rate of
-------  -  -  - --  ----- --- ------- -------- --------- 
4000-8w  -  -  - --  1- ab- 1-------wl WRITING ONLINE Declining Writing Skills as a Result of Online Education. A Comparison between the American Universities of the Late 20th Century and the Early Colonial Colleges
3975-8w  -  -  - --  3- abe 2--------w PBL ASSESSMENT PBL and academic achievement: a pilot study
3968-8w  -  -  - --  6- a-- 3--------w LANGUAGE-1 ELEARNING Examining the Impact of Technology Integration in English Language Arts Instructional Practices
3966-8l  se14dec 10  -- ab- 2--------l MID&SEC SCHOLARSHIP Secondary Content Area Professional Development
3964-8w  -  -  R --  1- a-e 7B-------w HEALTH-2 SERVICE Developing an Interprofessional Service Learning Program to Cultivate Community Responsive Providers
3953-8w  -  -  - --  1w -b- 3-------wz ELEARNING COMMUNITY MEET: A Technology Incentive Project for e-Conferencing
3945-8l  -  -  - --  2- a-- 2--------l SPECIAL STUDENT Conduct Problems:  Interventions to Address Protective and Risk Factors 
3944-7z  se30oct 11  1- ab- 2-538----z SELF MATH The Interplay Between Self-Regulation, Parental Involvement, and Homework on Math and Science Achievement
3941-7z  -  -  - --  -- abp 3B------8l MATH MULTIMEDIA Using Animated Agents for Postsecondary Mathematics 
3940-8l  se14dec 10  -- ab- 3--------l STUDENT CURRICULUM Professional Dispositions: Student Perspectives
3939-8w  se14dec 10  -- ab- 2--------w LANGUAGE-1 SECONDARY Perceptions of Language Learners in Mainstream Classrooms
3937-8w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------w GENDER SCHOLARSHIP Poststructuralism and the President’s Challenge 
3934-8l  se14oct 10  -- ab- 1--------l RESPECT ETHICS Fostering Respect in the Classroom
3932-7z  -  -  - --  1- ab- 2--------z ONLINE 3926-7z The Evolution of an Online Learning Community
3929-7z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE ELEARNING Active Learning in Online Classes
3928-7z  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE ELEARNING A Driving Lesson for the “Information Superhighway”
3926-7z  -  -  - 10  1- abp 2-507----z ONLINE 3932-7z The Evolution of an Online Learning Community
3925-7z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------z ONLINE LANGUAGE-1 Understanding Online Foreign Language Learning
3923-7z  se06Nov 10  3- ab- 2--------z ONLINE ELEARNING Factors Used to Determine Online Class Size
3922-7z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------z GENDER SERVICE Serving with Just Us: A Historical Case Study Analysis to Identify Reflection Themes from a College Service-Learning Course
3916-7z  e-seven 10  -- abe 3B-------z GENDER RELIGION Women Clergy and their Stained-Glass Ceiling 
3914-8w  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------w CURRICULUM READING A Conceptual Model of Interactive Teaching 
3912-7z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE ELEARNING Using an Interactive Simulation in an On-Line Course
3910-7z  se30oct 11  -- abe 1B504----z GENDER SELF Theorizing the Trans
3901-8w  -  -  - --  1- ab- 1--------w CULTURE MID&SEC From Suburban to Urban: Transforming Pre-Service Educators
3898-7z  se14oct 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE READING Can Reading Sabotage Online Learning?  
