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    Winter 2004         Volume 8, Issue 4    
  1. 2899-4z revised 10 -- abe 2-374----z ONLINE Pedagogical Implications of Classroom Blogging
  2. 2881-4z revised 10 -- abe 2B-------z INFOLIT Where Can I Look?: Library Instruction Using Chat
  3. 2880-4z revised 10 -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Blended Courses: A Mixed Blessing
  4. 2879-4z revised 10 -- abe 2--------z ONLINE Weblogs and the “Middle Space” for Learning
  5. 2878-4z revised 11 -- abp 4B371----z RESEARCH Multigenerational Approach to Teaching Methods
  6. 2877-4z revised 10 -- abe 3-378----z ONLINE Assessing Online Lesson Plans
  7. 2875-4z revised 10 -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT Jumpstarting Research with Essential Questions
  8. 2874-4z revised 10 -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE A Distance Education Learning Environment Survey
  9. 2873-4z revised 11 -- abe 3B370----z CULTURE The Consequences of Getting it White
  10. 2871-4z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z INFOLIT Teaching Basic Information Literacy Skills Online
  11. 2870-4z revised 09 -- abp 1B-------z ONLINE Bringing Active Learning into a Hybrid Course
  12. 2869-5w revised 11 -- abp 1B321--zwl SCIENCE High School Students and the Science Olympiad
  13. 2867-4z revised 09 -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Preparing to Teach Online
  14. 2866-4z revised 10 -- abe 2-339----z INFOLIT Working Together: librarian-faculty partnerships
  15. 2865-4z revised 13 2- abe 2-322----z ONLINE Theory Application for Online Learning Success
  16. 2863-4z revised 12 -- abe 1-319----z ONLINE Students and Instructors Online: A Case Study
  17. 2860-5w revised 10 -- abe 1B-------w CULTURE Peace Begins in the Classroom
  18. 2859-4z revised 10 -- abe 5B-------z ONLINE Formative Evaluation of a CSCLIP Lesson
  19. 2858-5w revised 10 -- abe 3B352----z ONLINE Ageworks: The Evolution of Online Gerontology Education
  20. 2857-5w revised 10 -- abe 3B350----z STUDENT Introducing Dialogue to Graduate Students
  21. 2855-4z revised 13 -- abe 1B316----z ONLINE Realistic Course Previews for Online Students
  22. 2854-4z revised 09 -- abe 1-386----z ONLINE Full and Part-time Distance Education Faculty
  23. 2853-4z revised 11 -- abp 2-310----z ONLINE Feminism’s Final Frontier: Cyberspace
  24. 2851-4z revised 12 11 abp 10-373---z ONLINE Keeping Faculty Online: The Case of MERLOT
  25. 2850-5w revised 09 -- abe 2B-------w LANGUAGE English-Use Anxiety in Israeli College Libraries
  26. 2844-4z revised 10 -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT Information Literacy in Sociology at UCLA
  27. 2841-4z revised 10 -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Renegotiating Kyoto: A Computer-Aided Role Play
  28. 2834-4j revised 10 -- abp 2-299----z ASSESSMENT A Collaborative “MAP” for Early Interventions
  29. 2829-4z revised 11 -- abp 2B328----z INFOLIT A Collaborative Approach to Information Literacy
  30. 2826-4z revised 09 -- abe 1B290----z CULTURE Culture teaching and learning: an It/Thou Paradox
  31. 2824-4z revised 10 -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT A Great Script Deserves Great Actors
  32. 2821-4z revised 09 -- abe 3--------z MANAGEMENT Strategically Increasing Faculty Productivity
  33. 2820-4z revised 10 -- abe 2--------w STUDENT Beliefs about Mathematical Understanding
  34. 2819-4z revised 11 -- abp 2-303----z INFOLIT Teaching Information Literacy to At-risk Students
  35. 2817-4z revised 11 -- abe 1B275----z INFOLIT The Road to Faculty-Librarian Collaboration
  36. 2816-4z revised 10 -- abe 1B-396---z ONLINE Effective Approach to Computer Software Teaching
  37. 2813-4z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z ONLINE A Web Dream Team: The Seven Principles and WebCT
  38. 2811-4j revised 10 -- abp 1B265----w SERVICE Making a Civic Investment through Technology
  39. 2797-4z revised 10 -- abe 2B317----z INFOLIT Faculty-Librarian Collaboration in Writing Courses
  40. 2795-4j revised 10 -- abe 1B334---jz ASSESSMENT Reading Journals: a versatile assessment strategy
  41. 2782-4z revised 09 4- abp 1-243----z MANAGEMENT Product and Resource Markets: Points of Symmetry
  42. 2780-4z revised 10 -- abe 3-257----z INFOLIT Faculty and Librarians Spice-up Instruction
  43. 2776-4z revised 09 -- abp 1B336----z ONLINE The Human Dimension of Online Instruction
  44. 2747-4j revised 11 -- abe 1B340----j SECONDARY Males’ Academic Motivation: Doing a Personal Best
  45. 2744-4z revised 09 -- abe 2-288----z ONLINE Online Teaching: A Framework for Success
  46. 2738-4z revised 09 -- abe 1--------z ONLINE The Best of Both Worlds: Teaching a Hybrid Course
  47. 2734-4z revised 09 -- abe 2B-------z INFOLIT Trial by Fire: New Librarians as Team Teachers
  48. 2727-4z revised 10 -- abe 2-198r---z ONLINE Real-Life Experiences in Computing Courses
  49. 2709-4z revised 10 -- abe 1-172rj--z ONLINE Impacting Distance Learning Success Rates
  50. 2681-4z revised 10 -- abe 2--------z CULTURE Multi-Cultural Awareness in a Learning Community
  51. 2668-4z revised 10 -- abe 3-131r---z ONLINE Reflecting on Online Teaching and Learning
  52. 2648-4z revised 09 -- abp 1-116r---z INFOLIT All Things Being Equal: Classroom vs. Web
  53. 2645-4z revised 10 -- abe 1-186r---z CULTURE The Changing Culture of Foreign Language Departments
  54. 2594-4w revised 08 -- abe 2-------4z CULTURE Literature in an Interdisciplinary Science Seminar
    Fall 2004         Volume 8, Issue 3    
  1. 2839-4j revised 11 -- abe 2-297----j CONSULT Lessons on Literacy: An Experience in Co-Teaching
  2. 2838-4j revised 11 -- abe 1-298----j RESEARCH Instructional Potential of Online Discussion Tool
  3. 2835-4j revised 10 -- abp 2B301----j STUDENT Student Characterization of Learning Pathways
  4. 2832-4j revised 13 -- abe 1B311----j ASSESSMENT Portfolio Assessment and Teacher Development
  5. 2831-4j revised 10 -- abp 2-293----j ASSESSMENT Evaluation of Teacher Burnout in Deaf Education
  6. 2827-4j revised 09 -- abe 1B337----j STUDENT The Beliefs and Attitudes of Preservice Teachers
  7. 2825-4j revised 10 -- abe 2-287----j CONSULT Mutual Benefits of Teacher/Scientist Partnerships
  8. 2818-4j revised 10 -- abp 2B274----j CONSULT Early Intervention Collaboration With Deaf Role Models
  9. 2815-4j revised 10 -- abe 1B273----j RESEARCH Being and Becoming: Action Research as Pedagogy
  10. 2810-4j revised 10 -- abe 2B-------w CONSULT Telling stories of our collaborative practice
  11. 2808-4j revised 10 -- abp 2B-------j CONSULT Consulting and Collaborative Writing Connections
  12. 2805-4j revised 10 -- abe 2B305----j CONSULT Co-Teaching: Collaboration at the Middle Level
  13. 2802-4j revised 10 -- abe 1B-------j ASSESSMENT Assessment Outcome Coherence Using LSA Scoring
  14. 2801-4j revised 10 -- abe 2-304----j SERVICE Chicana/o Education and Service Learning
  15. 2799-4j revised 10 -- abe 4B-------j CONSULT Assistive Technology: A Collaborative Approach
  16. 2798-4j revised 10 -6 abe 1B332----j CONSULT Painting Three Pictures of Collaboration
  17. 2792-4j revised 10 -- abe 1B-------j CONSULT Art-full Collaboration: Chinese Forms and Motions
  18. 2790-4j revised 10 -- abp 2B261r---w HEALTH CRITICAL Infusing Critical Thinking into Health Education
  19. 2789-4j revised 11 -- abe 6B252----j COMMUNITY Creating Resources for Community College Staff
  20. 2781-4j revised 10 -- abe 1B-------j HEALTH Health, Knowledge, and Networked Communication
  21. 2779-4j revised 10 -- abp 2B280----j ASSESSMENT Knowing our Students: A Prior Learning Assessment
  22. 2775-4j revised 10 -- abp 1B-------j COMMUNITY Leadership in Business versus Community College
  23. 2772-4j revised 11 -- abp 2B241----j COMMUNITY Grutter v. Bollinger and the Community College
  24. 2770-4j revised 10 -- abp 1B262----j RESEARCH Discussion-Based Classes: Challenges & Solutions
  25. 2768-5j revised 11 3- abe 2B244----j BILINGUAL Using Story Re-tell in Bilingual assessment
  26. 2762-4j revised 11 -- abe 2B307----j SECONDARY ELLs: Children Being Left Behind in Science Class
  27. 2761-4j revised 10 -- abe 3B271----z STUDENT Role of Anxiety on Graduate Cooperative Groups
  28. 2760-4j revised 12 -- abe 2B302----j STUDENT Measuring Statistics Anxiety Using a Stage Theory
  29. 2753-4j revised 10 -- abe 1B258----j RESEARCH Misreading Each Other: A Case Study of Revision
  30. 2752-4j revised 10 -- abe 1B256r---j RESEARCH A Scholarly Writing Course for Faculty
  31. 2748-4l revised 10 -- abe 1B284----z ADJUNCT Online Adjunct Faculty: Issues & Opportunities
  32. 2737-4j revised 10 -- abe 2B-------j SECONDARY Effectiveness of Field-Based Approach in Science
  33. 2736-4j revised 10 -- abp 1-204r---j HEALTH Medical Providers' and Internet-Based Education
  34. 2731-4j revised 10 -- abe 2B-199r--j HEALTH Ethics Education in the Clinical Setting
