Academic Exchange Quarterly
Summer 2008, Volume 12, Issue 2
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Science Education
Feature Editors:
Jeffrey Gerwing, PhD., Assistant Professor of University Studies
Portland State University
Julie Smith, PhD., Assistant Professor in the Center for Science Education
Portland State University
Recent efforts aimed at updating general education science curricula have sought to move beyond revisions of traditional subject matter to developing new approaches to science education that are student-centered, interdisciplinary, and linked to "real world" issues. In parallel with these course reform initiatives, a variety of measures and indicators have been proposed to assess students’ general competence dealing with scientific topics (i.e., their “scientific literacy”). However, studies that assess the effects of curricular reform and classroom-based innovations on the overall development of students' scientific literacy remain somewhat rare. For this Science Education feature we are seeking studies that explicitly link course reform efforts, or classroom interventions, with the assessment of student scientific literacy. Any studies of a theoretical or empirical nature (including case studies, portfolio studies, exploratory, or experimental work) are welcome, as are studies addressing issues of measurable standards and benchmarks. To be most helpful in this academic exchange, empirical studies should be clear and explicit about their methodology so that others can replicate or advance their research.

Who May Submit:
Submissions are welcome from researchers, teachers, administrators, and graduate students as well as others engaged directly in teaching at the K-16 levels. Please identify your submission with keyword: SCIENCE

Submission deadline:
any time until the end of February 2008; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

Submission Procedure:    or

1.  Electronic call for manuscripts to the email lists of:
   - Portland State Center for Science Education
   - Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER) 
   - (CT)2 Critical thinking for civic thinking in sciences research group
   - All science faculty at Portland State University
   - Targeted science faculty at universities, community colleges, and k-12 schools
   - SERC science literacy initiative
2. Flyers to by distributed at:
   - 2007 ACAD meeting in Washington, DC
   - 2007 CASTL institute in Chicago
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