3896-7z  e-seven 10  -- abp 2B------wl SELF RESEARCH I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation
3895-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z GENDER LAW Queer Legal Theory and the Conflation of Sex and Gender in Single Sex Schooling
3893-7z  se04oct 10  1- abe 1--------z CONSULT READING Everybody Reads, Everybody Learns: Engaging the Humanities
3892-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z GENDER SECONDARY Lesbian Mothers’ Bids for Normalcy in their Children’s Schools
3891-7z  se04oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE ELEARNING iPASS Project: An Online Tutoring System
3890-7z  se06Nov 10  -- abe 3B-------z CONSULT LEADERSHIP Leadership for Collaboration
3884-7z  se06Nov 10  -- abe 2B-------z RESEARCH SERVICE Energizing Engagement through Service-Learning
3877-8l  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------l LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT Schools as Organizations Affected by the Liberal and Communitarian Thought
3876-7z  se30oct 10  3- abe 3B474----z MULTIMEDIA CBR Effective User Interface Design for Case-based Reasoning Retrieval Systems
3875-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE CURRICULUM Ten Standards to Guide Online Course Development
3874-7z  se30oct 10  2- abe 2B472----z GENDER LEADERSHIP Emerging Identities: The Role of Gender in the Perceived Identities of Leaders
3872-7z  se23oct 10  -- abp 1B------zw GENDER NOVEL Problems Queering Literature Surveys
3871-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z CONSULT ACTION It takes Two: Successful collaboration between a Teacher and a Professor 
3869-7z  se25aug 10  -- abe 2--------z GENDER STUDENT Expanding pedagogy: walking out of silence
3867-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z MULTIMEDIA METHODOLOGY Second Life from an instructional design perspective
3865-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1-------zw GENDER NOVEL Lying Down to Die: Breaking the mould
3861-7z  se25aug 10  -- abe 6B-------z ONLINE ASSESSMENT Online Learning Vs. Classroom Based Instruction
3858-7z  se23jul 10  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE ELEARNING Advantages and Disadvantages of the E-Learning Environment
3857-7z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------z GENDER STUDENT “Guys, Ask Your Girlfriends….” Exclusion and Erasure in the Classroom
3854-7z  se17nov 10  -- abe 1B-------z ACTION WRITING Literacy Lessons: One Researcher’s Transformation
3853-7z  se14oct 10  -- abe 1B------jz CONSULT HEALTH-2 Doing ethnography in the classroom
3852-7z  se17nov 10  -- abe 1B-------z MEDIA MULTIMEDIA Generation Text and Social Technologies 
3850-7z  se17nov 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE LEADERSHIP Communicating Leadership in Online Learning
3846-7j  se23jul 10  -- abe 1B-------j MEDIA SCHOLARSHIP (Dis)Functional Media Literacy: Critiquing the Media Critique
3842-7j  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B500----j ACTION LANGUAGE From drill to performance: twofold shifts in design
3839-7j  se23jul 10  -- abe 2-415----w SERVICE RESEARCH Beginning Teachers’ Service-Learning Preparation 
3835-7j  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------j MEDIA CURRICULUM Re-Imagining Media Education 
3833-7j  se22jun 10  -- abe 2--------j HEALTH-1 CURRICULUM Interdisciplinary Health Grant Unexpectedly Ends?
3832-7j  se23jul 10  -- abp 2-473----z SERVICE GENDER Service-Learning and Women’s Moral Development   
3829-7j  se23jul 10  -- abe 1B-------j SECONDARY CURRICULUM The Writers’ Workshop: Students with Disabilities in the English Classroom
3828-7j  se23jul 10  -- abe 1B-------j MEDIA SCHOLARSHIP Learning in 3-D Virtual Worlds: Rethinking Media Literacy
3827-7z  se22jun 10  -- abe 2B-------z MULTIMEDIA SCHOLARSHIP Multimedia Technologies and Familiar Spaces
3826-7j  -  -  - --  1- abp 1B-------j SECONDARY SCIENCE Designing Cost Effective Online Lab Experiments for Secondary Science Teachers
3825-7z  se22jun 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE SCHOLARSHIP Timing: The Ethics of the Online Classroom
3823-7j  se22jun 10  -- abp 1B-------j ASSESSMENT SCHOLARSHIP The Effects of Meditation on Academic Achievement: A Review and Critique of the Literature with Recommendations
3821-7j  se22jun 10  -- ab- 1--------j RESEARCH READING Pre-Service Teachers Relearning Basic Phonics
3817-8l  se25aug 11  3- abe 1-392----l SCIENCE ASSESSMENT Inquiry vs. Traditional College Biology for Education Majors
3816-7j  se22jun 10  3- abp 2-ooo----j ASSESSMENT CULTURE Latino Voices on High-Stakes Testing
3812-7z  se25aug 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE CURRICULUM Online Teacher Certification Graduates’ Use of Technology in their Classrooms
3811-7j  se26may 10  -- abe 2B-------j SPECIAL CULTURE Cultural and Ethical Issues in Special Education 
3810-7z  se26may 10  2- abp 2B375----z ONLINE CURRICULUM Technology Use in Taiwanese Elementary Schools
3808-7z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------z SCHOLARSHIP ONLINE Improving Learning in Multicultural Courses
3807-7j  se29apr 10  -- abe 2--------j ASSESSMENT LANGUAGE Maintaining Motivation to Learn
3806-7j  e-seven 10  3- abe 2B369----j ASSESSMENT ONLINE Online Assessment Products and Assessment Systems
3805-7j  se28may 10  -- abe 2B-------j CULTURE CURRICULUM The Integration of Folk Art into the Art Curricula with Implication for Teacher Education
3804-7z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE STUDENT Building for Learning in a Virtual Environment  
3803-7j  se26may 10  -- ab- 1--------j SERVICE HEALTH Service-Learning + New Students = Challenges
3802-7j  -  -  - --  9- ab- 1--------j GENDER LEADERSHIP The Administrative Position of Female Academics in Turkish Universities and Their Geographical (Spatial) Distribution
3796-7l  -  -  - --  6- abe 1B------lz MATH SPECIAL Secondary Math Inclusion of Students with LD 
3794-7j  se22jun 10  -- abe 3-------jw LANGUAGE CULTURE Literacy, Language, and Culture 
3793-7l  se13apr 10  -- abe 1B333----z LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM The Curriculum-In-Use, The Curriculum We Need:  Teacher Education...