  35. 2728-4j revised 10 -- abe 2B-------j HEALTH A Tool for the Assessment of Communication Skills
  36. 2725-4j revised 10 -- abp 1--------j STUDENT Support Groups for Single Mothers In College
  37. 2724-4j revised 10 -- abe 1--------j RESEARCH The Quest for Meaning in Educational Research
  38. 2719-4j revised 11 -- abp 1-142r---j RESEARCH Teacher Research Begins in Teacher Preparation
  39. 2718-4j revised 10 -- abp 1B325----w SPECIAL Teaching language to pupils with dyslexia
  40. 2715-4j revised 10 -- abe 1-278----j RESEARCH Watching video in a language classroom
  41. 2713-4l revised 10 -- abe 2-237r---j RESEARCH Impact of Teaching an Action Research Course
  42. 2706-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------j RESEARCH Student Co-Researchers
  43. 2691-4j revised 10 -- abe 1--------j ASSESSMENT Assessment of English Language Learners
  44. 2689-4l revised 10 -- abp 1-185r---j RESEARCH Beginning a Team Journey of Discovery
  45. 2674-4j revised 10 -- abe 4-------jz EFFICACY Preparing Special Educators for Poverty Settings
  46. 2665-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l RESEARCH Journal Writings of a School Psychologist
  47. 2664-4j revised 10 -- abe 1-176r---j READING An analysis of Reading Renaissance
  48. 2662-4l revised 09 -- abe 1-272----z RESEARCH Language and Second Teaching in Physics Learning
  49. 2649-4j revised 10 -- abe 2--------j READING Using Reading Methods to Model Tolerance
  50. 2639-4l revised 10 -- abe 1-194r---j RESEARCH Understanding Teachers’ Conceptions: ICI
  51. 2635-4l revised 10 -- abe 1-248r--lj LANGUAGE Dual Language Pedagogy: Asymmetry Compensation
  52. 2609-4j revised 10 -- abe 3-126r---j ASSESSMENT Collaborative Testing and Test Performance
  53. 2603-4w revised 10 2- abe 2-233r---z STUDENT Attitudes Toward Dispositions of Teachers
  54. 2587-4l revised 10 -- abe 2-245----j RESEARCH Research on Improving Teacher Time Management
    Summer 2004         Volume 8, Issue 2    
  1. 2746-4l seMay11 10 -- abe 3B206r---l READING Beyond Research: Improving How We Improve Reading
  2. 2735-4l revised 10 -- abe 2B190r---l EFFICACY Syllabi for Today’s College Classes
  3. 2721-4l revised 10 -- abe 1B-170r--l ROTC Teaching Cadets Creative Writing On line
  4. 2720-4l revised 10 -- abp 3--------l MATH Secondary Students’ Attitudes toward Mathematics
  5. 2712-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l ROTC Developing the Ability of Proactive Reflection
  6. 2711-4l revised 11 -- abp 1-147r---l ROTC Active Learning in Macroeconomic Principles
  7. 2710-4l seMar10 10 -- abe 2B-------l ROTC Civic Education and Use of Force
  8. 2708-4l revised 10 -- abp 1--------l MATH Student Attitudes towards Integrated Mathematics
  9. 2707-4l revised 12 -- abe 1-164r---l COMMUNITY Literature Facilitates Content-Based Instruction
  10. 2705-4l revised 10 -- abe 2-216r---l ROTC Clicks and Bricks – Transforming Education
  11. 2704-4l revised 10 -- abe 2-211j---l RELIGION Studying Religion in a Divided Society
  12. 2701-4l revised 09 -- abe 1B-------l ROTC Teaching Military Ethics to ROTC Cadets
  13. 2700-4l revised 10 -- abe 3-162r---l ROTC Teaching Writing in a Military College Setting
  14. 2699-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l MATH The Calculator’s Role in Mathematics Attitude
  15. 2695-4l revised 10 -- abe 2--------l MATH Mathematical Discovery: A Covariance Analysis
  16. 2694-4l revised 09 -- abe 1-174r---l MATH Standards: Mexican-American Students’ Attitudes
  17. 2692-4l revised 10 -- abe 3--------l MATH Improving Adolescent Girls’ Math Self-Perceptions
  18. 2690-4l revised 10 -- abe 2--------l MATH The Relationship of Math Anxiety and Gender
  19. 2687-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l ROTC Philosophy and Ethics Education for Cadets
  20. 2686-4l revised 11 3- abe 2-212r---l COMMUNITY Urban Community College Transfers to a University
  21. 2684-4l revised 10 -- abe 1-220r---l ROTC Does a Military Academy Promote Student Learning?
  22. 2679-4l revised 10 5- abe 2-133r---l MATH Teachers Learning Mathematics to Modify Pedagogy
  23. 2673-4l revised 10 3- abe 3-123r---l ROTC The West Point BattleBots Project and Competition
  24. 2671-4l revised 10 -- abe 1-153r---l ROTC How Do You Develop Character?
  25. 2669-4l revised 12 -- abe 1-181j---l COMMUNITY Enrollment Patterns Of Community College Students
  26. 2663-pm revised 10 -- abp 1-144r---l ROTC Think First, Fight After: Two Cultures in Military Education
  27. 2659-4l revised 12 -- abe 6-180r---l MATH The Cosmos Corner
  28. 2658-4l revised 10 -- abe 2--------l ROTC Teaching Law at West Point
  29. 2657-4l revised 09 -- abp 1-223r---l ROTC Early Ethics Education at USNA
  30. 2656-4l revised 12 -- abp 1-103r---l MATH Meeting the Needs of Students and Parents
  31. 2651-4l revised 10 -- abe 3--------l MATH Mathematics and Computer-Aided Learning
  32. 2650-4l revised 10 3C abe 2-192r--lj LANGUAGE Strategy Activation in Learning English Words
  33. 2646-4w revised 10 -- abp 1-224r--lj MEDIA Teaching Analytical Frameworks
  34. 2644-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l MATH Using Bibliotherapy to Overcome Math Anxiety
  35. 2643-4l revised 12 -- abe 2-073r---l MATH Building Math Confidence for a High-tech World
  36. 2640-4l revised 10 -- abe 2-136r---l SPECIAL Addressing the Needs of Lone-parent Pupils
  37. 2598-4l revised 10 -- abe 2-101r---l MATH Contextual Images in Mathematics Problem Solving
  38. 2596-4l revised 10 2- abe 1-129r---l MATH Exploring Errors in College Mathematics Courses
  39. 2589-4l revised 10 -- abe 2-222r---l RESEARCH Action Research on Student Portfolios
  40. 2588-pm revised 13 7- abp 3-043r--jw LANGUAGE Deixis and EFL. Reading Comprehension
  41. 2585-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l ROTC Modified Monopoly: A Simulation Game for Experiencing Inequality
  42. 2584-4l revised 10 -- abe 1-127r---l ROTC Peer Teaching for Life-Long Learning Skills
  43. 2583-4w revised 10 -- abe 1--------w RELIGION Classroom Controversy: Christianity and Gay Rights
  44. 2575-4l revised 13 -- abp 1-077rj--l ROTC The War College Experience
  45. 2567-4l revised 09 -- abp 1--------l ROTC Academics and Professional Military Education (PME)
  46. 2535-4w revised 10 -- abe 1--------w RELIGION Down-To-Earth Religious Education
  47. 2534-4l revised 10 2- abe 2-089r---l MATH An Instrument to Measure Mathematics Attitudes
  48. 2531-4w revised 11 -- abe 1-107r---l RELIGION Introducing Islam Through Qur’anic Recitation
  49. 2418-3j revised 10 -- ab- 1--------z RELIGION Moral Values for Public Education
  50. 2315-3w revised 10 -- abe 1--------j RELIGION Christian Hercules
    Spring 2004         Volume 8, Issue 1    
  1. 2654-4w revised 10 -- abe 1-138r---w STUDENT Intergroup Perception of International Students
  2. 2653-4w revised 10 -- abp 1-098r---w MANAGEMENT Building Leadership and Understanding in Teams
  3. 2642-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l RESEARCH Teaching Literary Theory without Opaqueness
  4. 2638-4w revised 10 -- abe 3-143r--wj MEDIA Introducing Second Graders to Media Literacy
  5. 2637-4w revised 10 -- abe 1-128r--wj STUDENT Two Anxious Students’ Perceptions of Themselves
  6. 2634-4w revised 10 -- abe 1-163r---w ADJUNCT The Use and Abuse of Adjunct Faculty in Theology
  7. 2633-4l revised 10 -- abe 1-076r---w ONLINE WebCT Surveys: Opportunities and Challenges
  8. 2632-4w revised 09 -- abe 3-140r---w STUDENT Student Perceptions of Skills and Employability
  9. 2630-4w revised 08 -- abe 3--------w MANAGEMENT Mastering Motivational Theories (rotc)
  10. 2629-4w revised 10 -- abe 2--------w STUDENT The foundation of students' perceptions
  11. 2628-4w revised 10 -- abe 3-125r---w STUDENT Students Perception On E-Learning: A Case-Study
  12. 2626-4w revised 10 -- abe 3-------wj MEDIA A media literacy project on violence and conflict
  13. 2624-4w revised 10 -- abe 1-118r---w MANAGEMENT Global Management Education via the Internet
  14. 2623-4w revised 11 -- abe 1-066r---w MEDIA The Cinematic Imagination: Lights, Sound, Writing!
  15. 2622-4w revised 11 -- abe 1-------wj ADULT Adult ESL Learners and Professional Career
  16. 2621-4w revised 13 -- abe 1-065r---w MEDIA Teaching Film Theory in a Post-Film, Post-Theory Era
  17. 2616-4w revised 10 -- abe 2--------w MANAGEMENT Ethics and Community in Management Education
  18. 2615-4w revised 10 -- abp 1-------wj MEDIA Media Literacy Prepares Teachers for Diversity
  19. 2614-4w revised 10 -- abe 1--------w STUDENT Student Perceptions of Web-Based Learning
  20. 2612-4w revised 10 -- abe 5--------w STUDENT Students’ Beliefs about Summary/Reaction Journals
  21. 2611-4w revised 08 -- abe 1-122r---w STUDENT Student Attitudes Toward Intellectual Property in Writing
  22. 2610-4w revised 10 -- abe 3--------w STUDENT Different majors - different epistemological beliefs?
