Academic Exchange Quarterly
Winter 2007, Volume 11, Issue 4
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Self-Regulation of Learning
Feature Editor:
Hefer Bembenutty, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Secondary Education and Youth Services
Queens College, NY
Self-regulation of learning examines the process by which learners set goals, monitor, regulate, and control their learning, motivation for learning, behavior, actions, and guide their effort to secure academic achievement. Self-regulation of learning investigates the contextual, environmental, and social cognitive factors that guide and promote learning. Self-regulation of learning examines the conditions that enact successful learning as well as those that constrain academic self-regulation and explores the development of self-regulatory skills and interventions that improve students’ self-directed and proactive learning. Self-regulation of learning considers empirical and theoretical contributions dealing with improving students’ self-regulation of learning. Quantitative and qualitative methods as well as theoretical analyses with practical applications addressing the cognitive processing, motivation for learning, the role of teachers, classroom practice, educational interventions, and individual differences including gender, ethnicity, and exceptionality, will be considered.

Who May Submit:
Manuscripts are welcome from researchers, teachers, administrators, professors, and graduate students co-authored with professors. The contextual settings of learning could be in traditional classrooms, sport or medical settings, college environment, vocational or training centers, elementary to secondary education, and higher education.
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any time until the end of August 2007; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

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