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Learning and Teaching on the Web
Expanding the Language Teaching and Learning Knowledge Base

Teaching and Learning on the Web   /  3  
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	A GLANCE at the spring issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly: 
	Web-based teaching and learning (6/4/2003) 
Expanding the Language Teaching and Learning Knowledge Base  /  4

Usage of Content in Web-Supported Academic Courses  /  5
	Rafi Nachmias, Tel-Aviv University,  Israel
	Limor Segev, Tel-Aviv University,  Israel
Teaching Medical Informatics Online  /  11
	Daniel Kipnis, Thomas Jefferson University
	Anthony Frisby, Thomas Jefferson University
Quality Online Education - New Research Agendas  /  17
	Ian C. Reid, University of South Australia
Multicultural Pedagogy and Web-Based Technologies  /  23
	Regine M.Talleyrand, George Mason University
	Anastasia Kitsantas, George Mason University
A Web Based Course in Clinical Pharmacology  /  29	
	Lars Osterberg, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA
	Carl-Olav Stiller, Karolinska Institutet,Huddinge University, Sweden
	Elisabeth Tornqvist, Karolinska Institutet,Huddinge University, Sweden
	Mary Ayers, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA
	Pat Youngblood, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA
	Pia Bastholm, Karolinska Institutet,Huddinge University, Sweden
	Phyllis Gardner, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA
	Lars L Gustafsson, Karolinska Institutet,Huddinge University, Sweden
Partnership-Directed Education: A Focus on Technology  /  34
	James A. Anderson, University of Utah
	Janet W. Colvin, University of Utah
Language Technologies and the FL Teacher: Changes and Developments  /  43
	Nessa Cronin, Da Yeh University, Taiwan
Proposing a Commitment to Blackboard  /  48
	Lydia Ann Nelson, Curry College,  MA
Exploring Web-Based Education in South Africa  /  53   
	R. Kavena Shalyefu, Pennsylvania State University
	Alison A. Carr-Chellman, Pennsylvania State University
Teaching Teachers to Use Online Information   /  57
	Paula J. Arvedson, California State University, Los Angeles
Strategies for Successful E-Teaching  /  61
	Doris U. Bolliger, St. Cloud State University
Teachers Learning to Use Instructional Technology  /  67
	Terri Flowerday, University of New Mexico
	Roger Bruning,  University of Nebraska – Lincoln
	Elizabeth Hoffman, Nebraska Department of Education
A Needs Analysis of Community Technology Centers  /  74
	Kevin Clark, Ph.D., George Mason University
Online Information: The spider’s sticky web  /  79 
	Mary Panko, School of Education, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand
	Jane Arlidge, UNITEC Library, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand
This Life in WebCT  /  85
	Vanessa Raney, Our Lady of the Lake University, TX
	Madeleine Pepin,  Our Lady of the Lake University, TX
Reading For Writing  /  90
	Meral Cileli, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
	Gonca Ozen, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Theoretical Perspectives on Second Language Learning  /  97
	Luba V. Iskold, Muhlenberg College, PA
Going online in under-resourced ESL classes  /  102
	Leila Kajee, Wits University, South Africa
The Four Basic Principles of Grammar  /  107
	Peter Kratzke, University of Colorado-Boulder 
Progymnasmata - an answer for today’s rhetorical pedagogy?  /  112
	Anders Sigrell, Umea University, Sweden
Novice EFL teacher development  /  117
	Ge Bingfang, Tongxiang Teaching and Research Institute, P R China
Revisiting the Language Experience Approach  /  122
	Melinda R. Pierson, California State University, Fullerton
	Barbara C. Glaeser, California State University, Fullerton
Genre Approach to Writing Assessed  /  126
	Roberto  Rabbini, Bunan  Senior  High  School, Saitama  Prefecture, Japan
Teachers – Who Needs Them?  /  132
	Andrew  E. Finch, Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea
The Role of the Outline in Second Language Composition  /  137
	Carolyn Gascoigne, University of Nebraska at Omaha
A Study of Bilingual Chinese/English Children's Code Switching   /  142
	Jiening Ruan, University of Oklahoma
New Era of Language Learning  /  148
	Akbar Afghari, Isfahan University, Iran
	Gholam Reza Zarei, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran
Responding to 9/11  /  153
