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  1. Thank you ZED (reviewer's 3-letter identity) for your detailed analysis and suggestions. Thank you for challenging me to not be so 'tip-toeing' about my basic proposition but to be bolder, with appropriate support. In my orignial version much of that was included but had to be deleted to get within the word limit. I am working, now, to re-emphasize as you suggest, but yet stay within the word limits. Your comments have guided me well. I look forward to your viewing of my revised document. July 2003 3j8142
  2. Thanks for all your work on informing me of revised deadlines for the issues, and getting me the reviews quickly as well. I look forward to continue working with AEQ, as this has been very pleasurable and stress-free experience. And I want to send my thanks to my reviewers for their honest, helpful and very encourging reviews. 2003 3z7942
  3. Thank you so much for your quick response, and for the thoughtful comments provided by the reviewer(s). Nov 2003 4l6952
  4. Dear Reviewer: Thank you for the time and insightful responses you have given us regarding the article you will recommend NOT to publish. Most places would just have sent a rejection slip. Your comments have helped us to address issues in clearer ways, as we are not accustomed to writing for such things as AEQ. Reading your rationale, we are inclined to agree with your assessment of this article. It is aimed at a more specific audience and should even be better written for them. Thank you for your help. June 2003 3j9142
  5. Thanks for your quick returns to me in all of this, I am VERY impressed. I am quite accostomed to being all but ignored by the organizations I seek to publish with. AEQ is different. May 2003 3j2102? See mission.
  6. AUTHOR Please note that I noticed on the website that my co-author's name... is not listed...
    AEQ Thanks for noticing, Will correct tonight within 60 minutes.
    AUTHOR Thanks a lot for your incredibly quick response. ... I am so impressed with your efficiency. May 2003 3l2232
  7. Thank you again for your help, and for the quick turn-around on the manuscript. I truly appreciated the opportunity to get feedback about the manuscript while it was still fresh in my mind. Nov 2003 4l6952
  8. You have made my day! Thanks for such a rapid response to my corrections. Also, I omitted to inform you that while I was in Egypt and went to the Alexandria library Academic Exchange was one of the rare journals they had. It was quite exciting see your journal in the Alexandria library listings. Thanks and have a good day! APRIL 2003 3l8222
  9. Great Anna, no problem. I'll try to get it done sooner. Your reviewers were wonderful and will make the revisions pretty easy to do. Warm regards, MARCH 2003 3l7632
  10. Thanks for the very quick response. What a treat to get feedback so quickly. MARCH 2003 3l2932
  11. Nice working with you, but I feel like I've been "rode hard and put up wet."... If it were to be the lead article there, that would be our preference. FEBRUARY 2003 3w9132
  12. Thanks for all of the feedback since last year... Working with the mentor was a wonderful learning experience. I appreciated the opportunity. It wasn't easy, but it was valuable for sure! My submission isn't pulitzer material, but for me it is an incredibly important project and a milestone. AUGUST 2002 2w0502
  13. I have never been taken through an editorial process this quickly. ... Accept my thanks. I am very impressed by your promptness and handling, and by AEQ in general. DECEMBER 2004 5w4292
  14. Thank you. If you can, please let reviewer ZED know that I found the comments helpful; it is difficult to have a scholarly piece on spirituality and pedagogy reviewed in a level-headed way sometimes by some journals (that's been my experience), and this has been a refreshing experience. FEBRUARY 2005 5l1892
  15. ... compliment you on the efficiency of your review process. Having submitted manuscripts to a variety of journals, I have never encountered a more well-organized operation than that of Academic Exchange Quarterly.MARCH 2005 5l6592
  16. I... very much appreciate their feedback and suggestions. I also appreciate the quick turnaround
    - it is a breath of fresh air. MARCH 2005 5l2103
  17. I must admit that I'm frequently accustomed to wait three, six, sometimes even twelve months for publication decisions from national and international journals. (A fact which perplexes my scientific friends!) It's refreshing to find that a high-quality journal such as yours manages to take articles through an informative and rigorous triple-peer review in a matter of weeks. Bravo!MARCH 2005 5l5992
  18. I feel that the reviewers did me a great service by carefully critiquing my work. Please thank each of my reviewers on my behalf. Their comments have sharpened my focus and allowed me to correct glaring errors. APRIL 2005 5j4503
  19. Ohhhhhhhhhhh wow... that was rather harsh criticism. thanks for letting me know. MAY 2005 5j2603
  20. Some simply say:
    • I'd like to thank the editors for a thoughtful and rigorous review of my submission.
    • Thank you for your careful revising and editing suggestions and for the opportunity to share this important work through your journal.
    • Thank you for your time, great effort, and consideration.
    • I have been so impressed by everyone at AEQ. Kudos on a great journal!
    • Woo Hooo!! Thank you soooo much!
    • We thank you for your promptness and efficiency throughout the whole process.
  21. Of course, we get our share of disgruntled feedback as well. Most come from authors whose submission was rejected.
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