  23. 2602-4w revised 12 -- abe 1-105r---w MEDIA The Pedagogy of Urban Media Literacy
  24. 2601-4w revised 10 -- abp 1-149r---w STUDENT School Environments Alienate Some Students
  25. 2597-3z revised 10 -- abe 2-------wl LANGUAGE Non-native English Speakers in Network-based Learning
  26. 2593-4w revised 09 2- abe 2-030----w MANAGEMENT Factors Affecting Student Adoption of Online
  27. 2591-4w revised 10 -- abp 1-024r---w STUDENT Preservice Teachers’ Attitudes Regarding ESL Students
  28. 2590-4w revised 11 -- abe 1-070r---w STUDENT Pre-service teachers’ experience of inclusion
  29. 2586-3z revised 10 -- abe 3-072r---w ONLINE Faculty Technology Training: Learning About Learning Objects
  30. 2582-4w revised 10 -- ab- 1-033----w MEDIA Longing for Titus’ Big Screen Debut
  31. 2581-4w revi 10 2- abe 4-113r---w STUDENT Student attitudes towards Web sites
  32. 2569-4w revised 10 -- abe 2-062rj--l HEALTH Multi-Discipline, Web-based Healthcare Orientation
  33. 2568-4w revised 11 -E abe 1-973----w MEDIA Iconotexts and Architecture: Toward Literary Analysis
  34. 2561-4w revised 09 -- abe 1--------w MEDIA Media Practice in the Humanities Classroom
  35. 2559-4w revised 10 -- abe 1-060r---w WEB Teaching Critical Thinking Online Case Study
  36. 2552-3z revised 10 -- abp 2-----SP-z CENTER When Worlds Collide: Libraries & Writing Centers
  37. 2551-4w revised 10 -- abp 1--------w MEDIA Do You See What I See? Television, Authorship, and Student
  38. 2549-3z revised 10 -- abe 2----SP-zw ASSESSMENT Principles for More Deliberate Assessment
  39. 2548-4w revised 10 -- abe 2-995----w MANAGEMENT Democratic Discipline in Professional Development
  40. 2542-3z revised 10 -- abp 2-------zw STUDENT New Professors’ Reflections on the Dissertation Process
  41. 2540-3z revised 09 -- abe 1-000----z CENTER The Politics of Writing Center as Location
  42. 2538-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-----SP-z WRITING Facing the Issues in First-Year College Writing Instruction
  43. 2524-3z revised 11 -- abp 1-951----w NOVEL (LITERATURE) Moral Ambiguity in Darkness Visible
  44. 2521-3z revised 09 -- abe 1-----SU-w SERVICE Modifying Field Experiences to Service-Learning
  45. 2515-4w revised 10 -- ab- 1--------w MANAGEMENT Training and Learning in the Post-industrial Workplace
  46. 2512-3z revised 10 -- abe 1--------w ONLINE Second-Generation Instructional Design for E-Learning
  47. 2506-4w revised 10 -- ab- 1--------w MANAGEMENT A Multisystemic Approach for Management Education
  48. 2497-3z revised 11 -- abe 1-053r---w CULTURE Jamming Econo: Punk Aesthetics in Theatre
  49. 2494-3z revised 10 -- abe 1----SU-zw TECHNOLOGY Applying Constructivism in a Traditional Environment
  50. 2493-4w revised 11 -- abe 1-968rj---w MANAGEMENT Whimsical Sponsors for Critical Thinking
  51. 2491-3z revised 11 -- abe 1-----SP-z TECHNOLOGY The Great War in the Classroom
  52. 2471-3j revised 10 -- abe 3-000-s--j CONSULT The SURF Board: A Collaborative Strategy
  53. 2465-3j revised 10 -- abe 2-----s-jz MANY Bringing Instructional Activities under an Information Literacy
  54. 2454-3j revised 10 -- abe 1----ss-jz MANY Culturally Relevant Instruction for Latinos
  55. 2452-3j revised 10 -- abe 2----ss-jz MANY Information Competencies and Student Athletes
  56. 2433-3j revised 10 -- abp 2----ss-jz CONSULT The LEAP Clinic
  57. 2421-4w e-seven 10 -- abe 1-992----w MEDIA Media and Theory Through the Writing Process
  58. 2400-3j revised 09 -- abe 2-000----z ASSESSMENT Compressed Video Learning Environments
  59. 2379-4w revised 10 -- abe 2-766----w MANAGEMENT Reward Systems and Self-Managed Team Success
  60. 2369-4w revised 09 -- abe 1--------w MANAGEMENT Service Learning and International Business Education
  61. 2352-4w revised 12 2- abe 2-706----w MANAGEMENT Implications for Labor-Management Education
    Winter 2003         Volume 7, Issue 4    
  1. 2595-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-055r---z LANGUAGE Designing Instruction for Technology Enhanced Language Learning
  2. 2577-3z revised 10 -- abe 3-998r---z ENVIRONMENT Exploring Environmental Literature Using Electronic Portfolios
  3. 2576-3z revised 10 -- abp 1-036jr-zw SPECIAL Providing Scientific Information to Children with Dyslexia
  4. 2574-3z revised 13 -- abp 2-994----z CONSULT Making the University-School District Connection
  5. 2572-3z revised 11 -- abe 1-986---zw HEALTH Making Neuroscience Simple by Promoting Metacognition
  6. 2571-4w revised 09 -- abe 1-029---zw SERVICE The Inside Track to Successful Service Learning in the Classroom
  7. 2565-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-972---zw CENTER Writing Centers: The Student Retention Connection
  8. 2564-3z revised 10 -- abe 2-984----z CENTER The Rhetoric of Online Conferencing
  9. 2562-3z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Timely, Again: Tolkien’s Fantastic Ecology
  10. 2560-3z revised 10 -- abp 1-969----z WRITING Teaching the 9/11 Tragedy and the Arts
  11. 2599-3z revised 09 -- abe 2-044r---z ENVIRONMENT Collaborative Teaching and Ecological Literacy
  12. 2558-3z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Beyond the Text: Literary Field Studies
  13. 2566-3z revised 12 -- abe 1-970r---z CENTER Problems in the Writing Center
  14. 2557-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-049r---z WRITING Motivating Students to Develop Social Awareness
  15. 2556-3z revised 09 -- abe 1-032----z ENVIRONMENT Pope and the Rhetoric of Natural Phenomena
  16. 2555-3z revised 09 -- abe 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Exploring the Ecology of Food Choice
  17. 2553-3z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Environmental Ethics in the College Composition Classroom
  18. 2550-3z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Teaching American Environmental Literature Abroad
  19. 2547-3z revised 10 -- abe 3-061r---z WRITING Crisis-response Discourse of Prospective Teachers
  20. 2544-3z revised 10 -- abp 1-964----z WRITING Teaching Conflict through Multiple Rhetorical Stances
  21. 2543-3z revised 09 -- abp 1-961---zw CULTURE In Praise of a Structuralist Pedagogy
  22. 2541-3z revised 10 4- abp 2-038----z SCIENCE Science curriculum reform for education majors
  23. 2539-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-058r---z ENVIRONMENT Writing Like a Transcendentalist
  24. 2537-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-023----z ADJUNCT Addressing the Information Needs of Collegiate Adjunct Faculty
  25. 2530-3z revised 09 -- abe 2-----SPzw CULTURE Multimedia Learning Environments for Early Readers
  26. 2523-3z revised 10 -- abp 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Environmentalism in the Creative Writing Classroom
  27. 2522-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-991j---z WEB The Nature of Knowledge in Web-Based Learning Environments
  28. 2520-3j revised 10 -- abe 2-926----z ONLINE Getting Started with ICT blended learning
  29. 2519-3z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Ecocritical Approaches to Renaissance Literature
  30. 2517-4w revised 10 -- abe 1-052j--zw LANGUAGE Second Language Literacy and Communicative Activity
  31. 2516-3z revised 11 -- abe 1-989r---z ENVIRONMENT Ranging Widely to Find Home
  32. 2514-3z revised 10 -- abe 2-016j---z CENTER Writing Center Theory and Tutoring Pedagogy Disjunction
  33. 2513-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-----SP-z ENVIRONMENT Teaching “God’s Grandeur”: Ecology and Environment in Hopkins
  34. 2510-3z revised 10 -- abp 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Teaching Environmental Imagination to First-Year College Students
  35. 2507-3z revised 11 -- abe 1-966r--zw ONLINE Applying Learning Styles in an Online Course
  36. 2505-3z revised 10 1- abe 1-040jr-zw SCIENCE Frauds, Hoaxes and Pseudoscience: A Course in Argumentation
  37. 2504-3z revised 11 -- ab- 1-902----z ENVIRONMENT Green Guilt and the University Classroom
  38. 2501-4w revised 10 -- abe 1-979----z LANGUAGE Grammar for Teachers: Attitudes and Aptitudes
  39. 2498-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-------jz ONLINE Being Lucky— Virtual Performative Speech Acts
  40. 2490-3z revised 10 1- abe 1-012j---z SCIENCE Course Design For An Introductory Science Course
  41. 2489-3z revised 10 -- abe 1-950----z STUDENT Awakening Preservice Teachers’ Awareness of Privilege
  42. 2477-3j revised 08 -- abe 1-982j--jz MANY Increasing Information Competence in Medical School Faculty
  43. 2473-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-035j---j CONSULT Lesson Study: A New Model of Collaboration
  44. 2470-3j revised 10 -- abe 2-021j--jz MANY Enticing Faculty to Library Instruction Workshops
  45. 2462-3z revised 10 -- ab- 3----ss-jz CONSULT Moving Toward Collaborative Practices in Education
  46. 2461-3z revised 10 -- abp 2--------z NONTHEMATIC Shared Insights from University Co-Teaching
  47. 2459-3z revised 10 -- abe 3--------z ENVIRONMENT The TOP System for Environmental Management Instruction
  48. 2455-3j revised 10 -- ab- 2-921j--jz MANY Information Competency for Adult Reentry Students
  49. 2450-3j revised 10 -- abe 4-901j--jz CONSULT Reading and Auditory Processing Collaborative Project
  50. 2438-3z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z ENVIRONMENT A Novel Understanding of Ecology
  51. 2434-3j revised 11 -- abe 3-006j---j CONSULT Collaboration Across Early Childhood Special Education
  52. 2496-4w seAug15 11 -- a-p 1-876----z SECONDARY Metacognitive Awareness: Investigating Theory and Practice
  53. 2415-3j revised 11 -- abe 1-997---zw NONTHEMATIC James Baldwin: America's Native Son
  54. 2408-3j revised 09 -- ab- 2-903----z SECONDARY The I.C.P.Program- A Partnership in Alternative Education
  55. 2402-3j revised 10 -- abe 3-----s-jz ADULT Extending School-to-College Programs to the Community College
  56. 2401-3j revised 11 1- abp 2----990-z HEALTH Guidelines for Communicating with our Most Elderly
  57. 2397-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-001j--jz DISTRIBUTED Emerging Learning Environments: Enhancing the Online Community
  58. 2380-3l revised 10 -- abe 2-014j---l SERVICE Simultaneous Renewal: When Interns Serve As Substitutes
  59. 2389-3j revised 08 -- abe 1-975j--jz CULTURE Norton’s Ethnic American Literary Anthologies
  60. 2363-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-911---jz SPECIAL Computers and Students with Special Needs
  61. 2343-3l revised 10 -- abe 1-862----z LANGUAGE Demystifying Inflectional push-pull in ESL Pedagogy
  62. 2297-3w revised 09 -- abe 1-034----z ELEMENTARY Re-Certification of Temporary Certified Teachers
  63. 2233-3z revised 12 2e abe 2-547---3z CENTER Every Body Counts: Tapping Multiple Voices in Writing Center Assessment
  64. 2229-3z revised 10 o- ab- 1-003j---z ENVIRONMENT Wordsworth’s Environmental Ethics
    Fall 2003         Volume 7, Issue 3    
  1. 2529-3j revised 09 -- abp 1-925----j RESEARCH Peer Debriefing: Who, What, When, Why, How
  2. 2527-3j revised 11 -- a-p 1-978jr--j CONSULT Distance Learning: Deaf Education Collaboration Model
  3. 2525-3j revised 10 -- abp 3-927----j CONSULT Access to Scientific Careers: Barriers for Students with Disabilities
  4. 2511-3z revised 10 -- a-e 9-907----j CONSULT Senior Inquiry: A University/High School Collaboration
  5. 2500-3z revised 10 -- abe 2-883----j ASSESSMENT Incorporating Pupil Assessment into Teacher Preparation
  6. 2488-3z revised 09 -- abe 2-922----j WEB Technology and Learning Collaborative: Design and Implementation
  7. 2487-3j revised 10 -- abe 2-857----j CONSULT A Winning Combination: Collaboration in Inclusion
  8. 2486-3j revised 11 -- ab- 1-898----j ASSESSMENT Teacher Assessment of Homework
  9. 2483-3j revisAL 11 2- abe 1-002rj--j MANY Information Literacy in a Freshman Learning Community
  10. 2482-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-851----j MANY Library Instruction Assessment in Upper-Level Courses
  11. 2480-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-879-s-jz CONSULT Urban Partnerships for International Affairs Service Learning
  12. 2479-3j revised 10 -- abe 2-905-s--j CONSULT Collaborating to Improve Literacy Outcomes
  13. 2478-3j revised 08 -- abe 1--------j CONSULT What are Teachers’ Greatest Co-teaching Concerns?
