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April 2000

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Student's Pick
University Responsibilities:
How Much is Too Little?

Let's face it: University students today have it
pretty good. At decent-sized schools, students
have access to any number of low-cost services
that civilians would donate organs for. We get
gyms and fitness centers for free or close to
it. We have computer labs, lounges and more
clubs and societies arriving every semester.
With little or no fees, on-campus coffee bars
and pick-up basketball games make traveling
into the real world increasingly ludicrous...
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Editor's Note
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Reality Check
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Student Voice
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First Edition

Creative Writing & Short Fiction

Jamie Grasser,   University of Northern Colorado
Welcome to Academic Exchange Extra's 
first edition including creative 
writing and short fiction.  Although 
AE Extra is committed primarily to 
academia and education, we also recognize 
the talents and skills that are required 
in all forms of expression and writing.  
The creative writing selected for 
publication in AE Extra is an 
example of non-formal, intelligent and 
complex commentaries and observations 
about real-life issues and concerns.  
In addition, it speaks to the reader 
in an original way, demonstrating the 
ability to articulate meaning, as well 
as use language as a device of empowerment.  
All forms of writing, whether they are 
formal, academic, professional or creative, 
should be acknowledged for their ability 
to inform and enlighten.  It is through 
communication that we are able to expound 
upon the beauty and benefits of knowledge.  
We hope that you enjoy our selections!  
Please feel free to respond to what you 
have seen, and perhaps submit some of 
your own creative work.
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Creative Writing: text one      Creative Writing: text two

News from the Profession
Academic Workshops: A Plan to Help Students
Experiencing Academic Probation...

University advisement centers across this
country are expected not only to give proper
advisement, but also be empathetic to students
who are either on probation or disqualified.
In an effort to retain students in academic
difficulty, the School of Health and Human
Services Advisement Center at CSULA
developed a grant-funded position for one
graduate student to help probation and
disqualified students.
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Students of Color
Science, Mathematics and Engineering Graduate
Education and Students of Color

Despite the country's general shortage of
science, mathematics and engineering (SME)
professionals, undergraduate education in these
fields continues to be more of a "weeding-out"
than a cultivation process. It may therefore
come as little surprise that these fields are
predicted to remain dominated by one
gender (males) and one race (white)...
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You are invited to join AE Extra staff!    Send your ideas and/or writing sample to:
Athena Perrakis
Instructional Coordinator & Assistant Lecturer
The Writing Program, University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089