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March 2000

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Student's Pick
Thinking in the Future Tense
by Jennifer James

Humor allows one to relax and reconsider his/her circumstances.
In essence, humor provides a finer perspective on life, which
James insists is one of the most essential qualities for
succeeding in the future.

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Editor's Note
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Teacher to Teachers
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Reality Check
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Student Voice
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World's Languages
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As I see it...
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News from the Profession
Leading Change in the Research University
Higher education will never be the same. The last ten years
have seen higher education, research institutions in
particular, under pressure to be more accountable to those
they serve. This accountability, driven by interrelated
forces, and the pressure on research universities to alter
their practices and values to serve the needs of a changing
society, will continue for some time. The nature of
leadership and governance in higher education must be
reconsidered if these institutions are to respond to
these pressures.
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Pedagogy of Empowerment
A Revised Pedagogy of Empowerment
I had read Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed as an
undergraduate and viewed it as a call to action...
I believed that if my students could express their ideas
clearly and with some conviction at the end of
the semester, then I had met my main goal as a teacher.
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