Six simple submission steps
Please read this entire page carefully and observe requirements:
(1) you will avoid Optional Redactory Fee and (2) you will get a rewarding and pleasaant experience.

When your answer is affirmative to all six steps, we guarantee to review your manuscript in 6-9 weeks.
  1. I am (we are) college or secondary school teacher(s) or administrator(s)
  2. manuscript's length (abstract, text, references) is 2000 - 3000 words;
    and adheres to the following sample manuscript layout
  3. manuscript can be identified by a keyword listed in KEYWORD INDEX
    • All papers are considered with the understanding that they have not been accepted or published elsewhere.
    • However, we will consider papers presented at a conference, symposium, or workshop - when copyright remains vested with the author. Such papers and papers resulting from research conducted under a grant or fellowship support may incur a redactory fee.
    • You may avoid paying any and all Optional fees by adhering to journal's
      Procedure, Requirements, Deadline & Editorial Policy
    • Note, we will consider only one-submission-per-author(s)-per-issue.
  4. there are no tables, figures, charts, mathematical formulas, or foreign script
  5. submission is a clean copy - free of metadata, hidden text, and header/footer
  6. submission can be made by e-mail as an attachment in MS Word doc file to
Help: in order
to weed out "spam"
from legitimate
email type AEX in
the subject field.
If not all YES, go to Submission Procedure and Format Requirements.

-- To receive reviews, you must sign and return by postal mail or e-mail the following
    Manuscript Authentication & Copyright Agreement. Do not send with your submission.
    Wait for submission number and then send it promptly.
-- Once you revise properly, we promise to publish it in the next available issue.
-- Submit early and have an opportunity to be considered for Editors' Choice and/or Readers' Choice
December 2007