  14. 2476-3j revised 10 -- abe 1--------j CONSULT The Difficulties of Collaboration Research in K-12 Schools
  15. 2474-3j revised 09 -- abe 1-----s-jz ASSESSMENT Classroom Assessment: Learning from Students
  16. 2472-3j revised 09 -- abe 2-880-s--j CONSULT Must We Collaborate? Examining Cultural Contexts
  17. 2468-3j revised 11 -- abe 1-865-s-jz MANY Foundations Of Information: A Course Case Study In Metacognition
  18. 2466-3j revised 11 -- abe 1-962---jz MANY Information Literacy Competencies In Social Work
  19. 2464-3z revised 10 -- abe 2-------jz CONSULT Collaborative Initiatives Supporting Inclusive Classrooms
  20. 2460-3z revised 10 -- abe 2-----s--j ASSESSMENT Technology-Enhanced Teacher Professional Development Model
  21. 2458-3z revised 10 -- abe 2-897-s--j MANY Enhancing Information Literacy: A Teaching Partnership in Practice
  22. 2457-3j revised 09 2- ab- 2-859----j CONSULT Two New Evaluation Instruments for University-School Collaboration
  23. 2456-3j revised 10 -- abe 1--------j MANY A Collaborative Approach to Information Literacy in the Freshman Seminar
  24. 2451-3j revised 10 -- abp 2-----s-jz MANY Faculty Use of Electronic Library Resources
  25. 2449-3j revised 10 1- abe 2-041jr-jz MANY Paths to Understanding
  26. 2448-3j revised 10 2- abe 6-891-s-jz MANY Increasing students’ library confidence
  27. 2447-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-825----j CONSULT Positive Involvement in Parent-Teacher Collaborative Models
  28. 2446-3z revised 12 -- abe 1-834----j WRITING ESL Freewriting and Students' Lived Experience
  29. 2445-3j revised 09 -- abe 2-945----j CONSULT Collaborative Voices: One University-School Model
  30. 2444-3j revised 10 1- abe 1-833----j CONSULT Interpretive Processes in Collaborative Research
  31. 2439-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-952---jz CULTURE Integrated Holistic Approach to Poetry in EFL/ESL
  32. 2432-3l revised 10 -- abp 1-866----j SERVICE Emerging Themes in Community-Based Training
  33. 2431-3j revised 10 -- abe 2-953ss-jz MANY First Year Reading and Writing Convergences
  34. 2430-3j revised 10 -- ab- 2-983j--z CULTURE Literature and International Relations
  35. 2426-3j revised 10 -- abe 3-874----j CONSULT Enhancing Collaboration: Families as Faculty Project
  36. 2425-3j revised 10 -- abe 1----ss-jz MANY Journalism Students, Information Competencies and the Role of Librarians
  37. 2424-3j revised 10 -- ab- 3-871----j CONSULT Fostering Collaboration in Urban Schools
  38. 2423-3j revised 08 5- abp 2-782ss-jz STUDENT Cultural Implications of Learning Styles on Teaching Styles
  39. 2422-3j revised 10 -- abp 5--------j CONSULT Preparing Special Educators for Changing Educational Contexts
  40. 2420-3j revised 09 -- abe 1-----s-jz ASSESSMENT An Organizational Framework for Evaluating Online Courses
  41. 2417-3j revised 11 -- abe 1-956----j CONSULT Stumbling Toward Collaboration
  42. 2416-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-------jz SCHOLARSHIP Building on Students’ Experiences in Teacher Education
  43. 2413-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-959-s-jz NONTHEMATIC Teaching Needham’s Puzzle Fostering Historical Thinking
  44. 2409-3j revised 09 -- abe 6-916----j CONSULT Collaborating Across Boundaries
  45. 2398-3j revised 10 -- abe 2-923---jz SPECIAL Multisensory Learning and Inclusive Language Arts Classrooms
  46. 2396-3j revised 10 1- ab- 1-785---jz SCIENCE A Course on Ordinary Differential Equations in Physics and Engineering
  47. 2394-3j revised 10 -- abe 2-793----j CONSULT Collaborative Development of Dispersed Experiential Opportunities
  48. 2377-3j revised 09 -- abe 2--------j NON-THEMATIC Importance of an Internship Component in a Liberal Arts Major
  49. 2373-3j revised 10 -- abe 1-800----j ONLINE Online IT Training For School Administrators
  50. 2368-3l revised 09 -- abe 3-004j--lj ONLINE Case Study of Online Learning Experience in Higher Education
  51. 2366-3l revised 10 -- abp 2-753----j CONSULT Successful Preparation of Teachers of Students with Disabilities
  52. 2361-3l revised 10 -- abe 2--------j NON-THEMATIC Cognitivism, Constructivism, and Work Performance
  53. 2360-3l revised 10 -- abe 1--------j ELEMENTARY It’s About Time! Increasing the Length of Student Writing
  54. 2359-3j revised 12 -- abe 2--------j NON-THEMATIC Ethnography and case study: A comparative analysis
  55. 2353-3l revised 09 3- abp 2-756----j STUDENT Improving Student Attendance to Improve Student Learning
  56. 2346-3j revised 10 -- abe 2--------j CONSULT Into the Community: Collaboration Produces Learning
  57. 2335-3j revised 12 5- abe 2-674----j CONSULT Collaboration at the Post-secondary Level
  58. 2327-3j revised 10 2- ab- 2-767----j CONSULT Preparing Practicing Teachers To Teach In Inclusive Schools
  59. 2325-3l revised 10 3- abe 2-704----j ASSESSMENT Research Attitudes of African-American Graduate Students
  60. 2302-3j revised 10 -- abe 3-727----j CONSULT Graduate Cooperative Groups: Role of Perfectionism
  61. 2238-2z revised 10 o- a-e 6-------lj NON-THEMATIC Revision of prerequisites: ICT tools
  62. 2205-3j revised 10 o- abp 3--------j CONSULT Improving Classroom Assessment Practices: A Collaborative Approach
    Summer 2003         Volume 7, Issue 2    
  1. 2436-3l revised 09 -- ab- 1-794----l NOVEL The Mind as a Novel Metaphor
  2. 2427-3l revised 10 -- abx 1--------l NON-THEMATIC Deadline Reporting: Terrorism
  3. 2412-3l revised 12 -- abe 1-774----l STUDENT Teaching Multiculturalism Post-9/11
  4. 2410-3l revised 10 -- abe 2--------l SERVICE Diversity Research as Service Learning
  5. 2406-3l revised 09 -- abe 1--------l NOVEL Teaching Between the Genres
  6. 2405-3l revised 10 -- abe 4--------l SERVICE Service Learning: Implementation and Evaluation in a Pharmacy Curriculum
  7. 2403-3l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l SERVICE Communication as Critical Inquiry in Service-Learning
  8. 2392-3l revised 09 -- abe 1--------l WRITING Why Teachers Should Also Write
  9. 2390-3l revised 10 2- ab- 4-732----l SERVICE Using technology to enhance service-learning reflections
  10. 2388-3j revised 11 1- abp 1-735----l SCIENCE Coaching a High School Science Olympiad Team
  11. 2387-3l revised 10 -- abe 3-780----l SERVICE Beginning Teachers and Service-Learning: Lessons Learned
  12. 2385-3l revised 10 -- abe 1-755----l NOVEL Teaching the short story: K. A. Porter’s “That Tree”
  13. 2384-3l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l WRITING Visual Literacy After 9/11: New Ways of Seeing
  14. 2383pm revised 12 -- abp 3-725----l SERVICE Emergency Room Mode - A Service-Learning Case (ESL)
  15. 2382-3l revised 10 -- abe 2-796----l SERVICE Pathways to Intergenerational Understanding
  16. 2378-3j revised 08 -- abe 1-788----j ELEMENTARY Technology Professional Development: A Case Study
  17. 2376-3l revised 09 -- abe 3--------l SERVICE Mentoring as Service-Learning for Undergraduates
  18. 2375-3l revised 10 -- abp 2--------l SERVICE Service-Learning in Preservice Teacher Education
  19. 2374-3l revised 08 -- abe 1-789----l SERVICE Engaging University and Elementary Students in Economics Education
  20. 2367-3l revised 12 2- ab- 1-784----l SERVICE Generating Social Capital in Schools through Service-Learning
  21. 2365-3l revised 11 -- abe 5-770----l SERVICE Developing Just Citizens in Australia
  22. 2364-3l revised 10 -- abe 1-786----l WRITING Reflecting on the “Good Life:” An Intergenerational Dialogue
  23. 2358-3l revised 09 -- abe 2--------l SERVICE Service-Learning Experiences: Bridging the Gap for Pre-service Teachers
  24. 2357-3l revised 07 -- abe 1--------l SERVICE Is Service Learning Making the Grade?
