English 3: American Literature (Non-Native Speakers)

Notre Dame High School
English 3: American Literature (Non-Native Speakers)

Teacher: Mrs. Walli Weitz

Term: Fall 2000

Meeting Times: Tuesday/Thursday; 7:45-9:15 a.m.

Tutoring: During x period or by appointment

I. Overview
	In this course we will study American literature (poems, 
	essays, short stories, and novels) from the early days of 
	the Native Americans to the present time.  We will read 
	selections from the text, outside materials, and novels.  
	We will try to see how literature affects and is affected 
	by political, religious, and social influences.

II. Course Format
	The classroom will be a place of learning.  This means that 
	both I, as the teacher, and you, as the student, will 
	participate in the learning process.  I have several 
	expectations for this class.  I expect each student to check 
	the board for each day's activities and books required for 
	the next class.  Each day you must have your English notebook 
	with you.  Each day you will come to class with pen and paper.  
	The pens will either have blue or black in.  Please avoid felt 
	tip pens.  I expect you to hand in your work on time.  
	I DO NOT accept late work.  I expect you to be mindful of 
	others and conduct yourself accordingly.  You will treat your 
	classmates and me with respect and will be treated in the same 
	fashion.  You will make this classroom a place of learning by 
	following rules and by coming to class ready to learn and 
	participate in our learning process.

III. Class Schedule
	This class will meet every Tuesday and Thursday for one semester.  
	You will follow the guidelines for attendance as laid out in the 
	student handbook.

IV. General Course Objectives
	Students will become informed about the different time periods 
	in American Literature.  They will be able to read a piece of 
	literature and be able to understand its main idea.  The student 
	should be able to analyze a given piece of literature and place 
	it within a time period.  The student will become an active 
	reader of this literature through various activities.

V. Required Text Books
	Building Vocabulary for College
	A Modern Novel of your choice

VI. Additional Readings
	These readings will be assigned and handed out to you in class.

VII. Evaluation Methods
	Your grades will be based on the following:
a. Homework/Pop quizzes- 5% of grade
b. Weekly Vocabulary Quizzes  5% of grade
c. Tests on novels and literature units 15% of grade
d. Essays 10% of grade
e. Individual and group projects 10% of grade
f. Creative writing assignments 5% of grade
g. Final 20% of grade
h. Term paper 25% of grade
i. English Notebook 5% of grade

I will not assign a letter grade.  I will show your grade in numbers 
over points possible. (Ex. If you get a 90 out of a 100-point possibility, 
your grade will be written 90/100)

These points will be added for one total after each six-week grading 
period.  Each succeeding grading period will be a running total of the 
grade you have earned so far for the semester.

I will take the points possible for each grading period and use the 
following scale:			
			 100-90 A
			  89-80 B
			  79-70 C
			  69-60 D
		     	  59-below F

I will provide you with a sheet that will allow you to tally your points 
as you receive them.  Please do not ask me to total your points from 
my book.  If you have a question about a grade, feel free to clarify 
the situation with me.

English Notebook
	You are to keep an English Notebook as described to you in 
	class.  This will be collected, without prior announcement, 
	throughout the semester.  It is to contain all the materials 
	given to you in this class.  It must be in order and complete 
	at all times.


Session I:	Introducing ourselves
		Hand out Course Expectation Sheets
		Introduce Native American Literature/Creation Stories
		Homework: Read: "In Harmony with Nature" page 18
			"The World on the Turtle's Back" page 23
		Write: Write down your thoughts about this creation myth.  
		Be prepared to share this with your classmates.

Session II: Discuss Homework
	       Work in pairs to create your own myth.
	       Discuss Puritan-religious and historical background
	       Introduce THE SCARLET LETTER-book check
	       Read chapters 1-3 in class aloud.
	       Homework:  Read:   "Between Heaven and Hell" page 144
	       "from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" page 161.
	       Do: Vocabulary Chapter 1-use context clues

Session III: Correct vocabulary homework
	       Read: We Aren't Superstitious" page 169
	       In a few sentences tell what the citizens of Salem 
	       Village were like.
               Homework: Read Chapters 4-6 in THE SCARLET LETTER
               Read: "The Examination of Sarah Good" page 155 

Session IV: Discuss chapters 4-6 in novel and show Hallmark video 
	       for same.  Discuss "We Aren't Superstitious" and 
	       compare and contrast on Venn Diagram with "The 
	       Examination of Sarah Good"
	       Homework: Read chapters 7-10 in novel Vocabulary chapter 2

Session V: Factual Reporting/Primary and Secondary Sources
	       Correct Vocabulary chapter 2
	       Video on THE SCARLET LETTER (chapters 7-10)
               Homework: Study for vocabulary quiz on chapters 1-2
	       Read: "Miss Temptation" page 185.  Make left margin 

Session VI:  Vocabulary Quiz on chapters 1-2
	       Partners:  Summarize "Miss Temptation"
	       Connect with SCARLET LETTER
	       Homework: Study for test on chapters 1-10 of novel.

