Meet the New Editor

After an exhaustive seven-month search, March - September 2006, I am delighted
to introduce JoAnn Danelo Barbour as Academic Exchange Quarterly’s new editor.
Dr. Barbour emerged from a field of nine highly qualified candidates.

With over thirty years of pre-collegiate and higher education experience and
academic training in Educational Administration and Policy Analysis, Ph.D.,
Stanford University, Dr. Barbour brings a wisdom and insight that bode well
for AEQ readers, authors, and staff.

As JoAnn notes, I value honesty in myself and others, intellectual curiosity
and a concern for others. I strive to maintain high standards... I believe an
individual can transform society, but she or he must be prepared, willing to work
hard, and have courage in order to follow through to create the vision necessary
to make change.

Glad to have Dr. Barbour with us!
Publisher - Academic Exchange Quarterly

October 2006