Two-Year Colleges
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The research and scholarship on community colleges continues to be a growing and developing area. Those individuals who participate in the daily goings on of the community college have rich voices that can add much to the ongoing dialogue. The general goal of this special issue is to provide a rich dialogue of intersecting voices from the community college arena. A secondary aim of this topic will be to assemble scholarly papers that focus on summarizing the beliefs and perspectives of those who often know the community college best, but write about it the least--its practitioners: faculty (both full-time and adjunct), its staff, its administrators, and its students (through empirical study). Contributions are envisioned, which range from original research to editorial perspectives. Heading "Two-Year Colleges" includes community colleges, technical colleges, junior colleges, accredited two-year proprietary schools, and branches of four-year colleges that focus on associate degree education. Topics Of Interest:
  • Contemporary Issues in the Community College
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty Issues
  • Hot Topics (E.g., adjunct faculty, baccalaureate degree, developmental education, distance education and the new technologies, nursing shortage, service learning)
  • Multiple Missions
  • Leadership
  • Student diversity (E.g., ESL learners, racial and ethnic minorities, students with disabilities, reverse transfer students)
  • Teaching and Learning
Papers may be in the form of case studies, reflection papers, empirical research reports, or scholarly theoretical papers.

Who Should Submit:
Higher education faculty and graduate students, whose area of research focus and/or graduate study is the community college. Community college practitioners: faculty, staff, and administrators. Please identify your submission with keyword: COMMUNITY
Submission deadline:
On-going submission requests with cut-off date set by issue publication month.
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CJC-L Community college librarians.
Bulletin boards of community college systems.
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