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November   1999

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Academic Integrity
Catching them redhanded
The other day a student of mine violated the code of academic
integrity in my ethics class. The irony of such a violation occuring
in an ethics class was a bit beyond his recognition. What he did
understand was that I was hurt by his action.
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Editor's Note
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Maureen's Books
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Your Best Choice
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The Way I See It!
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Student Voice
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From the Trenches
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Tools of the Online Trade
Arachnophilia 3.9 Build 5181
I have used Arachnophilia as my default editor for several years now.
While Front Page and other programs offer WYSWIG HTML generation,
I find that I still prefer working at the command line. Maybe it is
because of my MSDOS command line roots, or maybe I just prefer the
added flexibility that working at the command level gives.
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Family Recipes
Two Ver Steeg family recipes
I'm Dutch and from Iowa, which means only one thing: eat anything
at all, but eat a lot of it. I was raised on the south side of
Des Moines, which back in my day meant I was on a poor side of town,
growing up with the Italian families. As a result, I was quite
convinced that I was both Catholic (I was not) and Italian
(I am not) until I started school and came to understand that
geography does not equal lineage. At any rate, my mother (a south
side native) brought my father (who grew up in the Center Street
neighborhood--if you were my age and from Des Moines, you would be
smiling knowingly by now) to the south side, introduced him to
both garlic and can openers, and the rest was history.
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