3791-7l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B334----j ADJUNCT SCHOLARSHIP Working with English Department Adjuncts
3789-7l  -  -  - --  1- ab- 2--------l STUDENT HEALTH Students’ Evaluation of a Communication-Intensive, Service-Learning Project in a Dietetics Course
3788-7l  se13apr 10  -- abe 1B-------l MATH SELF Dimensions of Self-Confidence and Pedagogy in Mathematics
3786-7l  se29apr 11  -- ab- 2-338----l LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM Help Wanted: Recognizing the Value of Teacher Leaders in Urban Schools
3784-7l  se17mar 10  -- abe 3B-------l STUDENT SECONDARY Students’ Resilience and Learning Environments
3779-7l  se29apr 11  -- ab- 2-328----l MATH SECONDARY Understanding Perceptions and Emotions of Students Who Struggle in Mathematics
3778-7l  se29apr 11  -- ab- 1-330----l STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP An Ecological Understanding of Candidates’ Cognitive Visions of Teaching
3777-7l  se13apr 10  -- abe 2--------l MATH SECONDARY Including Software in Math Instruction 
3773-7l  se02apr 10  -- abe 1B-------j STUDENT LANGUAGE The Role of Attributions in Learner Motivation
3770-7j  se26may 10  -- abe 1--------j MANAGEMENT CULTURE Developing Bicultural Competencies
3768-7l  se10apr 10  1- abp 1B322----l LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM Using the Theory Abstract to Teach Leadership
3760-7l  se02apr 10  -- abe 1--------l LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM Redesign of an outcome-based leadership program
3758-7l  se02apr 10  -- abe 1B-------l LEADERSHIP ELEMENTARY Principal Leadership that Makes a Difference
3757-7j  -  -  o 10  -- abp 1B-------j SERVICE SCIENCE Developing Curiosity in Science with Service
3756-7w  se26feb 10  -- abe 5-------wl LANGUAGE CURRICULUM Are schools failing EAL students with dyslexia
3754-7l  se10apr 11  -- abp 2B307----l LEADERSHIP STUDENT Preparing Leaders for the Ivory Tower or the Real World?
3753-7l  se10apr 10  -- abe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP CULTURE A Study of Principal Selection in Modern China
3751-7l  se02apr 09  -- abe 1B-------l ADJUNCT METHODOLOGY How can the use of part time instructors be beneficial to institutions of higher learning?
3750-7l  se17mar 10  1- abe 1B296----l MATH METHODOLOGY A Spirited Mathematics Methods Course
3748-7j  se26may 10  -- abe 1B-------j SERVICE LANGUAGE Service Learning in an Academic ESL Setting
3746-7l  se02apr 10  -- abe 1B-------l CURRICULUM LANGUAGE Teaching Verb Tenses to ESL Graduate Students
3742-7z  se02apr 09  -- abe 6B-------z MULTIMEDIA SOCSTU Multimedia in Social Studies Class: Does it Work?
3740-7l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------lz STUDENT ONLINE Higher Education and the Internet
3739-7l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------l LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT Education FOR Leadership: Using Guidelines
3738-7l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------lj METHODOLOGY RESEARCH Teachers as reflective practitioners using multiple Intelligences –based instruction
3737-7l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 2--------l CULTURE CURRICULUM British Studies and Cultural Studies: Incommensurable Disciplines?
