Academic Exchange Quarterly encourages doctoral students
to position themselves as emerging scholars.
You are welcome to submit a class paper and/or thesis/dissertation abridgement
per one of the following two submission options: solo-author or co-author.
  • solo-author, the peer review process is time-consuming and lengthy, 6-9 months
    1. Send a photocopy of your class paper not a computer printout (including the cover page with paper title, your name, professor's name, course name, semester/date.) to:
      Academic Exchange Quarterly P.O. Box 131 Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174
      if submission is thesis/dissertation abridgement send a photocopy of Preliminary Pages: Title page, Approval page, Acknowledgment, Preface or Dedication page, Abstract
    2. Allow 3-5 weeks for the evaluation process
    3. When accepted for review
            -- compose paper's final version per Format and Style Requirements
            -- read Procedure, Requirements, Deadline & Editorial Policy
            -- pay pm-fee redactory fee
            -- Note: payment of redactory fees or subscription to the journal... has no influence
               on the blind review process and does not guarantee publication.
    4. Send Manuscript Authentication & Copyright Agreement.
    5. After reviews are received, assigned reader will assist student author in making proper revision. However, this journal will not provide technical or remedial help concerning writing problems.
    6. Observe, in solo-author submission, the class paper or thesis/dissertation becomes a building block for the scholarly article - which must involve a significant review of the current literature and should increase understanding and/or knowledge in the subject domain.
    7. This journal believes that student's professor ought to get credit. Hence, you (student) must list professor's name in Notes at the end of the article.
  • co-author, we prefer this option, the peer review process usually takes 6-9 weeks
    1. There is no need to send a photocopy of your class paper etc..
    2. Obtain professor's OK and assurance of assistance in preparing/revising submission paper per reviewers' comments. Student's professor will determine who is article's first author. Though, student can remain contact author.
    3. Read Procedure, Requirements, Deadline & Editorial Policy
    4. Email your paper with yours and professor's name, academic affiliation and academic bio While sending, in e-mail to this journal, supply professor's name, academic title, email or phone number, and postal address.
    5. Make sure your professor's name is included in Manuscript Authentication & Copyright Agreement.
  • There is no third option i.e. said guidelines, option solo-author or co-author, apply only to course papers and/or dissertation chapters. When your paper is not connected to any course of study, please submit your paper to a trade or professional publication rather than scholarly journal like Academic Exchange Quarterly. Your paper will be rejected when you fail or are unable to follow option one or two.
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December 2006