Values Gaps Among Faculty And Administrators  

Undergraduate faculty and administrators were surveyed regarding their 
perceived academic values, using an adaptation of the SERVQUAL Scale.  
Gap analysis results on differences in ideal versus university values 
are reported for both groups. 

The Values Project evolved out of conversations among researchers who 
came together to discuss the role of academic values in shaping their 
institutionís identity and performance.  They explored academic values 
in order to clarify institutional priorities and pinpoint areas where 
improvement was needed.  An institutionís higher educational values 
were conceptualized as implicit standards and expectations about higher 
education that influenced the decisions of educators and administrators.  
In order to better understand the concept of values, research efforts 
in the disciplines of business administration and education were reviewed.  
Faculty and administrator values were then measured with questionnaires 
that were designed from focus groups and the literature review.