Testbuster for the GRE CAT
Research & Education Associates
ISBN: 0-87891-143-X
E-Mail: info@rea.com
554 pages
                                             Maureen Connolly,  Elmhurst College,IL
ou have terrific grades, a high class ranking, and glowing 
recommendations.  You're ready for graduate school except 
for one last hurdle - the Graduate Record Examination.
The GRE is the last rite of passage for entrance to many 
graduate programs.  You can prepare for this exam in a couple 
of ways.  If you have $800 to $1200, you can register for a 
GRE Prep course.  For $10 to $60, you can purchase a study 
guide.  If you choose the latter, look at REA's Testbuster 
for the GRE CAT.

Testbuster offers tips, drills, planning schedules, and 
practice tests.  Students are encouraged to "outsmart the 
GRE CAT."  After opening testimonials, the text begins with 
the background of the GRE.  What's on the test?  How is it 
scored?  How does the CAT (computer adapted test) differ 
from traditional paper/pencil?  Sample computer screens are 
even shown.  A two-month study plan is also provided.

Of course, there is a GRE practice test complete with 
explanation of answers.  There is also a "Vocabulary 
Enhancer" which includes the most frequently tested words, 
word structure, and word drills.  More importantly are test 
taking tips designed specifically for the CAT.  Why so 
important?  CAT tips are needed since traditional strategies 
will not work on the computer version.

Finally, there are eight "attacking" chapters.  Each attacking 
chapter concentrates on one type of question followed by 
specific suggestions and a sample drill.  For example, 
"Attacking Analogy Questions" offers tips for each of eight 
analogy patterns.  Logic puzzles are even made easy by 
categorizing the question types as sequence, group, or map.

Can the practice book make the GRE fun?  Well, maybe not, 
but it can take the edge off the unknown.  Give it a try!