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December 1999 & January 2000

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Academic Integrity
Crunch Time!!!
Why is it that the end of every semester always feels
like one is being pulled from several directions at
the same time?
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Teacher to Teachers
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The Way I See It!
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Student Voice
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From the Trenches
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World's Languages
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Family Recipes
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All the players on the New Paradigm Team
In the nineties, notions of "teamwork," "partnership," and
"collaboration" became in vogue. None of these terms were
particularly new to sports, of course, but what about
education? Education is a team effort, too, isn't it?
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News in the Profession
The New California System
of Remediation of College Students

The higher education news is full of stories about New York's
latest decision to phase-out remedial education at 9 of
the 11 City University of New York (CUNY System) campuses.
Remedial education will be the responsibility of the already
overworked New York State community college system.
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Teaching Abroad
The Academic 'No Worries' Club
I have read a lot of articles on the internet from the US
and talked to a lot of American academics at conferences.
They tend to talk about job woes usually centering on the
difficulty of getting a permanent job or tenure. It seems
that many concentrate more on worrying than anything else.
It is depressing.
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A Quick Primer
Sets, Steps and Ceilis: Irish Dancing
Mention "Irish dancing" and immediately your audience think
of "Riverdance", Michael Flatley and Jean Butler. These
popular shows have grown out of competition dancing in one
of the forms of Irish dance, but there are other forms
bringing together people from diverse backgrounds in
social settings. This article discusses Step Dancing,
Country Set Dancing and Ceili Dancing briefly and provides
detail about the movements, music and footwork for Set
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