3736-7j  -  -  - --  3- ab- 2--------j SECONDARY SPECIAL  Preschool Teacher’s Perceptions of Learning Center Adaptations Used by  Children With Developmental 
3734-8w  -  -  - --  3- ab- 2--------w MATH STUDENT Concept mapping and students attitudes in mathematics
3733-7j  se29jan 10  -- abe 2-------lj LANGUAGE SECONDARY Teachers’ Beliefs about Second Language Learning
3732-7j  se02apr 10  -- abe 1B------lj CURRICULUM CULTURE European Union University Education
3728-7l  e-seven 10  -- abe 4B-------l STUDENT ASSESSMENT A Multi-level Analysis of Student Achievement
3724-7l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------l STUDENT SECONDARY “We’re not Sheep”: Student Geography Attitudes
3723-7l  se03mar 10  1- abe 1B-------j SERVICE MULTIMEDIA The International Experience project—An exploration of international and domestic service learning
3722-7l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------l CURRICULUM CONSULT Natural Differentiation: Coupling Inquiry and Cooperative Learning
3721-7j  se03mar 10  -- abe 1--------j MEDIA MULTIMEDIA Teachers’ Attitudes about Media Education 
3719-7l  se03mar 10  1- abe 2B280----l STUDENT SPECIAL Why do the Gifted Underachieve? A Look Into Intrinsic Motivation as a Tool for Change
3718-7l  se29jan 09  -- abe 1B-------l LANGUAGE CULTURE Talking Turkey
3716-7l  se03mar 10  -- abe 3B-------j SERVICE LEADERSHIP Transitioning to Collaborative Service-Learning
3714-7z  se05feb 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE ELEARNING Supporting Communication and Interaction with E-Learning Platform Features
3712-7w  -  -  - --  -- a-e 1--------w LANGUAGE METHODOLOGY Teaching Verb Tenses to ESL Graduate Students
3707-7w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w NOVEL CRITICAL Theories and (Legal) Practice for Teaching Novels
3701-7w  se27dec 10  -- ab- 1--------w NOVEL LANGUAGE Poe and Beyond
3700-7w  -  -  - --  -- a-e 1B-------w LANGUAGE WRITING Insights from L2, for Writing Teachers in L1
3699-7j  se05feb 10  -- abe 1B-------w MATH CURRICULUM Mathematics across the curriculum: Challenging the consensus model in school mathematics
3695-7w  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------w LANGUAGE METHODOLOGY Tonal Awareness and the Use of Phonological Information Learning to Read Chinese Characters
3694-7w  -  -  - --  -- a-- 2--------w LANGUAGE CULTURE Cross-Cultural Encounters in the EFL Classroom: A Comparative Account
3692-7w  se29jan 10  -- abe 1B-------w NOVEL WRITING Postmodern Pragmatism: Toward the Postmodern Classroom
3691-7j  se05feb 10  3- abe 1B256----w MATH SCIENCE Mathematics Plus Science Equals Success
3690-7l  e-seven 10  -- abp 2B-------l STUDENT BUSINESS Business Students Must Have Cultural Adaptability
3682-7j  se29jan 10  -- ab- 2--------w LANGUAGE SECONDARY (Lack of) Motivation in US Foreign Language Classrooms
3681-7j  se05feb 10  -- abe 3B-------j SECONDARY STUDENT Parental Engagement in the Schools
3678-7l  se17mar 12  -- a-p 1B243----j LEADERSHIP PBL Leadership Development: Problem-Based Learning
3677-7w  -  -  - --  3- ab- 1--------w LANGUAGE SCHOLAR The Rhetoric of RA introductions in Arabic
3676-7w  se29jan 10  -- ab- 2--------w LANGUAGE METHODOLOGY Manipulating Grammar Using a Holistic Approach
3675-7l  -  r  o 10  -- ab- 1--------l SERVICE CURRICULUM Service Learning Models for the Capstone Course
3670-7j  -  -  - --  1- a-- 2--------j HEALTH CURRICULUM EHAS Program: exitoso project in Telecommunications or in Telemedicine?
3669-7j  se02apr 10  -- abe 2B-------w MATH HEALTH Journal Writing and Mathematics Anxiety
3668-7w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w NOVEL LANGUAGE Teaching Musical Fiction as a Foreign Language
3667-7l  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------l ADJUNCT NOVEL “Respect for Persons” in the Academy: Kantian Ethics and the Adjunct Issue
3666-7l  se29jan 10  -- ab- 1--------l SERVICE STUDENT The Ethics of Accommodation and Authenticity in Service-Learning
3665-7z  se03mar 10  -- abp 1B------jz SELF HEALTH Goal Setting & Self-Monitoring Training of Children & Adolescents to Increase Physical Activity and Weight Management
3664-7w  se20nov 10  1- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE HEALTH Foreign language anxiety 
3663-7z  -  -  - --  -- a-p -B-------z SELF CURRICULUM Improving the Self Efficacy and Persistence of Alternatively Certified Novice Teachers
3662-7l  se03mar 10  -- abe 1B-------l CURRICULUM HISTORY Creating a Simulation: Planning and Implementation
3656-7w  se20nov 10  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGY Collect Lexical Data with Images and Search Tasks
3649-7j  se03mar 10  -- abe 3--------j HEALTH STUDENT Perceived Versus Actual Health Knowledge of Undergraduates 
3648-7j  se03mar 10  3- ab- 3-201----j ASSESSMENT SECONDARY Risk and School Transition in Early Adolescence
3647-7j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 3--------j TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL Use of Technology and Curriculum-Based Measurements to Enhance the Writing Process for Students with Mild Disabilities
3645-7j  se27dec 10  -- abe 1B-------j RESEARCH HEALTH Ethics and Qualitative Research in Education
3643-7l  se05feb 10  -- abe 1B-------l STUDENT HEALTH Minority Student Achievement and School Stressors
3635-7w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1------w-j METHODOLOGY LANGUAGE A Methods Approach to Nonstandard Discourse
3632-7l  se26dec 11  -- ab- 1-177----l SERVICE STUDENT Exploring African American College Student Development through Service-Learning
3628-7l  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------l ADJUNCT Administrative Support for Outside Site Instructors 
3623-7j  se27dec 10  -- abe 1B-------j CRITICAL NOVEL Teaching Business Majors to Read Chaucer
3622-7j  se20nov 10  -- abe 4B-------j GENDER Student Sexual Orientation Harassment
3621-7w  se09nov 10  1- abe 3B152----w MATH To what Extent Does a Mathematics Methods Course Change Pre-Service Teacher’s Beliefs About Mathematics?