  25. 2350-3l revised 12 -- ab- 1-719----l NOVEL Middlemarch: Martyrs to Circumstances
  26. 2349-3l revised 05 -- abe 1-777----l SERVICE The Wellspring: An Intergenerational Historical Writing Project
  27. 2347-3l revised 12 -- abe 1-687----l SERVICE Service-Writing, a Dietetic Ethics
  28. 2345-3l revised 09 -- ab- 2-728----l NOVEL Frankenstein Meets Maslow
  29. 2342-3l revised 10 -- abp 1--------l NOVEL Novel Pedagogies
  30. 2337-3l revised 10 -- ab- 1--------l NON-THEMATIC At War, with Shakespeare--Student Development
  31. 2336-3l revised 13 4- abe 1-675----l SPECIAL Increasing Awareness and Understanding of Students with Disabilities
  32. 2329-3l revised 10 -- abe 1-709----l NON-THEMATIC A Conceptual Study of Visual Training Methods
  33. 2332-3l revised 10 3- abe 3--------l LANGUAGE Foreign Language Anxiety and Student Attrition
  34. 2330-3l revised 10 -- ab- 2-------lj ELEMENTARY Effect of Language Program on Behavior
  35. 2328-3l revised 07 -- abe 4-776----l ASSESSMENT Assessment Instrument for Service-Learning Practitioners
  36. 2326-3l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l SERVICE Analyzing Student Journals in a Service-Learning Course
  37. 2323-3l revised 10 5- ab- 2-664----l SCIENCE Learning Preferences/Instruction in General Chemistry
  38. 2322-3l revised 11 3- abe 2-670----l SCIENCE Teaching Statistics Courses: Some Important Considerations
  39. 2320-3l revised 10 -- abe 4-698----l ASSESSMENT Values Gaps Among Faculty And Administrators
  40. 2316-3l revised 10 -- ab- 1--------l NOVEL Night Train's Dark Lesson
  41. 2314-3w revised 10 -- ab- 2--------l SERVICE Undergraduate Research as Service Learning
  42. 2310-3w revised 11 -- ab- 2x-762---l SECONDARY Opera as an intervention for rural public school children
  43. 2309-3w revised 10 -- ab- 2-700----l SPECIAL Service-Learning: Empowering Students with Special Needs
  44. 2307-3w revised 10 -- ab- 1--------l NON-THEMATIC Didactics and Entertainment on Eighteenth Century Hungarian Stage
  45. 2304-3w revised 10 -- ab- 1-739----l SERVICE Connecting Service-Learning To Democratic Participation
  46. 2303-3w revised 10 -- abe 1-749----l SERVICE Service-Learning for Understanding Human Exceptionality
  47. 2298-3w revised 10 -- ab- 1-681---wl ADULT Community Collaboration To Support Reentry Adult Women
  48. 2295-3w revised 07 -- abf 1-------wl ELEMENTARY (Jan10) Adopt a School
  49. 2292-3w revised 10 -- abe 1-738----l SERVICE Fostering a Sense of Justice through International Service-Learning
  50. 2288-2z revised 10 -- abe 3-722----l CULTURE Role-Playing a Legend in Virtual Reality
  51. 2275-3l revised 12 2- abe 1x743----l SECONDARY Excellent Teachers: Exploring Constructions of Teaching
  52. 2272-3w revised 12 -- a-- 2-593----l HEALTH What educators should know about HIV
  53. 2267-2z revised 09 -- a-e 2-ooo----l CULTURE Sign Language of the Netherlands and Deaf Culture
  54. 2261-3l revised 10 -- ab- 1-ooo----l NOVEL Appropriating Literature in Foreign Language Classrooms
  55. 2247-2z revised 11 o- abf 1x-771---l CULTURE Analysis of Literature Seminar Websites
  56. 2244-2z revised 12 4- -b- 1-621----l SECONDARY Learning-Style Perceptual Preferences of Bruneian Students
  57. 2228-3l revised 14 o- ab- 1x545----l NOVEL Renaming the World: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman’s “The Revolt of ‘Mother”’
  58. 2225-3l revised 10 o- abe 2-------wl WRITING The Government’s Efforts to Improve Reading of Young Children
  59. 2221-3l revised 09 o- abe 1-ooo----l NOVEL Applying Film Theory in Teaching Fiction
  60. 2204-3l revised 10 1- abe 1-588----l NOVEL Teaching the Novel in Context
  61. 2164-pm revised 10 o- abp 1-495----l NOVEL The Unteaching of Literature. We murder to Dissect.
    Spring 2003         Volume 7, Issue 1    
  1. 2362-3l revised 12 -- abp 4--------l ELEMENTARY Teacher Education Curricula and Moral Reasoning
  2. 2354-3l revised 10 1- abp 2-694----w WEB Multicultural Pedagogy and Web-Based Technologies
  3. x2341-3l revised 09 -- abe 1-734---lj WEB Improving Online Interactivity and Learning In An Education Research Course
  4. x2340-3l revised 10 -- abe 1-------lj SECONDARY Motivating Parents through Class Web Sites
  5. 2338-3l revised 09 -- a-- 6--------w HEALTH Web Based Course in Clinical Pharmacology
  6. 2321-3w revised 11 -- abe 4-733----l WEB Thoughtful creation of online course content
  7. 2319-3w revised 12 -- ab- 2-656----w WEB Partnership-Directed Education: A Focus on Technology
  8. x2318-3w revised 09 -- abe 2-------lj WEB This Life in the WebCT
  9. 2317-3w revised 12 1- ab- 2-647----w LANGUAGE Reading For Writing
  10. 2313-3w revised 10 -- abe 1--------w WEB Language Technologies and the FL Teacher: Changes and Developments
  11. x2312-3w revised 10 -- abe 2-------wl WEB Transnational Conversations: A Web Pedagogy
  12. x2311-3w revised 09 -- abe 2-707----l WEB A Portal Model for Interactive Learning
  13. 2301-3w revised 10 -- a-e 2--------w NON-THEMATIC What Chess Has Given Us.
  14. 2300-3w revised 10 -- abe 2--------w WEB Usage of Content in Web-Supported Academic Courses
  15. x2299-3w revised 07 -- abe 6-720----w NON-THEMATIC District Self-Reporting and Teacher Retention
  16. 2294-3w revised 07 -- abe 3-------wl INFO-LIT Collaboration Between the Library and Business Faculty
  17. 2293-3w revised 10 -- abe 2--------w WEB Online Information: The spider’s sticky web
  18. 2290-3w revised 09 4f abe 2-613---wl HEALTH Changes in Anxiety Among Doctoral Students
  19. 2287-3w revised 07 -- abe 1-668----w WEB A Need Analysis of Community Technology Centers
  20. 2286-3w revised 11 3- a-- 1-669---wl ELEMENTARY Effects of Learning-Style Teaching on Elementary Students’ Behaviors
  21. 2285-3w revised 10 -- abe 1-------wl LANGUAGE Theoretical Perspectives on Second Language Learning
  22. 2284-3w revised 10 -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE Going online in under-resourced ESL classes
  23. 2283-3w revised 11 -- abe 3-633----w HEALTH Promoting Health Information Literacy
  24. 2282-3w revised 10 -- abe 2--------w ASSESSMENT Building Inter-Rater Reliability into Performance Assessment
  25. 2280-3w revised 11 -- ab- 3-604----w WEB Teachers learning to use instructional technology
  26. 2277-3l revised 09 -- abe 2--------w ONLINE Teaching Medical Informatics Online
  27. 2273-3w revised 10 -- ab- 1-ooo----w LANGUAGE The Four Principles of Grammar
  28. 2270-3w revised 09 -- abe 1--------w SERVICE Service Learning and Job Satisfaction Survey
  29. 2269-3w revised 13 -- a-- 2-592----w HEALTH Children with HIV: An Extensive Review of the Literature
  30. 2268-3w revised 10 -- abe 1--------w WEB Quality Online Education - new research agendas
  31. 2264-3w revised 12 1- a-e 3-576----w HEALTH An approach for developing competencies in community health development
  32. 2262-3w revised 09 4- ab- 1-616----w NON-THEMATIC Impact of Perceptual Strengths on Learning
  33. 2258-3w sentOct 11 o- ab- 1-570----w SERVICE (spring) Spiritual Growth in the Secular Schools
  34. 2254-3w revised 10 o- abe 1-606----w WEB Strategies for Successful E-Teaching
  35. 2252-3w revised 09 o- abf 1-ooo----w WEB Teaching Teachers to Use Online Information
  36. 2250-2z revised 10 -- ab- 1-ooo----w NON-THEMATIC Form Versus Content: Classroom Practices and Essay Requirements
  37. 2249-2z revised 10 o- abf 1-ooo----w LANGUAGE Mediated Language Classrooms: Theory and Practice
  38. 2243-2z revised 10 o- ab- 1-ooo----w LANGUAGE Progymnasmata - an answer for today’s rhetorical pedagogy?
