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July/August 2000

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Dialogue and Tutoring Sessions
In individual tutoring sessions, dialogue is generated when
the tutor and tutee problem-solve together-a process whereby
both individuals are involved in a positive learning experience.
But how do students, especially those whose first language is
not English, respond to language during a tutoring session?
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SOC/PSY 405 & ENG 3

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Student Voice
The Ultimate Education
The education I received was insufficient to prepare me for the
standardized tests given to high school students across the nation.
Preparation for higher education is deficient; mandatory
information about college is not given to students. However,
receiving an inferior education from a public school strengthened
my character and enhanced my perseverance to do great things.
My passion and determination brought me to the realization that I
can accomplish anything.

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Notes from Australia
My sister Adrianne
As this tale starts, my sister Adrianne and I have just landed in
glamorous Sydney, Australia - my beloved, adoptive home for the
past 4 months. Our vacation at the Great Barrier Reef had just
come to an end, and while I fretted about returning to classes,
Adrianne was ready to let loose for the 2nd part of her vacation.
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