Session VII: Test on SCARLET LETTER (chapters 1-10)
               Review for test on Native American/Puritan Periods
	       Introduction to American Revolution
	       Homework: Study for objective test on literature
               Read: Chapters 11-14 in novel

Session VIII: Test on Native American Periods
	       Discuss elements of speech and oratory
	       Read: "Speech in the Virginia Convention"
               Allusion; repetition
	       Write a newspaper report or rebuttal to this 
	       speech in class.

Session IX:  Video in class on novel chapters 11-14
	       Group work on chapters 11-14 (character analysis)
	       Homework: Vocabulary chapter 3
               Venn Diagram on 1st and 2nd scaffold scenes

Session X:	Discuss Venn Diagrams
		Collect vocabulary for chapter 3
		Write rough draft for persuasive speech/peer response
		Homework: Vocabulary chapter 4
 	        Read chapters 15-19 in novel

Session XI:  Correct vocabulary chapter 4
		Discuss novel and view video
		Homework: Study for final test on novel.

Session XII:  Test on chapters 11-19 of novel
		Discussion: What is an American?
		Read: article on pages 224-225
	        Paraphrase: "by being received to the broad lap of 
	        our great alma mater."
		Introduction to SNOW FALLING ON THE CEDARS : Case study
	        Homework: Do case study.  What does this tell about 
	        body language? Study for vocabulary quiz on chapters 3-4

Session XIII: Introduce Spirit of Individualism: fears, hopes, concerns, 
	        ideals Literature: inner feelings/emotions over reason, 
	        logic, scientific observation.
	        Read: "A Psalm of Life" aloud in class.  Have students 
	        create a bumper sticker text that expresses the philosophy 
		suggested by the poem.
		Discuss rhyme and rhythm (stanza and rhyme scheme) of 
	        poetry. Homework: Continue reading in SFC

Session XIV: Field Trip to Japanese Culture Museum

Session XV: Discuss field trip.  
		Share oragami projects
		Close reading of SFC
	        Homework: Find newspaper articles dealing with prejudice
	        Vocabulary: chapters 5-6

Session XVI: Correct vocabulary homework
		Video clips from SFC-movie
		Introduction of Transcendentalism-Emerson/Thoreau
		Egg Project-individual and group after reading articles
		"Walden" Why is money not important?
		"Self-Reliance"-What is main idea?
	        Explain: "Poverty gives man a certain independence"
	        Homework: Study for quiz on vocabulary 5-6

Session XVII: Quiz on Vocabulary 5-6
		Discuss Transcendentalists
		Introduce Edgar Allen Poe-show A&E video (clips)
		"Cask of Amontillado"
	        "The Raven"-alliteration, assonance, consonance 
	        (work in groups and chart rhyme scheme)
		Homework: "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment"

Session XVIII: Vocabulary chapter 7
	         Dr. Heidegger's Experiment-act out scene encompassing 
	         lines 173-198.
		 Review SFC Introduction to Civil War Period
		 Homework: "Frederick Douglass" page 456

Session XIX: Assign Vocabulary chapter 8
		 Video clip of Douglass autobiograpy
		 Cds on Negro Spirituals-purpose/origin
		 Stephen Foster Folk Songs
		 Homework: Study for Novel Test SFC
		 Read: "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"

Session: XX Test on SFC
		 "Owl Creek Bridge" video
		 Introduce Realism, Regionalism, Naturalism
		 Group Read: "A Wagner Matinee" page 542 (music in 
	         Discuss sensory details-students write paragraph 
	         appealing to one of the senses.
		 Homework:  Study for quiz on chapters 7-8 vocabulary

Session XXI: Vocabulary quiz (7-8)
		Introduce project for final novel; handout permission 
		Homework: Read: "Chicago"  "Richard Cory"  "We Wear 
	        the Mask"

Session XXII: Discuss homework
		Design Masks
		Introduction and instructions for term paper
		Homework: Vocabulary chapter 9
		"English as a Second Language" 

Session XXIII: Discuss homework; do story fragment
	        Correct vocabulary; Assign chapter 10
		Modern Age Introduction: African-American Writers
		Homework: Read: "How it Feels to Be Colored Me" p. 777
	        "My Dungeon Shook: Letter to My Nephew"  p. 791
	        "I, Too" and "The Weary Blues" page 766-68
Session: XXIV: Correct vocabulary chapter 10
		Discuss homework
		Play blues on CD player
		Introduce Frost and Eliot   
		Group work:  choose a poem and explicate it.
	        Homework:   Finalize poem explication
		Vocabulary chapter 11

Session XXV: Discuss homework
		Student group presentations of poem explications
		Papers for plates due!!!
		Homework: Vocabulary chapter 12

Session XXVI: Vocabulary 9-12 quiz
		Poem explications continued

Session X XVII: Novel Project Review/discussion/monologues
		Modern Authors/selected pieces
		Vocabulary chapter 13

Session   XXVIII: Correct chapter 13 in vocabulary
		Novel Project due/monologues.
	        Peer Response on Term Paper: provide 4 copies of 
	        your paper for peer response.  I will provide rubric 
	        for this.  If done correctly, this will take the 
	        entire period.  This is worth 80 points-if you don't 
		participate, you will receive no points.

Session: X XIX: Vocabulary chapter 15 in class-create own quiz for 
	        a classmate.
		Term Paper due.
		Review for final exam

Session XXX: Final Exam
		  Luncheon/author project