Print this form.   Complete with pen as needed.
  • You may avoid paying any and all Optional fees by adhering to journal's
    Procedure, Requirements, Deadline & Editorial Policy
  • When assessed "optional fee" you are not obligated to pay it.
    Simply, your submission will be removed from further consideration.
  • Also read NOTE at the bottom of this page.
  1. Optional Redactory Fee
  2. Optional Table-Figure-Chart-Appendix Fee
  3. Optional Excess-Page Charge
  4. Optional Paper-copy-submission (pm-fee)
  5. Other Optional
Check for _______________   enclosed.
Make check, money order, in US $, drawn on a US bank, payable to 
"Rapid Intellect - AEQ." Read NOTE at the bottom of this page. 

Submission number _________________________________________________________

Manuscript's title ________________________________________________________

Author's name and address _________________________________________________



Phone or E-mail ___________________________________________________________
1. Optional Redactory Fee $45__________________________________________
A. manuscripts submitted during the
Short Deadline are considered late
     and cause extra work for the journal
B. any reapplication for review and/or publication incurs a similar fee
C. any change/addition to text already scheduled for publication incurs a similar fee;
     in this instance, fee may be waived to authors with annual subscription
D. any author wishing to submit more than one article for a given issue
E. any author wishing to receive reviews without Manuscript Authentication & Copyright Agreement
     (must have prior approval to pay said fee)

2. Optional Table-Figure-Chart-Appendix Fee
FIRST OPTION $9_ x ___ = ____________________ published on journal's webpage;
     assessed at the rate of nine dollars per each item, submitted as individual (JPEG or GIF) file
SECOND OPTION $50_ x ___ = ____________________ published in AEQ print edition;
     assessed at the rate of fifty dollars per each item, submitted as individual (.doc format) file

3. Optional Excess-Page Charge $53_ x ___ = ______________________________
Submissions which cannot be shortened are subject to charge of fifty three dollars
for each one thousand words or its portion over the 3000 limit   (e.g., 4216 words results in $106 charge:
$53 for first 1000 words over the 3000 limit plus $53 for 216 words)

4. Optional Paper-copy-submission (pm-fee) $66____________________________
Paper copy submission is time consuming, labor intensive, and postal mail expensive.

5. Other Optional $ ___________________________________________________
A. Sometimes, reviewers come across a submission that raises important and interesting concerns
     or is an engaging project on a timely issue and could make excellent contribution to the field.
     However, the paper requires extensive rewriting.
B. AEQ will provide assistance involving text-based changes and/or methodological accuracy and/or
     when guest subject specialist is needed to verify complex conflicting data, interpretations...
C. Said help involves predetermined redactory fee ($99 is the minimum). The amount is based
     on complexity and time needed to complete task at hand.
D. By suggesting this option, AEQ commits itself to publish selected article when proper revision is made.
E. Papers presented at a conference, symposium, or workshop may incur a similar fee.
F. Papers describing and/or resulting from research conducted under a grant or fellowship
     (financial or professional support) may incur a similar fee.
G. The author is not obligated to pay - simply, when specified compliance deadline is not met,
     submission is removed from further consideration.

You are eligible for 33% off any redactory fee when  
 you or your library  has  an annual subscription to AEQ  print (paper) edition, subscription expires _______________

H. There are no refunds so please consider your decision carefully.
I, There are no additional charges. Quoted amount is the final OPTIONAL fee (redactory fee).
J. Payment of optional fee or subscription to the journal has no influence on the blind review process...
K. You are not obligated to pay any OPTIONAL fee (redactory fee).
L. See Why optional fees?
M. Make sure your check is made to "Rapid Intellect - AEQ."
    Otherwise, (1) your check will be returned and (2) a delay in publication may occur.
N. To get a paid-in-full invoice, enclose a paid-in-full invoice form and SAE (self-addressed-envelope)

Please send this form by postal mail to:
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9 December 2007