The Tides

David Arcella
student at USC

The ebb and flow of the tide lulls me to sleep,
A cool breeze passes through my hair,
The warmth of the sun envelops me as it beams down.
The grace of the gulls above filters out all my worries like a sift with sand,
The sand serves better than any form fitting mattress,
My mind clears like the sky
Sleepy thoughts slowly saunter in.
Captivating the imagination and transporting me to a distant world.
A faint voice enters the vivid picture of my imagination,
Familiarity, closeness, fondness, longing for its master,
The face escapes me, blurry at first, then turning away, eluding my vision.
I close my eyes again, a sweet scent filters through the air
faint at first, then becoming stronger, and stronger
until I can feel the sand moving at my feet.
I hesitate to open my eyes, not knowing what to expect.
I feel a coldness at my toes, and a sharp brisk feeling at my ankles.
I force myself to open my eyes.
It's dark out and an icy wave slithers up the sand sliding underneath me
I arise from my sleep to find the night sky,
high tide,
and the responsibilities of reality rushing back into my life.