AEQ editorial needs:

Academic Exchange Quarterly, independent, non-profit, and in 1999
the fastest growing academic journal, recognizes the benefits derived
from its diverse editorial staff. You are invited to further enhance
the journal's quality and national prominence. There is no monetary
compensation. However, we offer an opportunity to experience virtual
1. to participate in informal communication: personal, peer oriented,
       and interactive
2. to communicate via Internet: e-mail, web, ICQ
3. to work across space, time, and organizational boundaries
4. to meet colleagues bound by a long-term common interest:
       making a difference in instruction and learning regardless
       of level or subject
5. to enjoy the fruits of your labor: Academic Exchange Quarterly,
       printed four times a year.
No experience required, see current openings.
Steve S. Pec, Editor
May 24, 2000