ighthearted cover of this Fall edition indicates my 
satisfaction to present you with this special Online
Education issue.  Ninety two pages are filled with current,
reliable, and useful information. In fact, whatever you need 
to know about online teaching and learning is here.  All this 
was made possible thanks to Jennie Ver Steeg, subject editor.

Ironically enough, in this age of constant changes in technology, 
teaching becomes much more complicated and challenging.  However, 
it is nice to know that there are things you can count on. By 
combining the richness of web publishing with print paper 
publishing, today, Academic Exchange Quarterly is able to offer 
you a remarkable new variety in a comprehensive academic  
resource.  On the one hand, in the quarterly, you can read 
useful and relevant articles and  columns  related to your  
professional development.  On the other side, via the info-web, 
you are connected to timely and quality multifaceted teaching 
resources, 24 hours a day. Together, both resources complement 
and enhance each other and offer you possibly the only resource 
you'll ever need for professional development.

The info-web, http://www.higher-ed.org/AEQ/, offers a free 
forum, Borderless Resource, for reporting professional news, 
employment opportunities, book pre-publication critiques, advice 
and aid in finding a needed publication or data. For authors, 
Academic Exchange info-web allows one to track-your-submission, 
s/he knows at any time where the submission is in the review 
process. For readers, a comprehensive searchable article index  
is available online free.  Regular feedback, the best and worst 
articles, is sought from the readers and the results are posted 
in the Readers' Choice.  Such features as information about 
published authors, special upcoming issues, ability to contact 
any editor via e-mail, or a link to additional higher education 
resources, http://www.higher-ed.org,  are available  as well.

Suffice it to say, there is a lot going on behind the 
lighthearted cover of the Academic Exchange Quarterly.    
Just see for yourself and discover a no-nonsense professional 
development resource at your fingertips.
My best for a terrific fall semester.

Steve S. Pec