  39. 2240-2z revised 10 o- abe 2-------zl SERVICE The ‘Other Helpers’: Children’s Responses to Coerced Service-Learners
  40. 2237-3w revised 10 o- abe 1--------w DISTRIBUTED Pre-tertiary Distributed Education in Canadian Urban Centers
  41. 2235-3z revised 09 o- abe 2--------w CENTER (SPR03) A Writing Center Facilitates Students WAC
  42. 2220-2z revised 09 o- abe 1-ooo----w INFO-LIT Information Literacy in Course Management Software
  43. 2218-3l revised 08 o- abe 1-692----l WRITING Responding to 9/11
  44. 2192-2z revised 10 2- abe 2-ooo----w WEB Exploring Web-Based Education in South Africa
  45. 2182-3w revised 10 -- abe 1-ooo----w LANGUAGE A study on novice EFL teacher development
  46. 2178-3w revised 09 o- abp 2-ooo----w LANGUAGE Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners Using ...LEA
  47. 2177-2j revised 07 o- abp 1-ooo---zw NON-THEMATIC Course Instructor as Customer
  48. 2176-3w revised 11 o- abe 1-546----w LANGUAGE The Genre Approach to writing Assessed
  49. 2166-3w revised 11 o- abe 1-ooo----w LANGUAGE Teachers – Who Needs Them?
  50. 2152-3w revised 10 2e abp 1-409---w3 LANGUAGE The Role of the Outline in Second Language Composition
  51. x2151-pm revised 10 4p ab- 2-736----w HEALTH A Collaborative Community Partnership with the American Red Cross
  52. 2148-2l revised 10 o- ab- 1-ooo---zw LANGUAGE A Study of Bilingual Chinese/English Children's Code Switching Behavior
  53. 2146-3w revised 10 o- ab- 2-458----w LANGUAGE New Era of Language Learning
  54. 2050-2w revised-m 10 o/ok ok ok 11---w WEB Proposing a Commitment to Blackboard
  55. ... x2000 newly added
    Winter 2002         Volume 6, Issue 4    
  1. 2278-2z revised 09 -- abf 1-596----z CULTURE Using Literature and Film in Organizational Behavior
  2. 2260-2z revised 09 -- abe 1-567----z CULTURE (WIN02) Literature in 3D or Where is the Culture in this Text?
  3. 2255-3w e-seven 11 -- abe 1-612----z SERVICE Outcomes from Catholic Service-Learning
  4. 2242-3w revised 10 o- abe 1-559----z ONLINE Online Perspectives: From Participant to Practitioner
  5. 2241-2z revised 10 1- ab- 1-599---zw SERVICE A Case Study of Student Outcomes of Service-Learning in a Family Communication Course
  6. 2236-2z revised 11 o- abe 1-562----z LANGUAGE Online Discourse in a Second Language Teacher Preparation Course
  7. 2234-2z revised 10 2e abe 2-589----z INFO-LIT Information Literacy Toolkit: Meeting the Challenge of a Large Research University
  8. 2232-2z revised 10 o- abe 2-ooo----z INFO-LIT E-info Labs: Fostering Information Literacy on a Shoestring
  9. 2231-2z revised 10 o- abe 1-ooo----z INFO-LIT Bilingual Information Literacy and Academic Readiness
  10. 2227-2z revised 10 o- abe 2-568----z INFO-LIT Information Competence in the Freshman Seminar
  11. 2223-2z revised 12 1- abe 1-528----z INFO-LIT Discipline-Specific Information Literacy Courses
  12. 2219-2z revised 12 2e ab- 4-540----z ASSESSMENT Assessing Student Perspectives on the Value of a College Education
  13. 2215-2z revised 09 o- abe 1-ooo----z CULTURE Literature in the Modern Language Syllabus
  14. 2214-2z e-seven 10 o- abe 1-563----z CULTURE Integrating Culture, Language and Technology
  15. 2212-2z revised 10 o- ab- 1-ooo----z INFO-LIT Information Literacy: Whoes Job is It?
  16. 2211-2z revised 12 11 abp 1-505----z NON-THEMATIC Teaching Law Students: An Innovative Approach
  17. 2210-2z revised o9 o- abe 2-ooo---zw NON-THEMATIC The Reflective Discussion Group: Focused discussion in a high-stakes environment
  18. 2207-2z revised 09 o- abe 1-ooo----z CULTURE Literature, Politics and Pedagogy
  19. 2206-2z revised 10 o- abe 1-538----z INFO-LIT International Students: Information Literacy or Academic Literacy?
  20. 2203-2z revised 10 o- abe 2-ooo----z INFO-LIT Information Literacy and Literary Questions
  21. 2202-2z revised 09 o- abe 1-ooo----z CULTURE Translating Literature and Learning Culture
  22. 2199-2z revised 10 o- abe 1-ooo----z NON-THEMATIC (win 02) Teaching Multicultural Diversity: Process, Courage, and Transformative Learning
  23. 2197-3w revised 10 o- abe 1-ooo----z CULTURE Icon Poetry: Literature for the Non-Literate
  24. 2194-2z revised 09 o- abe 1-ooo----z INFO-LIT Integrating Brain-Based Strategies Into Library Research Assignments
  25. 2191-2z revised 11 2y abe 3-485---zw NON-THEMATIC The Effect of University Capabilities and Resources on International Student Satisfaction
  26. 2190-2z revised 09 o- ab- 1-ooo----z CULTURE Henry V, the Gulf War, and Cultural Materialism
  27. 2186-2z revised 10 -- abe 2-ooo----z INFO-LIT Incorporating Information Literacy into Teacher Education
  28. 2171-2j e.sevOK 09 o- abe 1-465---jz NON-THEMATIC The Teaching Roles of the College Librarian
  29. 2165-2j revised 09 o- abe 1-594---zw NON-THEMATIC Teaching MIS with Small Business Cases
  30. 2153-pm revised 10 o- abe 1-517---zw NON-THEMATIC Teaching The House on Mango Street: Engaging Race, Class, and Gender in a White Classroom
  31. 2135-2j revised 12 1- ab- 1-490----z SPECIAL-ED (see 2179) (53?-ok) Effects of Learning Style Strategies on Special Education Students
  32. 2125-2j revised 10 abe 2-590----z SCHOLARSHIP Opening Opportunities for Student Decision Making
  33. 2121-2j revised 10 o/ok a-- 2-469--z SPECIAL-ED Graduate Research Recommends Effective Practices In Gifted Education
  34. 2055-1w revised 09 o/ok ok 2-515-zw ONLINE-IN On-line versus Traditional Instruction - Same or Different. A Position Essay
  35. 2037-1w revised 10 o/ok 3-536----z ONLINE-IN The Role of Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement in Web-based Instruction
  36. 1065-1w revised 10 o/ok 3-572----z ONLINE-IN Implications for Planning e-Learning Strategy in Higher Education Institutions
    Fall 2002         Volume 6, Issue 3    
  1. 2188-2l revised 10 -- abe 1-ooo----z NON-THEMATIC Interbeing Among Teachers and Students
  2. 2185-2l revised 09 4e abe 1-468----j NON-THEMATIC Using Instructional Simulation in the Computing Curriculum
  3. 2179-2j revised 12 2e ab- 6-490----j SPECIAL-ED (FALL) (see 2135) Traditional versus Tactual/Kinesthetic Instruction... Junior-High and High-School Learning-Disabled Students
  4. 2174-pm revised 11 2p abp 2-510----z WRITING Journeying Out: Conceptual Mapping and Writing Process
  5. 2170-2j revised 13 5e abe 3-433----j HEALTH-I Factors Related to Success and Satisfaction in Online Learning
  6. 2158-2j revised 12 o- ab- 7-493----j HEALTH Clinical Research Training in CAM for Minorities at an HBCU
  7. 2157-2j revised 09 o- ab- 2-541----z HEALTH Use of literature in teaching psychopathology: Some strategies for health educators
  8. 2156-2j revised 13 o- abe 3-424----j HEALTH-I (see 2154) The Use of Telemedicine in Correctional Facilities
  9. 2154-2j revised 19 o a-- 2-424----j HEALTH-I (see 2156) The Use of Telerehabilitation in Assistive Technology
  10. 2149-2j revised 10 2- ab- 2-413+---j HEALTH-M Impact of a Computer-based Case Study on Outbreak Investigation Skills
  11. 2144-2j revised 10 o- ab- 1-472----z STUDENT African American Male Students’ Perception of a Mathematics Learning Environment
  12. 2143-2j revised 10 o-- abe 11-390+-j HEALTH-I Introducing Telemedicine within a Health Informatics Curriculum
  13. 2139-2w revised 10 o/y yy 11-2-----j NON-THEMATIC (Re-)Capturing the Novel: Time, History, and Myth
  14. 2138-2w revised 08 o-- ab- 11-2----j HEALTH Web-enhanced Pharmacology for Nursing Students
  15. 2133-pm revised 08 FALL abp 11-ooo-j NON-THEMATIC A Teaching Note on Service-Learning through Applied Community Research
  16. 2131-2j revised 07 o/ok ab- 11----jz SCHOLARSHIP (FALL or WIN) Service Learning: Beyond the Classroom
  17. 2130-2j revised 09 3/ok ok ok 11--l SCHOLARSHIP Building a Journalism Course on Learning Theory
  18. 2129-2j revised 10 o/ok ok ok 11--j SCHOLARSHIP Collaborative Efforts in the Scholarship of Teaching
  19. 2128-2j e-seven 10 ab- 2-550--z SCHOLARSHIP Using Service-Learning to Develop Collaboration Skills
  20. 2127-2j revised 11 o/ok ab- 22-463-jz SCHOLARSHIP Tenure and Promotion and the Scholarship of Teaching: Two Conversations or One?