3620-7w  -  -  - --  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Evaluating Service-Learning Using Phenomenology
3618-6z  se02oct 10  -- abp 2B-------z SELF Dialogic and monologic forms of instructional discourse and the development of  cultural models in  self-regulated learning
3613-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe 5B-------z SELF Collaborative Self-Directed Learning for the Classroom 
3610-6z  revi    10  -- abe 1B-------z POLITICAL Teaching Politics Across Disciplines 
3607-6z  -  -  - --  2- abe 2B-------z SELF Personality, Motivation, Learning Strategies, and Scholastic Aptitude in the Academic Achievement of College Students
3606-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe 1--------z POLITICAL ASSESSMENT Addressing the Knowledge Gap in a Gen Ed Course
3605-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Building an Online Course Supplement—Lessons Learned
3603-6z  e-seven 10  -- abe 2--------z SELF Exclusionary School Discipline and Self-Regulation 
3599-6z  se09nov 10  -- abe 1B-------z POLITICAL In Defense of Dissent: A Consideration on the Challenges of Teaching Democratic Citizenship
3598-6z  e-seven 10  -- abp 2B182----z SELF Evidence-based Approaches for Self-Regulated Learning
3596-6z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------z CONSULT Teaching philosophy: moving from f2f to online classrooms
3594-6z  se09nov 10  -- abe 1B-211---z ONLINE NOVEL Web Hybrid vs. Online Learning in Composition
3592-6z  se18sep 10  -- abe 1B-------z PBL Problem-Based Learning for Small Town Renewal
3590-6z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 3--------z ONLINE Teacher Immediacy: Comparisons Across “Live” and Online Classrooms
3587-7l  se26dec 10  3- abe 3-129----l EFFICACY A Test of a Model to Predict Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy
3586-6z  se02oct 10  -- abp 1B-------z SELF How Learning Theories Can Help Teachers Develop Self-Regulated Learners
3583-6z  se26oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z SELF NOVEL Multicultural literature and reading motivation	
3581-7l  se26dec 10  -- abe 3B-------l STUDENT LAW Collaborative learning: Critical factors for student satisfaction in the Criminal Justice classroom
3580-6z  -  -  - --  1- abe 1B-------z POLITICAL A Political Science Treasure Hunt
3571-7w  se26dec 09  -- abe 1B-------w MATH Implications of the ACT content and process survey
3570-6z  se09nov 10  -- abe 3--------z SCIENCE Practitioner Research in Professional Development
3568-6z  -  -  - --  8- ab- 2--------z CONSULT Towards a New Teacher Education (Teacher Education in South Africa)
3566-7w  se20nov 09  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE A History of Justification for the Communicative Language Teaching Approach
3558-7w  se20nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Online interactions in second language classrooms
3556-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe zB-------z ONLINE Online Learning: A Cognitive Perspective
3554-6z  se03nov 11  2- ab- 1-111----z SELF Critical Reflection Through Writing in Mathematics
3550-6z  se18sep 10  -- abe 3B-------z ONLINE Student Learning and Distance Education
3547-6z  se02oct 10  -- abp 2--------z SELF COMMUNITY The Attendance-Performance Effect and Implications of Self-Regulated Learning for Student Success
3545-6z  e-seven 10  -- abe 2B-------z PBL Effectiveness of the PBL on Academic Performance
3543-7j  se26aug 10  -- abe 2--------j MEDIA Will Accreditation Turn Us All into Mr. Holland?
