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May 2000

Issue Editor:  Jamie Grasser
student at University of Northern Colorado

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Student Portfolios and Advisement
The portfolio approach builds a relationship that allows the advisor to go beyond the typical advisement session...
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Literary Criticism
Is there a monkey in this class?
In previous essays and reviews, I have raised questions about some of the paradoxes in the latest trends in literary analytical theory and reader-oriented criticism. Suggesting that we become involved in a "nouveau surréalisme," I have indicated that such an acupunctural approach to literary criticism would have at its foundation an orientation to the East which would necessitate the acquisition of a new bibliography...
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News from Finland
Administrative Games: Who Pays?
Recently I asked my translation MA students to write articles for AE Extra. Almost all chose the same theme: the current plan to eliminate the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Helsinki. I suppose it is because the subject weighs heavy on their minds. The Finnish language is spoken by only about 5 million people world-wide. With the emerging global community, the need for competent translators is ever increasing.
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