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††††††††††† Adult ESL Learners and Professional Career/241



††††††††††† Compressed Video Learning Environments/32

††††††††††† Principles for More Deliberate Assessment/124



††††††††††† The Politics of Writing Center as Location/105

††††††††††† When Worlds Collide: Libraries & Writing Centers/134



††††††††††† The LEAP Clinic/36

††††††††††† The SURF Board: A Collaborative Strategy/56



††††††††††† Teaching Critical Thinking Online†† Case Study/139



††††††††††† Jamming Econo: Punk Aesthetics in Theatre/76



††††††††††† Multi-Discipline, Web-based Healthcare Orientation/155



††††††††††† Non-native Speakers in E-Learning Environments/187



††††††††††† Factors Affecting Student Adoption of Online Education/7

††††††††††† Implications for Labor-Management Education/16

††††††††††† Service Learning and International Business Education/23

††††††††††† Reward Systems and Self-Managed Team Success/27

††††††††††† Whimsical Sponsors for Critical Thinking/65

††††††††††† A Multisystemic Approach for Management Education/81

††††††††††† Training and Learning in the Post-industrial Workplace/114

††††††††††† Democratic Discipline inPDS/119

††††††††††† Ethics and Community inManagement Education/229

††††††††††† Global Management Education via the Internet†† /251

††††††††††† Mastering Motivational Theories/272

††††††††††† Building Leadership and Understanding in Teams/304



††††††††††† Information Competencies and Student Athletes/41

††††††††††† Culturally Relevant Instruction for Latinos/46

††††††††††† An Information Literacy Umbrella for Instruction/51


††††††††††† Media and Theory Through the Writing Process/11

††††††††††† Television, Authorship, and Student Writers/129

††††††††††† Media Practice in the HumanitiesClassroom/145

††††††††††† Iconotexts and Architecture:Toward Literary Analysis/150

††††††††††† Longing for Titusí Big Screen Debut/165

††††††††††† The Pedagogy of Urban Media Literacy/199

††††††††††† Media Literacy Prepares Teachers for Diversity/224

††††††††††† Teaching Film Theory in a Post-Film Era/234

††††††††††† The Cinematic Imagination: Lights, Sound, Writing!/246

††††††††††† A media literacy project on violence and conflict/256

††††††††††† Introducing Second Graders to Media Literacy/294



††††††††††† Moral Ambiguity in Darkness Visible/95

††††††††††† Teaching Literary Theory without Opaqueness/299



††††††††††† The Great War in the Classroom/61

††††††††††† Second-Generation Instructional Design for E-Learning/86

††††††††††† WebCT Surveys: Opportunities and Challenges/279



††††††††††† The Use and Abuse of Adjunct Faculty in Theology ††/284



††††††††††† Applying Constructivism in a Traditional Environment/71

††††††††††† Faculty Technology Training: Learning Objects/170



††††††††††† Modifying Field Experiences to Service-Learning/91



††††††††††† New Professorsí Reflections on the Dissertation Process/105

††††††††††† Student attitudes towards Web sites/160

††††††††††† Pre-service teachersí experience of inclusion/175

††††††††††† Pre-service Teachersí Attitudes Regarding ESL Students/183

††††††††††† School Environments Alienate Some Students†† /192

††††††††††† Different majors - different epistemological beliefs?/208

††††††††††† Student Attitudes Toward Intellectual Property†† /212

††††††††††† Studentsí Beliefs about Summary/Reaction Journals/215

††††††††††† Student Perceptions of Web-Based Learning/220

††††††††††† Students Perception On E-Learning: A Case-Study/261

††††††††††† The foundation of students' perceptions/267

††††††††††† Student Perceptions of Skills and Employability/275

††††††††††† Studentsí voices on foreign language anxiety/289

††††††††††† Intergroup Perception of International Students/309



††††††††††† Social Issues in First-year College Writing/100