Academic Exchange Quarterly (AEQ): a historical sketch

When AEQ started, in 1997, it was run as most academic journals: one office, key editors from the same college who were able to see each other daily, a couple of student workers, and few financial concerns, since the journal was subsidized by a college. See selected pages of Issue One, Volume One, Fall 1997 for highlights of its inception.

After 3-4 years, the journal outgrew college expectations and surprised its editors. Use of the Internet and a virtual organization as a platform of communication among readers, authors, and editors played a major role in the journal's rapid expansion, allowing it in 2001 to move to New York and become an independent organization of professional educators.

Today, because our readers - aiming to assure quality teaching at their colleges - share Academic Exchange Quarterly with colleagues, this journal has assumed a prominent publishing position:
  1. we publish per issue more refereed articles than any other journal: 55 in Spr 2003, 61 in Sum 2003, 63 in Fal 2003; versus 3--7 by most other journals
  2. our double-blind-peer-reviewed process assures impartiality and access to all without required publishing fees
  3. review process has four stages and can be monitored 24/7, track-your-submission
  4. the journal's independent status assures a submission acceptance rate based on merit and not favor, bias, or personal preference
  5. we bring examples of the finest teaching practice from all-around-the-world
  6. authors can gauge the level of interest for each published article by looking at Readers' Choice
  7. Copyright clearance is free to any educator
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October 2007