  21. 2124-2j revised 10 ok ok 1-464-j SCHOLARSHIP (???) Dialectical Notebooks: A Cognitive Approach
  22. 2122-2j revised 09 o/ok ok ok 11--j SCHOLARSHIP The Effect of the Use of Games in the Basic Speech Course
  23. 2119-2j revised 10 o/ok abe 22-425-j SCHOLARSHIP Community Service-Learning as a Model Approach in Active Teaching & Learning
  24. 2118-2j revised 10 o/ok ab- 22-414-j SCHOLARSHIP Teaching More Than You Know
  25. 2112-2j revised 10 FALL ab- 33-----j SPECIAL-ED (#450 FALL) An ICT-based Borderless Combination of Alternative and Augmentative Communication Systems
  26. 2096-2l revised 12 2/ok ab- 44-418-j NON-THEMATIC (FALL) Changes in Teachers Candidates' Beliefs About Education
  27. 2057-1w revised 11 o/ok 2-492--j ONLINE-IN (FALL) Integrating ICT in Higher Education: The case of ITESM
  28. 1082-2l revised 10 3/ok --- --486-jz STUDENT Business communication students' personality types and preferences for various business communication topics (725)
  29. 1070-55 revised 1l 09 3/ok ok ok STUDENT The Accuracy of Self-Efficacy: A Comparison of High School and College Students (3 or 4 tables)
  30. 1058-22 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok SPECIAL-ED Collaborative Speech-Language Services in Urban Schools
  31. 1052-33 revised 1l 11 o/ok ok ok STUDENT Doctoral Student Perceptions of Learning to be Reflective Practitioners
  32. 1049-22 revised 1l 10 (#430 ACR-e) STUDENT Voices from Schools: Listening to Australian Students in Transition
    Summer 2002         Volume 6, Issue 2    
  1. 2141-2l y y y 08 o/y yy 11-4--l NON-THEMATIC (64-give cf) Seeds of Service Learning
  2. 2123-2j revised 10 3/ok ok ok 33--l SCHOLARSHIP Bottom Up or Top Down: Which Way to Go for Research on the Scholarship of Teaching?
  3. 2120-2j revised 10 o/ok ok ok 11--l NON-THEMATIC (SUMMER) Case Study: Assistant Professor Patrick Holiday and Mr. Alex Pappadopoulos
  4. 2116-2j revised 10 2/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Academic Outcomes of Students with Learning Disabilities
  5. 2115-2j revised 10 3/ok ok ok 22--- SPECIAL-ED A Word Identification Strategy for Middle and High School Students
  6. 2113-2j revised 10 o/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Gifted with Learning Disabilities as Example
  7. 2111-2j revised 09 2/ok ok ok 44--- SPECIAL-ED Teacher Attitudes and Attributes Concerning Disabilities
  8. 2110-2j revised 11 1/-- ok ok 33--- SPECIAL-ED Social Skills Training for the 21st Century ( make table black&white&smaller)
  9. 2109-2j revised 10 o/ok ok ok 22--- SPECIAL-ED Writing Sample Evaluations by Students With and Without LD
  10. 2104-2w revised 08 o/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Is the Next Step, Flex Step?
  11. 2103-2w revised 09 o/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Including Co-Teaching in a Teacher Preparation Program: A Vital Addition
  12. 2102-1w revised 09 o/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
  13. 2100-2j revised 09 3/ok ok ok 11--l NON-THEMATIC Evaluating the Treatment of L2 Writing: An Analysis of French Textbooks
  14. 2099-2l revised 10 o/ok ok ok 11--l SPECIAL-ED A Model for Ensuring Success in the General Education Classroom Using Adaptations and Accommodations
  15. 2095-1w revised 11 6/ok ok ok 22--- SPECIAL-ED Assessing Standards-Based Curricula for Students with Learning Disabilities
  16. 2090-1w revised 10 1/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Promoting Beginning Special Education Teachers' Understanding of Emergent Literacy
  17. 2087-2l revised 10 o/ok ok ok 44--l SPECIAL-ED Fables in the Classroom: Motivating Middle School Writers with Learning Disabilities.
  18. 2065-2l revised 10 o/ok ok ok 22--- SPECIAL-ED Addressing Antisocial Behavior in the Schools: A Call for Action
  19. 2058-2l revised 10 o/ok ok ok 33--- SPECIAL-ED Creating Multimedia to Teach About Students With Developmental Disabilities
  20. 2056-2l revised 10 4/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Increasing Reading Comprehension Using Story-Grammar Instruction
  21. 2052-2l revised 06 o/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Everyone Plays! Increasing Participation of Special Needs Children
  22. 2051-1l revised 11 o/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Higher Education and Cognitive Disability: Adaptive Strategies
  23. 2044-2l revised 10 o/ok ok ok 22--- SPECIAL-ED High Standards Dilemma: Undergraduates with Disabilities
  24. 2039-2w revised 10 o/ok ok ok 11--l SERVICE (SUMMER issue) Service Learning: An Integrative Field Study Model
  25. 2038-2l revised 11 o/ok ok ok 33--- SPECIAL-ED How Can We Prepare And Retain Effective Special Education Teachers?
  26. 2033-2l revised 09 2/ok ok ok 44--- SPECIAL-ED An Strategy to Reduce the Challenging Behaviors of Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  27. 2032-2l revised 06 o/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Exercise is Medicine: Working with Physical Challenges
  28. 2027-2l revised 10 2/ok ok ok 11--- SPECIAL-ED Using laptime to facilitate learning in preschoolers with delays
  29. 1085-11 revised 1j 09 3/ok ok ok LANGUAGE (SUMMER) An ESL Child's Emergent Literacy Development (t1,2,3 as gif)
  30. 1074-11 revised 1w 08 o/ok ok ok SPECIAL-ED Raising Self-Expectations: The Key to Motivating Students with Disabilities
  31. 1009-11 revised 1l 07 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SUMMER issue) Gender, Age, Ethnicity, and Interest in Taking an Online Course
  32. 861-11 revised 02 ONLINE-IN (2l) (SUMMER issue) Creating a Learning Family to Promote Student Interaction in Distance Courses
  33. 823-22 revised(2j) 09 BUSINESS (SUMMER issue) )What are the perceptions and attitudes of business professionals towards gays and lesbians in the workplace? (3 appd)
  34. 802-22 revised(1j) 10 DISABILITY (SUMMER issue)Dancing with Teachers in Classrooms: An Exploration of What it Means to Teach (reduce table to 5)
  35. 325-22 revised 1z 10 6/ok ok SPECIAL-ED Self-Concept: Differences Among Adolescents by Gender
  36. 323-11 revised 1l 17 8/ok ok LANGUAGE (SUMMER issue)A Narrative Analysis of Advanced Japanese Language Students
    Spring 2002         Volume 6, Issue 1    
  1. 2108-2w revised 10 o/ok ok ok 22--- SCHOLARSHIP Exploring How Students Learn Organic Chemistry
  2. 2107-2w revised 11 o/ok ok ok 11--- SCHOLARSHIP What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been: Identity, Integrity and the Scholarship of Teaching
  3. 2106-2w revised 10 1/ok ok ok 33--- SCHOLARSHIP The high touch classroom: Strategies for small group learning in the large class context
  4. 2105-2w revised 10 o/ok ok ok 22--- SCHOLARSHIP Teaching Math to Elementary School Students. The Most Recent Call for Change
  5. 2097--- revised 2w 10 o/ok ok ok 11--w NON-THEMATIC (SPRING issue) "Classical" versus "Vulgar/Popular" English
  6. 2092--- revised 2j 11 o/ok ok ok 11--w NON-THEMATIC (SPRING issue) Revisiting Authenticity in Chinese Folktale Picture Books
  7. 2089-1w revised 10 o/ok ok ok 11--- ONLINE-IN (SPRING issue) Development of a Web-based Student Satisfaction Survey
  8. 2088--- revised 2w 11 o/ok ok ok 11--- SCHOLARSHIP Feminist Pedagogy and Daedalus Online
  9. 2086--- revised 1l 09 3/ok ok ok 11--w STUDENT (SPRING issue) Student Beliefs about Learning: New Zealand Students in Year 11
  10. 2083--- revised 2w 09 o/ok ok ok 11--- SCHOLARSHIP Teaching as Contextualized Activity (The Role of Participants)
  11. 2082--- revised 2l 10 o/ok ok ok 11--- SCHOLARSHIP The Use of Student Journals to Increase Faculty and Learner Inquiry and Reflection
  12. 2081--- revised 1w 10 1/ok ok ok 22--- SCHOLARSHIP CBI: Facilitating Students' Medication Dosage Calculation and Self-Efficacy
  13. 2079--- revised 2w 10 1/ok ok ok 22--- SCHOLARSHIP Pedagogy: A Matter of Sharing One's Experiential Past for Today's Learning
  14. 2077--- revised 2j 06 o/ok ok ok 11--w NON-THEMATIC (SPRING issue) This Is Just To Say (methods of teaching poetry to prospective English teachers and to students in secondary English classes)
  15. 2074-33 revised 2w 10 3/ok ok ok SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship in a University Assessment System
  16. 2070-66 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (SPRING issue) Transitioning to online graduate psychology instruction
  17. 2059-11 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (SPRING issue) Encouraging Online Bulletin Board Participation
  18. 2047-33 revised 2w 10 o/ok ok ok SCHOLARSHIP Enhanced Informatics Instruction In an Evidence-Based Medicine Course: A Project-Based Curriculum with Computer-Mediated Support
  19. 2045-33 revised 1w 10 1/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (SPRING issue) Strategies for Increasing Student Participation in Web-based Learning
  20. 2031-1z revised 10 o/ok ok ok 33--- SCHOLARSHIP Feminist Pedagogy: Identifying Basic Principles
  21. 2009-11 revised 1l 07 o/ok -- ok STUDENT Adjunct: The Search for an Effective Teaching Measure
  22. 2006-22 xxxised 1l 09 4/ok ok ok -STUDENT (SPRING 2002) Improving Student Attendance: Does it Improve Student Learning?
  23. 2004-11 xxxised 1l 07 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Advising Diverse Graduate Student Populations: The GLBT Graduate Student
  24. 1080-11 revised 1w 05 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (Spring issue) "Teaching Online" and "Learn to Learn Online": Two Sides of the Same Coin? ( 1069 removed)
  25. 1077-21 revised 1j 10 2/ok ok ok LANGUAGE (Spring issue) Sentence Combing Plus (SC+): Its Effects on Students' Writing Quality and Strategy Use
  26. 1066-11 revised 1l 09 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Exploring Children's Beliefs about Educational Risks and Resilience
  27. 1064-22 revised 1l 10 1/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Student teachers' confidence and anxiety in relation to music education.