3542-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE MEDIA Virtual Classroom Discourse
3541-7w  se26dec 11  -- abe 2-107----w SERVICE HEALTH The Impact of a Service-Learning Course on Medical Students:  Self-Reflections
3538-6z  se26aug 10  -- abe 1--------z NON-THEMATIC Profiling the Malignant Professor
3536-7j  se20nov 10  -- abe 1B-------j MEDIA Quantifying Media Literacy
3534a6z  se31jul 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE “Behind the Scenes” in Online Education: The Role of Faculty Support Staff in Online Education Programs
3532-7w  se31jul 11  -- abe 2B088----w MATH Single-sex education and attributions in Math
3531-7w  eiseven 11  -- abe 4B124----w SERVICE Developing a Service Learning Scholars Program
3530-7j  r  -  o 10  -- ab- 2--------j ASSESSMENT Effect of Social Constructivist Learning on Student Achievement in Pre-service Teacher Education
3526-6z  -  -  - --  1- ab- 3--------z PBL Problem Based Learning: Connecting Dialogues 
3523-6j  -  -  - --  4- --- 2--------j TECHNOLOGY The digital frontier: policy issues and recommendations for laptop computers in science learning
3521-7l  se31jul 10  3- abe 3-078---zl WRITING Effects of a Job Shadowing Experience on Writing
3520-6z  se18aug 10  -- abe 2B-------z SELF Self-Regulation and the Brain-Mind Cycle of Reflection
3517-6z  se14jul 10  -- ab- 1--------z SELF Self-Regulated Reading Comprehension in College
3516-6z  -  -  - --  10 ab- 2--------z ONLINE Blending online instruction with traditional instruction in the programming language course: A case study
3514-6z  -  -  - --  10 ab- 2--------z ONLINE An Online Basic English Support Material
3512-6j  se16jun 10  -- abp 1B-------j SPECIAL Serving Students with Disabilities in the Community College Setting
3510-7w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------w LANGUAGE Learning Business Spanish with the Use of a Collaborative Exercise
3509-6z  se31jul 09  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Online Hospitality: A Commentary 
3508-6j  se14jul 10  5- abp 5-087----j MEDIA Pilot Evaluation of Beyond Blame:  Challenging Violence in the Media 
3506-6j  se14jul 09  -- abe 3B-------j ASSESSMENT Assessing functioning knowledge
3505-6j  se31jul 10  -- abe 2B-------j MEDIA Simplicity in Media Literacy Teacher Development
3503-6j  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------j RESEARCH Dilemmas of the Literature review for A.I. and P.I. Investigators
3497-7w  -  -  - 09  -- ab- 3--------w LANGUAGE Improving Writing Skills in the Online Classroom
3496-6z  R  o  o 09  -- ab- 3--------z ONLINE Strategies for Retention of Online Students
3492-7w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------w NOVEL Classroom Crapshoot
3489-6j  se16jun 10  -- abe 3B-------j HEALTH Partnerships to Evaluate Campus Health Programs 
3488-6z  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------z LEADERSHIP Leadership As A Trait Approach
3487-7w  se18sep 10  -- abe 1B-------w SERVICE Does service-learning (engaged learning) impact graduation rates?
3484-7w  se31jul 10  -- abp 1B-------w LANGUAGE De-Bunking the Myth of the Enlightened Teacher vs. the Resistant Student Writer: A Case for Critical Revision
3477-00  -  -  - --  -- --- ---------- ooooooooo -----------------
3476-6z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 3-000----z ELEARNING Attitude and Behavior Study in Web-based Language Learning
3473-6j  se16jun 10  1- abe 1-985----j ASSESSMENT Differentiation and Universal Design for Learning Toward Assessment Gains in Math for Students with Mild Disabilities
3470-6j  se28may 10  -- abe 1B-------j EFFICACY Where Have All The Mentors Gone?
3463-6j  se28may 10  -- abp 1B-------j TECHNOLOGY Improving Critical Writing Outcomes by Going Hybrid
3457-6j  se30apr 10  -- abe 2B-------j RESEARCH Action Research: Inclusive Teacher Preparation
3456-6j  -  -  - 11  -- abe 3B-------j MATH Analogy-Enhanced Instruction in Mathematics 
3442-6l  revi    10  1- abe 1B-------l CURRICULUM Diversity learning: An interdisciplinary endeavor
3439-6z  -  o  o 10  -- ab- 1--------z PBL The Design Process: A Creative Approach to Problem Solving
3438-6l  se02apr 09  -- abe 1--------l METHODOLOGY The Red Ball: Teaching Methodologies to Undergraduates
3437-6l  se23mar 10  -- abp 1B-------l ALTERNATIVE Animating Library Instruction
3434-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- ---------l METHODOLOGY Methodological Competencies of Teachers: A Study of Nigeria (Teaching methodologies in the humanities and sciences)
3431-6l  se23mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP Coaching School Leaders: New Role for Professors
3429-6j  -  -  - 09  -- a-e 3B-------j HEALTH Integrating Health Services with Learning and Teaching 
3427-6l  se04mar 09  -- abp 2B-------l CURRICULUM Interdisciplinary Teaching in Anthropology and History
3426-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- ---------l METHODOLOGY Playing with the Toolkit: Taking methods from classroom to the field
3425-6l  se04mar 10  -- abe 2--------l METHODOLOGY Standards vs. Academic Freedom
3424-6z  se04mar 09  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Building Community Through Online Interaction
3419-6j  se05may 10  -- abe 1--------j RELIGION Classrooms as epistemic communities: revisiting the evolution-intelligent design controversy
3418-7w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------w SERVICE The Civic Engagement Model of Service-learning: Are All of the Voices at the Table?
