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P   R   E   V   I   O   U   S    Summer 2007 Volume 11, Issue 2
C   U   R   R   E   N   T    Fall 2007 Volume 11, Issue 3

F   O   R   T   H   C   O   M   I   N   G
Winter 2007: Volume 11, Issue 4
Articles on various topics plus two special features: Gender and Sexuality & ONLINE or SELF
  • Distance Learning: College Students’ Perspectives no.3849-7z Abstract
             Rochelle Matthews-Somerville, Bowie State University, MD

  • Procrastination, Self-regulated Learning and Math no.3862-7z Abstract
             Pedro Rosário, University of Minho, Portugal, et al...

  • Practical Guide for Facilitating Online Courses no.3752-7zAbstract
             William Miller, Pioneer Analytics LLC, et al...

  • Reflections on media education integration no.3841-7j Abstract
             Allison Butler, Media High School, NY

  • Integrating Technology into a Dialectology Class no.3855-7z Abstract
             Margarita Jara, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Developmental Principles of Self-Regulation no.3602-6z Abstract
             David J. Atencio, University of New Mexico

  • E-Portfolios: A Review of Their Role in Education no.3814-7z Abstract
             Jennifer Baucom Myers, Florida State University
             Richard Hartshorne, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Developing Digital Course Materials: Making Time no.3629-7l Abstract
             Peter A. Maresco, Sacred Heart University, CT

  • Inner Speech: A Neglected Pedagogical Tool no.3800-7z Abstract
             Andrea Zakin, Lehman College, CUNY, NY

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Summer 2008
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Fall 2008
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Winter 2008
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