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Fall 2008, Volume 12, Issue 3
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Health Informatics and Telemedicine
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Advances in communications technology have increased the ability of health professionals and health care institutions and public health agencies to rapidly retrieve, analyze, use, and exchange large amounts of a variety of types of health information including patient records, diagnostic images, and population databases.

Technology has also provided additional means of communicating health information to patients and the public. The organization, storage, transmission, display and use of health care data in decision making requires knowledge and skills taught in the fields of informatics and telemedicine.

This part of Academic Exchange Quarterly focuses on unique and creative solutions to instructional issues that arise when teaching in the frontier of the fields of health informatics and telemedicine.

The range of topics was expanded to include manuscripts that: 1) describe the use of, access to, or the evaluation of any method of distance education in the education and training of health professionals, 2) describe innovative uses of telemedicine or informatics in patient care, institutions or agencies, or that discuss key issues in the use of telehealth or informatics.

Who Should Submit:
Manuscripts are sought that deal with topics such as, but not limited to, those raised by the following questions. What unique, creative instructional methods, programs, or curriculum are being used in clinical, lab or classroom settings to teach informatics and telemedicine to health care professionals? How are the policy and ethical issues raised by health informatics and telemedicine being taught? How do financial constraints affect the instructional process?

Manuscripts are also sought that describe evaluations (quantitative or qualitative) of informatics and telemedicine instructional programs. Please identify your submission with keyword: HEALTH

Submission deadline:
any time until the end of May 2008; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

Submission Procedure:    or
-- Word-of-mouth
-- News release to college officials
-- Invitation to local medical school 
   ( Oklahoma State University and University of Oklahoma ) faculty members
-- Copy of AEQ on desk
-- Post on department billboard
-- DR.-ED. list serve
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