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Fall 2001    ISSN 1096-1453    Volume 5, Issue 3

Table of Contents: Language Teaching and Learning

Editorial: It never ceases to amaze me how foreign language teaching norms vary
Language Teaching and Learning
Second Language Acquisition Courses and Student Teachers' Values  /  5
         Richard Badger, University of Stirling, United Kingdom 
         Malcolm MacDonald, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
         Goodith White, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
Integrating Corrective Feedback  into Communicative Language Teaching  /  12 
	ZhaoHong Han, Teachers College, Columbia University
The Presence of the Mother Tongue in the Foreign Language Classroom  /  18
	Cristiane Alves Lemos, Faculdade de Tecnologia e Cięncias 
 	in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil
Acquisition and Participation:  Two Metaphors are Better Than One  / 22
	Caroline Graham, University of Limerick, Ireland
Do  Students  Really Learn  a  Foreign  Language Through  Role-Playing?  /  27
	Marie Cecile Leblanc,  Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Contra-tricentric Method of Teaching English as a Foreign Language:  
	The Pedagogy of Han Zhongliang  /  35
	James D. Allen, The College of Saint Rose,  NY
	Sun Changshun, Beihua University, P.R. China
Use, Usage or Both in English Language Teacher Training Programmes?  /  42
	Birsen Tütünis, Trakya University, Turkey
The Danger of Passivity  /  46
	Luis A. Gonzalez , National University of Cordoba, Argentina
A Language-Science Bridge: ESL for Marine Science  /  51
	Marjorie Friedman, ELS Language Centers, FL
	Martha Nichols-Pecceu, Eckerd College, FL
Multiple Literacies, CMC, and Language and Culture Learning  /  57
	Mary E. Wildner-Bassett, University of Arizona, AZ
The Common European Framework of Reference and the Assessment of Oral 
	English in Spain  /  63
	J. Ignacio Bermejo Larrea, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas nş 1, Zaragoza, Spain
A Reductive Grammar Approach to the Teaching of Spanish 
	as a Second Language  /  68
	Darrell J. Dernoshek, University of South Carolina-Columbia, SC
An Alternative Evaluative Approach for L2/FL Composition Textbooks  /  74
	Gabriela Olivares-Cuhat, Cleveland State University, OH
Metacognitive Knowledge in EFL Writing  /  78
	Maria Angelova, Cleveland State University, OH
Facilitating Self-Regulation in Linguistics Classrooms  /  83
	Sonja L. Lanehart, University of Georgia, GA
	Paul A. Schutz, University of Georgia, GA
The Impact of Metamemory on Reading Performance  /  88
	Gholam Reza  Haji Pour Nezhad , Tehran University, Iran
Cultural Variability:  Teacher Development  in a Translation Studies 
	Department in Finland  / 94
	Johan Franzon, University of Helsinki, Finland
	Mike Garant, University of Tampere, Finland
	Leena Immonen, University of Helsinki, Finland
On the Dysfunctional Nature of Systemic Functional Grammar  /  100
	Robert Yates, Central Missouri State University, MO
	Jim Kenkel, Eastern Kentucky University, KY
Humorous Personal Narratives in the ESL Classroom  /  106
	Julia Stakhnevich, Bridgewater State College, MA
Student Perceptions of Beginning French  and Spanish Language 
	Performance  /  113
	Carolyn Gascoigne, The University of Nebraska at Omaha
	Karen Robinson, The University of Nebraska at Omaha
Contrastive Analysis in Language Teaching, Time to Come in 
	From the Cold  /  119
	Ron Sheen, University of Quebec, Canada
Cognates and Other Clues :  Strategies for Comprehension  /  124
	Rebeccca L. Chism, Kent State University, OH
Examining Language Proficiency of Teacher Candidates - 
	A Critical Issue in Teacher Preparedness  /  130
	Marjorie Hall Haley, George Mason University, VA
	Rebecca K. Fox, George Mason University, VA
The Acquisition of Psychological-verb Alternations in Spanish: 
	Two Teaching Approaches  /  136
	Fernando Rubio, Southern Oregon University, OR
Acknowledgement, Affirmation, and Accommodation:  
	The Non-Standard Language Approach  /  142
	Sharroky Hollie, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA
ESL Teachers' Attitudes toward the Classroom Language  /  148
	Satoshi Tsukamoto, Aichi University, Japan
Earth and Wind: Teaching Spanish in China  /  152
	Mónica Cantero, Berry College, GA

On-going  Topics
Gifted Students' Perception of Special Courses  /  155
	Jean-Luc Patry, University of Salzburg, Austria
	Sieglinde Weyringer, Center for Research and Promotion of Gifted Children, Salzburg
	Günter Wageneder, Center for Research and Promotion of Gifted Children, Salzburg
The Domino Effect of High-Stakes Testing and Standards  /  163
	Lynette Fields, University of South Florida, FL
	Ann Lee, University of South Florida,  FL
Advising Indicators:  Operating from an Empirical Perspective  /  167
	Gabe Keri, Indiana/Purdue University, IN
"Booking It" to Peace:  Bibliotherapy Guidelines for Teachers  /  172
	Celia E. Johnson, Bradley University, IL
	Guofang Wan, Bradley University, IL
	Rosalyn Anstine Templeton, Bradley University, IL
	Lesley P. Graham, Bradley University, IL
	Joan L. Sattler, Bradley University, IL
Expanding a Goal Mediational Model: 
	the Korean Elementary School Math Class  /  177
	Daeryong Seo, The Pennsylvania State University, PA
	Jeong Hwan Kim,  The Korea National University of  Education, Seoul, Korea
Discursive Practices  in Language Minority Mathematics Classrooms  /  184
	James A. Telese, The University of Texas at Brownsville, TX
	Reynaldo Ramirez, Jr., The University of Texas at Brownsville, TX
See Teacher Draw:  Exploring Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching  /  191
	Mimi Coughlin, Boson College, MA
	Amy Seldin, Boston College, MA
Vocabulary Support  for Students Using University Library Catalogs 
	from Remote Locations  /  195
	Sondra Barbakoff, Adelphi University, NY
Information Literacy Program:  Achievements And Improvements  /  199
	Hua Yi,  California State University, San Marcos, CA

Subject Editor: Mike Garant, Ph.D., University of Tampere, Finland

Back Cover design: Kappa Waugh, Vassar College, NY