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To place an ad in Academic Exchange Quarterly, print this form and complete as needed.

Contact name/position: _________________________________________________

Company: ____________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: State: Zip code: ___________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________    E-mail: ________________________________
  • ad to appear in issue:    Spring ____ Summer ____ Fall ____ Winter ____
  • check for $777.00 _______________ enclosed, one issue
  • check for $2,222.00 _____________ enclosed, four consecutive issues
  • camera-ready black & white copy attached ____
    Mechanical Requirements
  • camera-ready black & white
  • text and/or graphics (no photo)
  • size, full page 5x8 inches
  • live area: 4 3/4" x 7 3/4"
  • no bleeds
  • provide laser proof along with digital file in PDF or gif or jpeg
  • page of our choice
  • add 50% for page of advertiser's choice, any page except outside or inside cover
  • add 50% for short deadline, less than three months
  • one price covers both print and online listing
  • this value-added service of free Internet exposure increases the visibility of your ad beyond
    our print circulation.
  • send the above form with your check or money order payable to "Rapid Intellect - AEQ" to:
    Academic Exchange Quarterly    P.O. Box 131 Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174 USA
  • all sales are final, no order cancellation
  • we reserve the right to refuse any classified ad
  • ad publication does not constitute an endorsement by Academic Exchange Quarterly
  • typical advertisers (in no particular order):
    book publishers
    journal publishers
    companies offering educational service or product
    colleges and schools seeking quality staff
    any company having college faculty or staff as clients or consumers.
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