The True Liberal Arts Education

Dwight Hunter,  Library Assistant at Chattanooga State
                               Technical Community College, TN
o what are "liberal arts" supposed to be?  
Unfortunately, for so many people in college learning how to 
apply writing skills, the traditional liberal arts programs 
are ignored for other programs.  Instead, liberal arts has 
become to mean core required courses for freshmen.  The 
traditional liberal arts were grammar, logic, rhetoric, 
arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. 

The first three were called the trivium.  All writers and 
other communicators should receive a fundamental training 
in the trivium.  Few writers today get a solid foundation 
in the trivium, and it shows in menus, advertisements, 
essays, research papers, and the list could continue.  
Grammar, logic and rhetoric can be applied every day; the 
trivium is truly a good, solid liberal arts education.