Academic Exchange Quarterly
Fall 2008, Volume 12, Issue 3
Expanded issue up to 400+ pages.
Articles on various topics plus the following special section.
Management Education
Feature Editor:
John Garger
Metronome Computer Services, NY
The purpose of this topic is to discuss the past, current, and future states of management education. We are looking for theoretical, empirical, and case study papers that shed light on management education and the implications it has for stakeholders. Papers that explore theory and practice from creative perspectives are particularly welcome. Some issues that authors may explore include:
  • Framing of course content to meet the needs of our future economy
  • Gender issues in management education
  • Strategies and techniques that lead directly to student learning
  • Research into teaching soft skills such as leadership, communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, etc.
  • Matching teaching techniques to the individual differences of students
  • The effects, goals, and outcomes of service learning in management education
  • Adapting management programs to our changing world
  • The implementation and effectiveness of electronic learning in management education
  • Perspectives on international management skills
  • Issues pertaining to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral management programs
  • The role of the MBA
  • Ethics and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Student motivation
  • Evaluating performance and outcomes in management education
  • Creativity in management education
  • Plus any other issues directly related to management education
The mission of this Special Issue is to expand our understanding of the strategies and techniques in Management Education. Authors are encouraged to simultaneously take into account multiple stakeholders. However, any paper that expands our knowledge of management education is welcome.

Who May Submit:
Submissions are welcome from researchers, instructors, administrators, and practitioners as well as any others who are actively involved in Management Education. Please identify your submission with keyword: MANAGEMENT

Submission deadline:
any time until the end of May 2008; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

Submission Procedure:    or

> Academy of Management
> careernet-L Careers Network
> entrep-L Entrepreneurship Division
> gdp-L Gender & Diversity
> hrdiv_net HR Division
> mg-ed-dv Management Education & Development
> cognet Managerial & Organizational Cognition
> odcnet-L Organizational Development & Change
> gss-L Group Support Systems
> learning-org Learning Organization
> mba-L Curriculum
> mgservlearn-L Service Learning
> obts-L Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
> cqi-L Continuous Quality Improvement in Higher Education
> fya-List First-Year Assessment

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