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IrfanView 3.07

          Bill Stifler,   Chattanooga State Technical Community College
I use IrfanView as my default image viewer and for basic
image editing like resizing, cropping, and adding text. 
IrfanView is TWAIN compliant and supports batch conversion, 
allowing the user to convert all the files in a directory or 
a file list. There are several nice options for viewing files. 
Pressing the space bar allows users to quickly scroll through 
all the files in a directory, and the Files Menu offers Slideshow 
and Thumbnail options. I especially like the Thumbnail option 
which opens a separate Thumbnail window. 

Another nice feature is the ability to capture images from the 
desktop, image, or client area, and save these images in a specific 
directory. I used IrfanView as my screencapture utility for 
creating the screenshots for both this article and my article on 
Arachnophila last month. 

In addition to the typical help menu, IrfanView also adds a 
glossary of terms identifying extensions, file types, and graphics 

For your basic image editing and multimedia needs, you can't do 
better than IrfanView.

IrfanView is available for download at
E-Mail: Irfan Skiljan -

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