Note from the editor

Athena Perrakis
Ed.D. student, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California
Welcome to the newly renovated version of Extra, a student-run 
publication designed to serve a wide range of academic audiences.  
Since I was invited to join Extra as its editor, just one month 
ago, I have established a new and different vision for its creation 
and purpose.  My goal is to generate an on-line forum for educators 
and students, who wish to share their experiences and interests 
with other, like-minded individuals.  Dr. Ben Varner, a faculty 
member at the University of Northern Colorado, is the faculty advisor 
for this journal, and has worked diligently to help establish Extra 
as a forum for scholarly communication.  At present, Ben and I are 
working to align ourselves with students and faculty from both high 
schools and universities, so that eventually we can lend a voice to 
many different people, at all levels of education, from a variety of 
locations across the country. 

We hope that you will continue to support us during this period of 
change and growth.  My colleague, Jamie Grasser, would like to 
expand at least two sections of our journal, to add creative 
writing and editorial sections in the coming months.  I would like 
to invite anyone with a background and interest in academe to submit 
an article for consideration and potential publication in future 

Many people contributed to this issue and their work should be 
recognized.  In addition to Ben and Jamie, I would like to 
thank Peter Grzeskow -- our web master -- and Steve S. Pec, the editor 
of Extra's parent journal, Academic Exchange Quarterly.  Thanks, also, 
to my faculty advisor at USC, Dr. Linda Hagedorn for her input and 
advice.  Finally, a special note of gratitude to our contributors, 
and our readers!  If you have any comments, questions, or submission 
ideas please pass them along to me.  I would be more than happy to 
hear from you.  See you in April!