Table  of  Contents

This issue marks the beginning of Academic Exchange Quarterly's  
	sixth year  /  2
Teaching on the Frontiers of Healthcare  /  4

Introducing Telemedicine within a Health Informatics Curriculum  /  5
Web-enhanced Pharmacology for Nursing Students  /  12
Use of Telemedicine in Correctional Facilities  /  16 
Doctoral Student Perceptions of Learning to be Reflective Practitioners  /  25
Use of Telerehabilitation in Assistive Technology  /  31
Impact of a Computer-based Case Study on Outbreak Investigation Skills  /  42
Use of literature in teaching psychopathology  /  49
Clinical Research Training in CAM for Minorities at an HBCU  /  56
Teaching Note on Service-Learning through Applied Community 
	Research  /  62
Service Learning:  Beyond the Classroom  /  66
Community Service Learning as a Model Approach in Active 
	Teaching and Learning  /  69
Collaborative Speech-Language Services in Urban Schools  /  75
Effect of the Use of Games in the Basic Speech Course  /  81
ICT-based Borderless Combination of Alternative and Augmentative 
	Communication Systems  /  85 
Integrating ICT in Higher Education: The Case of ITESM  /  94
Using Instructional Simulation in the Computing Curriculum  /  100
Factors Related to Success and Satisfaction  in Online Learning  /  105
Effects of Traditional versus Tactual/Kinesthetic Instruction on 
	Junior High School Learning-Disabled Students  /  115
Accuracy of Self-Efficacy:  A Comparison of High School  
	and College Students  /  123
Voices from Schools: Listening to Australian Students  in Transition  /  129
Changes in Teacher  Candidatesí Beliefs About Education  /  136
Using personality type in the business communication classroom   /  144
Dialectical Notebooks: A Cognitive Approach  /  150
Teaching More Than You Know  /  155
Tenure and Promotion and the Scholarship of Teaching:  
	Two Conversations or One?  /  161
Collaborative Efforts in the Scholarship of Teaching  /  168
Building a Journalism Course on Learning Theory  /  173
African American Male Studentsí Perception of a Mathematics 
	Learning Environment  /  177
Using Service-Learning to Develop Collaboration Skills  /  183
Interbeing Among Teachers and Students  /  188
Journey Out:  Conceptual Mapping and Writing Process  /  193
(Re-) Capturing the Novel  /  198
Teaching Mindfully:  Heroism and Tragedy, Healing and 
	Bereavement in the Student-Teacher Relationship  /  203