Fall 2003†††† ISSN 1096-1453†††† Volume 7, Issue 3


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††††††††††† Incorporating Pupil Assessment into Teacher Preparation/57

††††††††††† Teacher Assessment of Homework/71

††††††††††† Classroom Assessment: Learning from Students/109

††††††††††† Technology-Enhanced Teacher Professional Development Model/137

††††††††††† A Framework for Evaluating Online Courses/224

††††††††††† Cognitivism, Constructivism, and Work Performance/†† 274

††††††††††† Research Attitudes of African-American Graduate Students/†† 302



††††††††††† Collaborative Development of Dispersed Experiential Opportunities/18

††††††††††† Collaboration at the Post-secondary Level/28

††††††††††† Distance Learning: Deaf Education Collaboration Model/41

††††††††††† Access to Scientific Careers: Barriers for Students with Disabilities/47

††††††††††† Senior Inquiry: A University/High School Collaboration/52

††††††††††† A Winning Combination: Collaboration in Inclusion/66

††††††††††† Urban Partnerships for International Affairs Service Learning/90

††††††††††† Collaborating to Improve Literacy Outcomes/95

††††††††††† What are Teachersí Greatest Co-teaching Concerns?/100

††††††††††† The Difficulties of Collaboration Research in K-12 Schools/104

††††††††††† Must We Collaborate? Examining Cultural Contexts/114

††††††††††† Collaborative Initiatives Supporting Inclusive Classrooms/132

††††††††††† Two New Evaluation Instruments forCollaboration/†† 147

††††††††††† Positive Involvement in Parent-Teacher Collaborative Models/162

††††††††††† Collaborative Voices: One University-School Model/174

††††††††††† Interpretive Processes in Collaborative Research/179

††††††††††† Enhancing Collaboration: Families as Faculty Project/199

††††††††††† Fostering Collaboration in Urban Schools/209

††††††††††† Preparing Special Educators through Collaborative Partnerships/218

††††††††††† Stumbling Toward Collaboration/229

††††††††††† Collaborating Across Boundaries/239

††††††††††† Successful Preparation of Teachers of Students with Disabilities/268

††††††††††† Into the Community: Collaboration Produces Learning/293

††††††††††† Preparing Practicing Teachers to Teach in Inclusive Schools/298

††††††††††† Graduate Cooperative Groups: Role of Perfectionism/307

††††††††††† Classroom Assessment Practices: A Collaborative Approach /317



††††††††††† Literature and International Relations/12

††††††††††† Integrated Holistic Approach to Poetry in EFL/ESL/184

††††††††††† Cultural Influences on Student Learning†† /214

††††††††††† Teaching Needhamís Puzzle Fostering Historical Thinking/234

††††††††††† Ethnography and Case Study: A Comparative Analysis/283





††††††††††† Collaborative Approach to Information Literacy in the Freshman.../23

††††††††††† Information Literacy in a Freshman Learning Community/78

††††††††††† Library Instruction Assessment in Upper-Level Courses/85

††††††††††† Information Metacognition: A Course Case Study†† /119

††††††††††† Information Literacy Competencies In Social Work/125

††††††††††† Enhancing Information Literacy: A Teaching Partnership in Practice/142

††††††††††† Faculty Use of Electronic Library Resources/152

††††††††††† Increasing studentsí library confidence/157

††††††††††† First Year Reading and Writing Convergences/194

††††††††††† Journalism Students and Information Competencies/204

††††††††††† Paths to Understanding/322



††††††††††† Online IT Training For School Administrators/258

††††††††††† Online Learning Experience: A Case Study/263



††††††††††† Peer Debriefing: Who, What, When, Why, How/36



††††††††††† Building on Studentsí Experiences in Teacher Education/7

††††††††††† Importance of an Internship Component in a Liberal Arts Major/254



††††††††††† A Course on Ordinary Differential Equations /249

††††††††††† Revision of prerequisites: ICT tools/†† 312



††††††††††† Emerging Themes in Community-Based Training/189



††††††††††† Multisensory Learning in Inclusive Classrooms/244



††††††††††† Improving Student Attendance/288



††††††††††† Technology and Learning Collaborative: Design and Implementation/61



††††††††††† ESL Freewriting and Students' Lived Experience/167

††††††††††† Itís About Time! Lengthen Student Writing/279