Dr. Heather Ann Ackley, Academic Exchange Quarterly Feature Editor, is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Theology & Philosophy, Azusa Pacific University, CA.
E-mail: HAckley@apu.edu
Spring 2004 Religious Studies and Philosophy

Author of Teaching Mindfully... in every issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly.
Fall 2003 A Spirituality of Collaboration
Summer 2003 Learning and Teaching through Story-telling
Spring 2003 Digital Literacy and the “Middle Way”
Winter 2002 “Chasing after the Wind” Online and Off
Fall 2002 Heroism and Tragedy, Healing and Bereavement in the Student-Teacher Relationship
Summer 2002 Disability, Education and Empowerment: From Silence to Finding a Voice
Spring 2002 Teaching and Learning as Spiritual Exercises

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