchers from all fields related to bilingualism are invited to submit manuscripts.
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