Why In the Hell Would Anyone Want To Buy a Thermometer In the Shape of a Boot?

Connie Frappeia
Student, Community College of Vermont
It lay just ahead.
Soon she would touch it,
Hold it,
Make it her own.
The color was blue,
It's shape like a boot.
It was the shape, the color,
Together, they symbolized her persona.
"Is it me?" She asked.
"It is you." They answered.
She needed to hear it. 
They needed to sell it.
It made a strong statement,
You see.
Yes, she would buy it.
She needed to have it. 
It was her. 
She was it.
It described her completely.
She would take it home. 
Display it prominently,
Along side the others.
Among the clutter of detritus
Of the life that defined her.
In a house that wasn't a home.
Where would she put it?
Where should it go?
After all, it needed to be seen.
Once in place, 
The ultimate place,
She decided to take it all in.
Her eyes scanned the room,
Her history, her life.
Suddenly, the questions arose.
What were they for? 
What did they all mean? 
These things that she just had to own.
The realization was harsh. 
A cruel statement, indeed.
She had chosen to described herself
Not by who she was 
But, what she owned.