Procrastination, Self-regulated Learning and Math
	Pedro Rosário, University of Minho, Portugal
	Marta Costa, University of Minho, Portugal
	Rosa Mourão, University of Minho, Portugal
	José C. Núñez, University of Oviedo, Spain
	Julio González-Pienda, University of Oviedo, Spain
	Antonio Valle, University of A Coruña, Spain

This study investigates the associations among students’ school grade 
levels, academic procrastination and under-achievement, math grades and 
self-regulated learning (SRL). A significant multivariate effect of school 
grade level and academic under-achievement on self-regulated learning was 
found, indicating that higher student grade level and more academic 
under-achievement result in more academic procrastination. Math grades did 
not have an impact on academic procrastination. SRL was significantly and 
negatively correlated with academic procrastination, suggesting the urgency 
of fostering SRL in schools. 

Winter 2007: Volume 11, Issue 4
Academic Exchange Quarterly   or
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