Here are some sites with Internet Listserves  etc...  Each  offers hundreds of leads. 
	Of course, you may use other forums known to you.
		(E-Mail Discussion Lists and Electronic Journals)
		(Literary Listservs)      
		(Publicly Accessible Mailing List)   
		(Catalogue of Listservs)  
		(U. of Illinois' Listserv Lists)   
		(E-Mail Lists for English Teachers)    
		(Literary Listservs)   
		(More Literary Listservs)  
		(Favorite K-12 Listservs)  
		(Education Listservs)    
		(Directory of E-Mail Lists)     
		(Tile.Net Search)  

Things to remember:
1. it is impossible to submit to many lists without becoming a member - meaning 
   you have to join the list first  
2. many lists refuse to accept the same CFP  over and over
3. hence, interchange CFP e.g. Teaching and Learning on the Web 
   with Full-text-articles announcement e.g. one for ROTC
4. read additional pointers
January 2005