Editor's Note

elcome to the inaugural edition of the AEQ Extra! 
We hope you'll enjoy rummaging around our web-zine supplement to the 
Academic Exchange Quarterly.  We've intentionally designed it to be 
laid-back and fun.  You've got enough pressures on you as a teacher;
you  need a place to lighten up and relax.  Hopefully, you'll be 
able to do that  here.

The Extra will be nothing without your input.  If there is an aspect
of  teaching that you'd like to know more about, let us know.  If 
there is a  soapbox you want to get up on, you're at the right place.  
We may not agree with everything you have to say, but we'll do our 
best to provide you with a  forum for saying it.

We're looking for short blasts (20-200 word pieces), so you shouldn't
feel intimidated by the thoughts of having to create the next great 
monument to your discipline.  Just keep it simple and straightforward 
and we will all  end up growing from it.

I look forward to getting some "Letters to the Editor," so keep those
cards and letters coming.

More later.
Tim Hooker, AE Extra Editor