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June 2000

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Symbolic Meaning of Safety Measures
Do high schools manufacture students or prisoners? The Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado pressed into the minds of Americans that the presence of violence in our high schools is real, and if not dealt with effectively, will continue to plague the secondary school system...
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Literary Criticism
Critical Approaches to Literature: Not for Undergraduates
After discovering that I had just completed Critical Approaches to Literature (an English course at the University of Northern Colorado designed to expose students to the underlying theories of various types of critical analysis), someone in the English Department asked me what I thought of the course...
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As I see it
Cultivating Academic Skills through Applied Ethics
In the introduction to the special issue of _Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines_ on critical thinking and composition, guest editor Bill Klein notes that "composition and critical thinking appear all too ignorant of what they can offer each other at both theoretical and practical levels"... As someone with a double degree in literature and philosophy, this antagonism is puzzling to me; as an instructor of both Composition and Philosophy, it is incomprehensible...
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