Note from the editor

Athena Perrakis
Ed.D. student, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California

Dear readers,

I hope your transition back into the school year has been relatively seamless.  For me, it has involved a process of juggling that is challenging to say the least.  However, like you, I am always excited to see a new crop of students and some familiar faces, too, as we return to the welcome task of orienting ourselves toward education.

This month our line-up is short but intellectually stimulating.  Camille Filardo offers us her annotated bibliography on athletic administration and fundraising; another USC student in the Orange County cohort, John Sousa, writes an annotated bibliography on university persistence and retention.  Those of us who do research can appreciate the insights these two authors provide on such timely topics.  Then, Lee Larson changes the focus toward a more literary theme, with her musings on the personal meaning of poetry and lessons learned from her grandmother.  Maureen Connolly reviews a very interesting book, Creating Learning Communities.  And in keeping with our focus on education, we have Kyle Banker writing on the implementation of a new major for elementary ed. majors and Phil Brocato, who critiques the Executive Order 655 to reduce remediation at the CSU (California State University) level.  Finally, my own literature review on gender and its effects related to student evaluations of faculty bring us full circle to the realm of higher education.

Enjoy this month's submissions, and as you do, consider offering us a piece of your work.  We welcome submissions from anyone affiliated with systems of education, no matter the level or location.  Also, if you are interested in joining our editorial staff, positions are available.  E-mail me for more details.

Until November,