Automatic Updates & Manuscript Submission #

  1. The assigned number is used as the filename of your submission. There might be as many as eight variations of the original number. For example.
    • 9876-3w original filename, Electronic/E-mail submission; 9876-pm paper/postal mail submission;
      ready for review: manuscript with complete data like author's name, affiliation, and contact information
    • 9876a filename without author's information; this file is sent to reviewers
    • 9876Rabc first review copy, reviewer identified by initials "Rabc"
    • 9876Rdef second review copy, reviewer identified by initials "Rdef"
    • 9876Rghi third review copy, reviewer identified by initials "Rghi"
    • 9876eseven rejected version , manuscript suspended pending author's additional revision, can be found in Submissions suspended under original number
    • 9876ment manuscript under mentoring program
    • 9876NEW final accepted version, can be found in Submissions scheduled for publication under original number
  2. Most important, manuscript submission number assures double-blind-peer-review process. In double-blind-peer review, neither the author nor the reviewers know each others' identities. Plus, identity of one reviewer is never revealed to another reviewer. Such anonymity ensures a professional and confidential evaluation of each manuscript based on merit and not favor, bias, or personal preference.
  3. AEQ seeks to acknowledge receipt of submissions, Electronic or Paper, within five business days. At that time, you will receive manuscript submission number, manuscript-tracking number, and will be listed on track-your-submission page.
  4. Track-your-submission four stages are updated every 1 or 2 days, with a date listed at the top of the page.
  5. The placement of your submission within four track-your-submission stages is done automatically by AEQ Application Program Interface developed especially for this journal by RI Group. For example, the program decides when to move your submission, external text file, from one stage to the next one like (2) submissions scheduled for publication or (3) submissions suspended etc...
  6. Because of automatic updates
    • all AEQ files are in ANSI string. This means that file containing characters in Unicode string may be lost, e.g. foreign letters and diacritic characters, and graphics. Why ANSI?
    • use your manuscript submission number in all future communications with AEQ. If you have already been assigned a manuscript submission number, it is important that you use it when submitting revisions. Otherwise, your submission may be lost or delayed.
    • reply to journal's correct email address. This journal uses several email address - each reserved for a specific function/activity.
    • send one reply to one email address. Your submission may be lost, delayed or receive improper response when you send copies of your reply to more than one journal's email address.
December 2004