3416-6j  se05may 10  -- abe 1-981----j COMMUNITY Service-learning: A fit for Community Colleges?
3415-7w  se27may 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Student Leader Perceptions and Service Participation 
3412-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------l STUDENT Minority Voices in Service Learning Programs
3410-6l  se23mar 10  -- abe 1--------l LEADERSHIP Leadership Prescription Paradigms
3408-6l  se02apr 10  -- abe 4--------l STUDENT Student Perceptions of Campus Police Services
3405-7w  -  -  - --  -- abe 2B-------w CULTURE Issues in Contact Zone Pedagogy
3404-6j  se05may 10  -- abe 1B-------j HEALTH University Counseling Center Client Presenting Concerns
3403-6z  -  -  - --  -- abe 3B-------z GENDER A Service-learning Assignment to Promote Social Justice 
3400-6l  se23mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l STUDENT Math Sophistication and Differentiated Emotion 
3399-6j  -  -  - --  -- a-e -B-------j TECHNOLOGY Cultural Diversity in Instructional Design for Technology-Based Education
3397-6l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------l METHODOLOGY Writing, Method and Hermeneutics: Towards a Post-foundational View of Writing ...
3395-6l  -  -  - --  2- a-- 1--------l STUDENT Speaking Assignment Options: Manuscript Speech Versus Reasoned Response
3391-6l  se12feb 10  -- abe 1--------l STUDENT Inquiry, Reflection, and Pedagogical Sense Making
3388-7w  se06jul 11  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE We Speak What We Eat: My Big Fat Greek Language
3387-6j  se04mar 10  -- abe 1B-------j SCIENCE Critical Thinking in Science Education
3375-6z  -  o  o 10  -- ab- 2--------l CRITICAL Service-Learning, Critical Thinking & Reflection
3369-6w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------wl LANGUAGE Writing and the Second Language Curriculum
3368-6l  se12feb 10  -- abe 1B-------l CURRICULUM The Borderless Classroom
3363-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Teaching Grant Writing with Service-Learning
3359-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Education and Service: Partners in Leadership
3353-6j  se30apr 10  1- abe 5B843----j SECONDARY A Collaborative Arts Program: Impact on Student Achievement and Teacher Art Infusion 
3352-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 1B-------w SERVICE Reflection and relationships in interpersonal communication: An example of a service-learning project
3344-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Using Language Experiences for the Written language Development of Students with Severe Learning Disabilities
3342-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Phenomenology and the Use of Drama in an EFL Immersion Classroom
3339-6w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w ONLINE The Online Learner: Characteristics and Pedagogical Implications
3338-6w  se11mar 10  -- abe 2--------z ONLINE Error Knowledge and Instructional Design: Implementing a “Negative” Rationality Model in Online Learning Environments 
3337-6w  se11mar 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Language and Myths of the GULAG
3336-6j  se27feb 10  -- abe 1-----???w LANGUAGE Reported Discourse in advertisements and Its implications for EFL Teaching
3334-6j  se11mar 10  -- abe 1--------j RESEARCH A School-based Education Research In-service
3323-6w  se12feb 10  -- abe 1--------w SERVICE Service Learning for Information Professionals
3320-6j  -  -  - 10  -- abe 1--------j ASSESSMENT Teaching socializing through self assessment 
3318-6w  -  o  o 10  -- ab- 2--------j SERVICE Protecting Students: The Psychological and Emotional Impact of Action Research
3313-6w  se28dec 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Misperceptions of Attitudes toward Language Study
3311-6l  se11mar 10  -- abp 2B-------l STUDENT Beliefs about Mathematics Associated with Achievement
3310-6z  e-seven 10  -- abe 3--------w ONLINE Time Management Strategies for Online Teaching
3306-6l  se11mar 10  -- abp 1B-------l ALTERNATIVE Using Pedagogical Theories in the Context of Library Instruction
3305-6w  se27feb 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Theorizing Service Learning Benefits for Communities
3300-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------j STUDENT Connecting with Students Through Empathy: A Dialogue
3299-6w  se28dec 10  -- abp 1B815----w SERVICE Encountering New Lands: Teaching Service Learning Writing
3293-6z  se19nov 10  -- abp 2--------z SELF Fostering Self-regulation in Distributed Learning
3292-6z  se28dec 10  -- abe 2B-------z CONSULT Cooperative learning in the online classroom: The impact of students’ experience on their perceptions
3291-6w  se06nov 10  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE Language and Culture in Loving Pedro Infante  
3290-6w  se19nov 10  -- abe 2--------w LANGUAGE Universal Constraints and the Multilingual Child
3288-6w  se06nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Training in Medical Translation