  28. 1061-11 revised 1l 1O 1/ok ok ok STUDENT (2002) Constructs of Efficacy in Gifted Young Women
  29. 1050-33 xxxised 1l 08 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue see postal letter) Student Perceptions of Grades: A Systems Perspective
  30. 1047-11 revised 1l 07 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Children as the textbook: "I was knocked off my pedestal"
  31. 1045-11 revised 1l 08 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Pre-Service Science Teacher Attitudes on Teachers, Courses, and Classroom Methods
  32. 1043-33 revised 1l 10 1/ok ok -- STUDENT (SPRING issue) Improving Teachers of Minority Students' Attitudes Towards and Knowledge of Standardized Tests
  33. 1034-11 xxxised 1l 10 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Find Out What It Means to Me: RESPECT
  34. 1016-22 revised 1l 11 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Learning Style Difference Between Gifted and Nongifted Sixth and Seventh Grade Students
  35. 1012-22 revised 1l 08 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Verbal immediacy and androgyny: An examination of student perceptions of college instructors
  36. 1002-33 revised 1l 09 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) African-American Students' Perceptions of School Success
  37. 836-11 revised 05 STUDENT (SPRING issue) Student Questions in University Discussion Classes (see 836-p-zim & 103-pub2001-l)
  38. 327-11 revised 1l 04 o/ok ok NON-THEMATIC (SPRING issue) The Standards Movement - Viewpoints for Professional Reflection (IMPACT Questioning the Standards Movement)
  39. 313-44 revised 1j 06 3/ok ok LITERACY (pub SPRING) A Profile of Welfare Recipient Reading Behaviors
  40. 312-11 revised 1l 14 9/ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) What is effective teaching?
  41. 210-55 revised 1z 15 9/ok ok STUDENT (SPRING issue) Perceptions And Attitudes Of School Personnel Towards Educator Externships (9 tab & 3 appd) TOO LONG 5000+ (201 identical)
  42. 130-22 revised 1z 08 2/ok ok ASSESSMENT (SPRING issue) (old-pz) Approaching Critical Theory-Oriented Teaching Through Assessment Of Process
    Winter 2001         Volume 5, Issue 4    
  1. 2098--- revised 2w 10 3/ok ok ok 11--- ONLINE-IN How useful are Portfolios to assess online learning
  2. 2094--a revised 1w 11 1/ok ok ok 11--- ONLINE-IN Teachers' Assessment of Online Forum Contributions
  3. 2076-22 revised 1w 11 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Evaluating Pollutsim: Computer Supported Roleplay-Simulation
  4. 2072-44 revised 1w 09 2/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Assessment of Thinking Levels in Students' Answers
  5. 2071-66 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (WINTER issue) Evaluating online learners in applied psychology
  6. 2069-22 revised 1w 10 2/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Interaction online: will it happen if we don't assess it?
  7. 2068-11 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Assessment of Learning Outcomes in an Online Environment
  8. 2067-11 revised 1w 09 2/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Some Advantages and Problems Associated with Distance Education
  9. 2066-33 revised 1w 11 3/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Factors for success in Online and Face-to-Face Instruction
  10. 2064-11 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (SPRING issue) The Cyber-Revolution in its Historical Context (see 1044)
  11. 2063-21 revised 1w 10 7/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (OK let go) Investigating undergraduate students' attitude on the use of the networked technology in classroom: A case study
  12. 2062-11 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Assessing Higher Levels of Learning in Post-Secondary Education
  13. 2049-22 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Comparing Face-to-Face with Online: Learners' Perspective
  14. 2043-11 revised 1w 09 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN The Scholar project at Heriot-Watt University: Mathematics
  15. 2041-22 revised 1w 10 1/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Statistics through the Medium of Internet: What Students Think and Achieve
  16. 2035-11 revised 1w 11 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN The Academy on the Web: Preparing to Evaluate Online Courses
  17. 2030-11 revised 1w 08 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Self Selection of Learning Mode in an Online Course
  18. 2029-11 revised 1w 10 1/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Designing Effective Instructional Strategies for aWeb-Enhanced Course on WBI
  19. 2028-33 revised 1w 12 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Online instruction: New roles for teachers and students
  20. 2025-11 revised 1w 08 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Distance Learning: One Student's Perspective
  21. 2020-11 revised 1w 10 8/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN A case evaluation in Internet assisted laboratory teaching - some preliminary research findings
  22. 2016-11 revise 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (OK WINTER issue)Determining "Educational Viability" of Online Discussions: A Student-Centered Approach
  23. 2015-11 revised 1w 08 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Use of the Web for Teaching-Learning: A Knowledge Management Approach
  24. 2013-11 revised 1l 08 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (WINTER issue) Writing for Nonprofit Organizations: A Classroom Without Walls
  25. 2008-21 revised 1w 10 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN Evaluating the Use of Instructional Technology in Higher Education: Quality Should Count
  26. 2005-33 xxxised 1w 09 o/ok ok ok ASSESSMENT (OK-WINTER issue) Assessing Adult Learner Social Role Performance
  27. 1079-11 xxxised 1j 11 2/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Impact of Service Learning on the cognitive and affective development of pre-service teachers
  28. 1044-11 xxxised 1l 07 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN (WINTER issue) Experiences of Students in Online Classes (see 2064)
  29. 1036-11 revised 1l 07 o/ok ok ok STUDENT (WINTER issue) A Computer By Any Other Name
  30. 1030-11 revised 1w 11 5/wb ok ok ONLINE-IN A Comparative Analysis of Learning Experience in A Traditional vs. Virtual Classroom Setting
  31. 1021-33 revised 1l o7 o/ok ok ok ONLINE-IN The First-Year Experience: Changing Curriculum For Changing Times
  32. 331-11 revised 1z 10 o/ok ok ONLINE-IN (WINTER issue) What's so distant about distance learning? FAX
  33. 330-11 wint01 1l 08 o/ok ok CAREER (WINTER issue) The New "3Rs": Gender and the Science and Engineering Classroom
  34. 310-22 revised 1l 12 5/ok ok STANDARDS (WINTER 2001) A Response to the NCTM Standards: Confidence and Competence Project (C2)
  35. 309-33 revised 1z 09 o/ok ok ONLINE The Design Elements of Color, Text, Illustrations and Multimedia In Developing Effective Learning And Instructional Web-sites
  36. 207-22 xxxised pz 10 7/ok ok ASSESSMENT Effective Models for Assessing the Costs of Educational Technologies (1-a & 1-r; apply that to co-author) (BOOK)
    Fall 2001         Volume 5, Issue 3    
  1. 2085--- y y - 1j 07 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Earth and Wind: Teaching Spanish in China
  2. 2026-11 xxxised 1j 08 1/ok ok ok LANGUAGE The Danger Of Passivity
  3. 2018-1? xxxised 1j 10 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Acknowledgement, Affirmation, and Accommodation: The Non-Standard Language Approach (sent 22?)
  4. 2017--- xxxised 1j 10 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE+2 A Language-Science Bridge: ESL for
  5. 2014--- revised 1j 05 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE ESL Teachers' Attitudes toward the Classroom Language
  6. 2011--- xxxised 1j 09 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE The Contra-tricentric Method of Teaching English as a Foreign Language: A Review of The Pedagogy of Han Zhongliang
  7. 2010-11 xxxised 1j 10 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Multiple Literacies, CMC, and Language and Culture Learning
  8. 2003--- xxxised 1j 08 3/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Use, Usage Or Both In English Language Teacher Training Programmes?
  9. 2002-21 revised 1j 10 2/wb ok ok +LANGUAGE+2 Examining Language Proficiency of Teacher Candidates - A Critical Issue in Teacher Preparedness
  10. 2001--- xxxised 1j 11 2/ok ok ok LANGUAGE The acquisition of psychological-verb alternations in Spanish: two teaching approaches
  11. 1099--- xxxised 1j 09 o/ok ok ok +LANGUAGE Acquisition and Participation: Two Metaphors are Better Than One
  12. 1097--- xxxised 1j 11 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE "Booking It" to Peace: Bibliotherapy Guidelines for Teachers
  13. 1096--- xxxyyy 1j 08 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Vocabulary Support for Students Using University Library Catalogs from Remote Locations (114)
  14. 1094--- xxxised 1j 10 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Humorous Personal Narratives in the ESL Classroom
  15. 1093--- revised 1j 10 4/ok ok ok LANGUAGE (all 4 on the web) The Common European Framework of Reference and the Assessment of Oral English in Spain
  16. 1092-22 xxxised 1j 09 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE On the dysfunctional nature of systemic functional grammar
  17. 1091--- revised 1j 10 3/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Metacognitive knowledge in EFL writing
  18. 1090--- xxxised 1j 10 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE A Reductive Grammar Approach to the Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language
  19. 1088-10 xxxised 1j 09 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE The Presence Of The Mother Tongue In The Foreign Language Classroom
  20. 1087--- xxxised 1j 11 o/ok ok ok LANGUAGE Do Students Really Learn a Foreign Language Through Role-Playing ?
  21. 1084--- revised 1j 10 2/ok ok ok LANGUAGE+3 Second Language Acquisition Courses and Student Teachers' Values.
  22. 1076--- xxxised 1j 11 3/ok ok ok +LANGUAGE The Impact of Metamemory on Reading Performance
  23. 1060--- xxxised 1j 09 1/ok ok ok LANGUAGE+1 Strategies in Reading Comprehension
  24. 1046--- xxxised 1l 12 2/ok ok ok STUDENT Gifted students' perception of special courses
  25. 1015--- xxxised 1l 07 4/ok ok ok STUDENT See teacher draw: Exploring preservice teachers' perceptions of teaching. (see 4 postal)
  26. 834--- revised 1j 05 LANGUAGE Cultural variability: Teacher development in a
  27. 647--- xxxyyy - 10 LANGUAGE (pub-wi) Contrastive Analysis in language teaching
  28. 334-11 fall01 1l 10 3/ok ok +LANGUAGE An Alternative Evaluative Approach for L2/FL Composition Textbooks
  29. 332--- xxxised 1j 07 o/ok ok LITERACY Information Literacy Program:
  30. 329--- xxxised 1w 11 1/ok ok INDICATORS+1 Advising Indicators: Operating from
  31. 326--- xxxised 1l 08 o/ok ok IMPACT The Domino Effect of High-Stakes Testing
  32. 321--- xxxised 1l 10 3/ok ok STUDENT+2 Discursive Practices In Language Minority
  33. 319-22 xxxised 1l 12 6/ok ok LANGUAGE Student Perceptions of Beginning French and Spanish Language Performance
  34. 316--- xxxised 1l+ 11 2/ok ok STUDENT Expanding A Goal Mediational Model:
  35. 307--- xxxised 1l 10 o/ok ok LANGUAGE+1 Integrating Corrective Feedback into
  36. 206--- revised 1z 08 o/ok ok LANGUAGE Facilitating Self-Regulation In
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