	Judith Hebb, Atlanta Christian College
Thoughtful creation of online course content:  Implications of SCORM 
	for educators  /  158
	Richard E. Ferdig, University of Florida
	Carl Fields, University of Florida
	Youngok Lee , University of Florida
	Richard Hartshorne, University of Florida
Teacher Education Curricula and Moral Reasoning  /  163
	Rhoda Cummings,  University of Nevada, Reno
	Lynda R. Wiest,  University of Nevada, Reno
	David Lamitina,  University of Nevada, Reno
	Cleborne D. Maddux, University of Nevada, Reno
A Collaborative Community Partnership with the American 
	Red Cross  /   169
	Kathleen E. Pepin, Nebraska Methodist College, Omaha
	Susan L. Ward, Nebraska Methodist College, Omaha
Improving Online Interactivity and Learning: 
	A Constructivist Approach  /  174
	Yuliang Liu,  Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
District Self-Reporting and Teacher Retention  /  179
	Kathleen K. Huie,  Florida Atlantic University
	Deborah L. Earley,  Florida Atlantic University
	Mary G. Lieberman,  Florida Atlantic University
	John D. Morris,  Florida Atlantic University
	Robert E. Shockley,  Florida Atlantic University
	Eliah  J. Watlington, Florida Atlantic University
What Chess Has Given Us  /  183
	Steven B. Dowd, University of Alabama at Birmingham
	Alexey Root, University of Texas at Dallas
Changes in Anxiety Among Doctoral Students   /  188
	Vicki A. Wilson, Muskingum College, OH
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Howard University, Washington, DC
Effects of Learning-Style Teaching on Elementary Students’
	Behaviors, Achievement, and Attitudes  /  193
	Joan J. Oberer , Westbrook Elementary School, NJ
Promoting Health Information Literacy  /  200
	Chiehwen Ed Hsu, University of North Texas 
	Lynn F. Johnson,  University of North Texas 
	Ann N. Brooks, University of North Texas 
Building Inter-Rater Reliability into Performance Assessment   /  207
	Laura L. Whitcomb, California State University, Los Angeles
	Angela M. Young, California State University, Los Angeles
Service Learning and Job Satisfaction Survey  /  212
	Grace Davis, Marshall University, WV
Children with HIV: An Extensive Review of the Literature  /  217
	Neena Khanna, University of Kentucky
	Sonja Feist-Price, University of Kentucky	
Developing competencies in community health development  /  230
	Kimberly Nichols Dauner, MPH, University of South Carolina
	Mary L. Greaney, PhD, University of South Carolina
	Belinda M. Reininger, DrPH, University of Texas – Houston
Resource Letter:   Impact of Perceptual Strengths 
	on Achievement:   A Bibliography  /  237
	Angela Cutolo, St. Johns University, NY
Spiritual Growth in the Secular Schools  /  242
	Marsha Newman, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, CA 
Form Versus Content: Classroom Practices and Essay Requirements  /  248
	Glenn Dayley, United States Air Force Academy, CO
Mediated Language Classrooms: Theory and Practice  /  253
	Miguel Mantero, The University of Alabama
Course Instructor As Customer  /  258
	Robin Payne, Arkansas State University
Children’s Responses to Coerced Service-Learners  /  263
	Myron Orleans, Chapman University College, CA
	Sharon De Leon, Casa Colina Adult Day Health Care, CA
Pre-tertiary Distributed Education in Canadian Urban Centers  /  268
	Andrew Agostino, Concordia University, Canada
A Writing Center Facilitates Student Writing 
	Across the Curriculum  /  274
	Kelly Faulkner, Moorpark College and Eastern Institute of Technology
	Francien Rohrbacher, University of California, Santa Barbara
The Lurking Librarian Project  /  278 
	Jacqueline Corinth, Robert Morris University
Transnational Conversations: A Web Pedagogy  /  282
	Christina Klein,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
	Jeffrey F. L. Partridge,   National University of Singapore
A Portal Model for Interactive Learning  /  287
	Mei-Yau Shih, University of Massachusetts Amherst
	Gino Sorcinelli, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Motivating Parents through Class Websites  /  292
	Ellen Lunts, University of Rochester
Collaboration Between the Library and Business Faculty  /  297
	Patricia Ellis, Villa Julie College, MD
	Maureen Beck, Villa Julie College, MD
Teaching Mindfully: Digital Literacy and the “Middle Way”  /  301
	Heather Ann Ackley Bean,  Azusa Pacific University, CA

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