1st      2nd-4th 5th 6th 7th 8th       9th      	10th
number   1  2  3 pg  T  abc  office    TWO KEYWORDS     title
9999-pm  seApr23 --  3- --- 1-00jr---j ONLINE HEALTH	example
-------  -  -  - --  -- --- ---------- ------ ------ ----------
  • Explanation of symbols, columns from left to right > > > >
    • 1st column: number --- manuscript submission number; more
    • 2nd 3rd 4th column: 1, 2, 3 --- three reviews; each column may have the following notation
      0 or o under review;
      Y or y - accepted pending minor corrections;
      R or r - accepted pending revision,
      N or n- rejected;
      IIIIIII- Irregularity - submission will be suspended if not corrected in ten days;
      seApr23 reviews sent to author April 23rd;
      revised author has revised, submission ready for publication;
      revi - final version accepted conditionally;
      e-seven incomplete revision;
    • 5th column: pg --- number 09 or 10 article length within limit;    number 11 article length exceeds limit;
      number missing (incomplete) submission is not ready for review
    • 6th column: T --- indicates number of table-figure-chart-appendix
    • 7th column: abc --- abstract-biography-copyright;
      if e copyright received by e-mail, if p copyright received by postal mail
    • 8th column: office --- for office use:
      w-Spring consideration
      l-Summer consideration
      j-Fall consideration
      z-Winter consideration;
      other numerical notation may reflect author's copyright clearance number and/or author's issue purchase number and/or institutional subscription number and/or redactory fee number and/or number of authors and/or issue publication number
      B- author initialed Copyright Agreement - to be considered for inclusion in RIG upcoming book Sound Instruction Ready to Use Classroom Practice Volume II
    • 9th column: TWO KEYWORDS identify special topics of an upcoming issue, and are selected from
      KEYWORD LIST. As of Oct 1st 2006 , we require two keywords for submitted paper. For example:
      PBL HEALTH Tutorless PBL Groups in a Medical School
      -- The first one, PBL, indicates author's preference, and identifies Feature Editor.
      -- The second one, HEALTH, indicates related topic.
      -- Both may assist reader to find more articles with similar content.
      Published article will be listed twice in the cumulative Keyword Subject Index.
    • 10th column: title - submission's title; title in green - indicates consideration for Editors' Choice and/or Monthly Exchange, see "Early submission is encouraged" in Call for Manuscript
  • When submission entry, 2nd 3rd 4th column, has at least any two of the following six:   Y,y, R,r, N,n ask the Editor academicexchange2@yahoo.com to send you the reviews.
  • In order to receive reviews, you must sign and return by postal mail or e-mail the following Manuscript Authentication & Copyright Agreement. in a timeline specified by this journal.
Sample Monthly Activity Report. Each month has the following entry starting with arrow up
Explanation of symbols, left to right, for
Jul06, July 2006
1398 reflects total number of web, email, postal and phone submission inquiries.
3526 records first submission number
2006 year
t30 number of submissions accepted for double-blind-peer-review, excluding 21%-79% manuscripts that
         were rejected at the start. Numbers, 21 and 79, represent the lowest and the highest recorded rejection.
21st submission rate - first ten submissions received by the 21st of the month;
2005-t44-10th... if listed - results for previous month/year, here July 2005.
22 October 2006