English 131-024                                                                                   Dr. Ben Varner
Spring 2000                                                                                          Office:  L-42
TTh 10:10-11:30                                                                                   (970) 351-2118
Candelaria 253                                                                                      lbvarne@bentley.unco.edu

                                      INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE

TextsThe Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature, edited by Michael Meyer.  Fifth
                 edition.  New York:  St. Martin's Press, 2000.
            Charlotte Bronte.  Jane Eyre.  Signet Classic.  New York:  New American Library,
                 [1847]; 1997.
            English 131:  Writing Supplement (purchase at The Book Stop, 931 16th Street).

Examinations:  One midterm examination and one final examination, both of which will
            consist of identification and short essay questions.

Papers:  Two short papers five to six pages long (1500-2000 words) focusing on a literary
              question derived from the reading and from class discussion.  The first paper must
              be on Jane Eyre; the second on a topic drawn from poetry or drama.  These papers
              must be typed and well written.  Read closely my English 131:  Writing Supplement
              for the rules of grammar and punctuation.  Be sure to follow the instructions in the
              attached handout entitled "The Short Paper."   Late papers will be marked down one
              full grade for each day they are late.

Oral Presentations:  Each student will give a ten-minute oral talk answering one of the study
              questions following the work being examined (see, for example, the study questions
              on page 37 of Meyer's text).  Students are especially encouraged to make up their
              own focused questions.

Listserv Participation:  I have established a listserv so that we can engage in active discussion
              of the literature.  You will be expected to check your e-mail often (at least every other
              day) and to participate in the discussions.  To subscribe, send an e-mail message to
              listserv@is.unco.edu.  In the body of your message, not the subject line, type
              "subscribe introlit" without the quotation marks.

Attendance:  More than four absences, cumulatively or consecutively, will result in a lowering
              of your course grade.  Should you find that you have more than these allowable four
              absences, then contact me immediately.  Being late for class will count as an absence,
              so be certain to show up on time.

Course Grade:  Your course grade will be the average of your grades earned in the midterm
              examination (20%), in the final examination (20%), in the oral presentation (10%),
              in the listserv participation (10%), and in the two short papers (40%).  No grade of
              "incomplete" will be given except under extraordinary circumstances.

Tuesday, January 11 -- Introduction

Thursday, January 13 - "Reading Fiction" (9-39)
                                       Van Der Zee:  "A Secret Sorrow"
                                        Godwin:  "A Sorrowful Woman"

Tuesday, January 18 - "Plot" (60-93)
                                     Faulkner:  "A Rose for Emily"
                                     Dubus:  "Killings"

Thursday, January 20 - "Character" (94-136)
                                       Melville:  "Bartleby, the Scrivener"

Tuesday, January 25 - "Setting" (137-153)
                                     Hemingway:  "Soldier's Home"
                                     Weldon:  "Ind Aff"

Thursday, January 27 - "Point of View" (154-192)
                                       Chekhov:  "The Lady with the Pet Dog"
                                        Oates:  "The Lady with the Pet Dog"

Tuesday, February 1 - "Symbolism" (193-233)
                                     Colette:  "The Hand"
                                      Elison:  "Battle Royal"

Thursday, February 3 - "Theme" (211-233)
                                       Crane:  "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"
                                       Mansfield:  "Miss Brill"

Tuesday, February 8 - "Style, Tone, and Irony" (234-263)
                                     Boyle:  "Carnal Knowledge"
                                     Minot:  "Lust"

Thursday, February 10 - Hawthorne:  "Young Goodman Brown"
                                                              "The Birthmark"

Tuesday, February 15 - O'Connor:  "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"

Thursday, February 17 - Bronte:  Jane Eyre
Tuesday, February 22 - Bronte:  Jane Eyre

Thursday, February 24 - Bronte:  Jane Eyre

Tuesday, February 29 - MIDTERM EXAMINATION

Thursday, March 2 - "Reading Poetry" (531-562)
                                   Farries:  "Magic of Love"
                                   Nims:  "Love Poem"            [First paper due]

Tuesday, March 7 - "Word Choice, Word Order, and Tone" (570-599)
                                 Marvell:  "To His Coy Mistress"
                                 Ackerman:  "A Fine, a Private Place"

Thursday, March 9 - "Images" (600-616)
                                   Arnold:  "Dover Beach"
                                   Baca:  "Green Chile"

Monday, March 13 through Friday, March 17 - Spring Break (no class meetings)

Tuesday, March 21 - "Figures of Speech" (617-634)
                                   Plath:  "Mirror"
                                   Donne:  "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning"

Thursday, March 23 - "Symbol, Allegory, and Irony" (635-661)
                                     Blake:  "The Sick Rose"
                                     Browning:  "My Last Duchess"

Tuesday, March 28 - "Sounds" (662-686)
                                   Carroll:  "Jabberwocky"
                                   Chasin:  "The Word Plum"

Thursday, March 30 - "Patterns of Rhythm" (687-705)
                                     Blake:  "The Lamb" and "The Tyger"
                                     Tennyson:  "The Charge of the Light Brigade"

Tuesday, April 4 - "Poetic Forms" (706-728)
                               Shakespeare:  "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
                               Shelley:  "Ode to the West Wind"

Thursday, April 6 - "Open Form" (729-745)
                                 Forche:  "The Colonel"
                                 Laviera:  "AmeRican"

Tuesday, April 11 - Dickinson:  "Because I could not stop for Death"
                                 Frost:  "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"

Thursday, April 13 - "Reading Drama" (941-973)
                                   Glaspell:  Trifles

Tuesday, April 18 - Sophocles:  Oedipus the King

Thursday, April 20 - Shakespeare:  Othello

Tuesday, April 25 - Ibsen:  A Doll House

Thursday, April 27 - Miller:  Death of a Salesman           [Second paper due]

DATE AND TIME OF FINAL EXAMINATION:  Tuesday, May 2nd, 10:45-1:15