Meeting the Needs of Students and Parents 

This paper describes the evolution, activity, and student outcomes of a three 
year project which focused on parental involvement to address student needs 
of middle grade students in a school district in Kent County Delaware.  
Along with these reports, some recommendations are offered for future projects 
to consider.  The remarkable success of the students who participated in this 
project lead the project administrators to hope that similar projects might be 
developed nationwide. 
Program Formulation.  In an overly simplistic description, the projects created 
collaborative efforts between university faculty (mathematics, language arts, 
family and consumer sciences, and counseling), K-12 public school educators 
(mathematics, language arts, and science), university student tutors, and school 
and district administrators to support parent and their children in the learning 
of mathematics and language arts and in student preparation for the Delaware 
Student Testing Program (DSTP) standardized testing.