3285-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2-------zl SELF A Dialogue on Empathy in Education and Therapy
3283-5z  se15oct 11  -- abp 1-752---wz SCHOLAR Science Teaching Crisis: Outsourcing a Solution
3282-6j  se06nov 10  -- abe 1--------j EFFICACY Teacher efficacy in use of learning strategies
3281-6w  se06nov 10  -- abp 1B-------w SERVICE Learning Service-Learning: One instructor’s experience guiding a university-based project
3279-6w  se06nov 09  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Facilitating Spanish Grammar with Classroom Performance System (CPS)
3276-6w  se06nov 10  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE Designing an Instructional Website on Language
3275-6l  se23oct 10  -- abe 1-729----z CULTURE Teaching Culture in Foreign Language Instruction
3274-6l  se17sep 11  -- abe 2B719----l INFOLIT Role of Reading Ability in Research Courses
3271-6w  se06nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w SECONDARY Using Young Adult Literature to Counsel Children
3269-5z  se15oct 10  -- ab- 1--------z CONSULT Jumpstart and Community-University Partnerships 
3266-6w  se06nov 12  3- abp 1B713----w SERVICE Preservice Students as Servant-Leaders: Using Backwards Planning as a Development Tool to Design Service-Learning Lesson Plans
3265-6l  se19nov 11  8- abp 1-711----l MANAGEMENT The paradox of thrift: a closer look from an introductory perspective
3264-5z  se15oct 10  4- abp 1B700----z SELF SRL Tools in a Sports Skill Training Program
3261-6w  se30oct 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Critical Thinking for Academic Success
3258-5z  -  o  o 10  -- ab- 2-------zw EFFICACY  Developing Efficacy with the NYC Teaching Fellows
3257-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z EFFICACY Teacher Efficacy via Inquiry, Support and Collaboration
3256-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z MANAGEMENT Management Education and Development 
3254-6w  se30oct 10  -- abp 1--------w ADULT Adult Learners and Peer Evaluation of Content Knowledge
3253-5z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1B-------l SELF Engineering College Student Academic Achievement
3249-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 3B-------z SELF Low Self-Regulated Students in PBL
3247-5z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1--------z EFFICACY Teacher and Teaching Characteristics
3246-5z  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE Online Algebra for Urban Students
3244-5z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT Literacy and Service: An Infused learning experience
3242-5z  se03oct 09  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Impact of Source Credibility on Online Community
3241-5z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE A Market Analysis of Online Education
3240-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z SELF Self-regulated learning assessment in young children
3238-5z  se03oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Designing Accessible Online Learning Environments
3231-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z SELF Self-Regulation Teaching Models
3229-5z  se03oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z SELF Adult Learners’ Self-Regulated Learning in Online Environments: A Qualitative Investigation
3227-5z  se15oct 10  -- abp 1B-------z EFFICACY Writing Pedagogy and the Paragraph
3225-6z  se06nov 10  -- abe 2-732----z PBL The Problem with Problems in Computational Science and Engineering Problem-Based Learning: The SQS Approach
3224-6w  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------w LANGUAGE Standard American English in the EFL Classroom
3223-5z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z EFFICACY Teachers’ Self-efficacy for Writing
3222-6w  se30oct 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Teaching Italian in Japan: A Semiotic Approach
3220-5z  seAug28 09  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT National History Day Research: Libraries Collaborating for Information Literacy
3218-5z  -  o  - 10  -- ab- 2--------z MANAGEMENT Strategic Planning and Online Learning
3217-6l  se06nov 10  -- abe 2B-------l STUDENT Student perspectives on literacy and its teaching
3215-5z  N  r  o 10  -- ab- 1--------z GENDER Non-Homophobic/Non-Heterosexist Teacher Education
3213-6l  se17sep 10  -- abp 1--------l METHODOLOGY Integrating College Course Reading Materials
3212-5z  seAug28 10  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT Small Steps for Information Literacy Instruction 
3211-6w  se30oct 10  -- abe 1--------w ENVIRONMENT The Five Senses Approach to Outdoor Experiential Learning
3209-5z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z GENDER Queering Educational Research in the Academy
3206-5z  se11mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l STUDENT Engaging Students in Multicultural Education

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