Academic Exchange Quarterly
Winter 2007, Volume 11, Issue 4
Expanded issue up to 400+ pages.
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Gender and Sexuality
Feature Editor:
Thalia M. Mulvihill, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Social Foundations of Education and Higher Education
Associate Director of the Adult, Higher and Community Education Doctoral Program
Director of the Certificate in College & University Teaching
Teachers College, Ball State University, IN
      Gender and sexuality studies is a collective term for such fields as women's studies, lesbian and gay studies, and gender studies.
      Issues in teaching gender and sexuality have changed greatly in the last decade, with the extent and nature of those changes depending on political, social, cultural, and geographic location. In addition to advocating for a gender inclusive curriculum, some educators have pushed for social reform, arguing that we must attend to how we teach, what we teach, and who teaches.
      This pedagogical and social transformation, and accompanying resistance, has created a fundamental need for research about the causes, impacts, and future outcomes of these changes (e.g. effect on the traditional disciplines or exploring resulting academic constructs).
      Papers may be in the form of research reports, case studies, research in progress, or theoretical papers.

Who May Submit:
Educators and researchers from all fields related to gender and sexual orientation are invited to submit manuscripts.
Please identify your submission with keyword: GENDER

Submission deadline:
any time until the end of August 2007; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

Submission Procedure:    or
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