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Spring 2006     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 10, Issue 1

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Table of Contents
Approaches to Language  /  4 
Service-Learning  / 6       

Standards in Internet-Based Newspaper Project  /  8
	Miyuki Fukai, Columbia University, NY
Weblogs Transform Service-Learning Reflection  /  13
	Kerry Purmensky, The University of Central Florida
Mood Selection:  A look at Northern Nevada Latinos  /  18
	Casilde Isabelli, University of Nevada, Reno
Cognitive Factors in Children’s L1 and L2 Reading  /  23
	Yuko Goto Butler, University of Pennsylvania
	Kenji Hakuta, University of California at Merced
ESL College Writing in the Mainstream Classroom  /  28
	Jennifer Malia, University of Southern California, CA
Enhancing Language & Culture Learning through P2P  /  33
	Simone Bregni, Saint Louis University, MO
Dyslexia and Foreign Language Learning  /  38
	Sarah Ann Liszka, University of London Institute in Paris
Forgotten Alumni: Online Learners as Donors  /  43
	Erik W. Black, University of Florida
	Kara Dawson, University of Florida
	Richard E. Ferdig, University of Florida
Online Pedagogy: Beyond Digital “Chalk and Talk”  /  48
	Vanessa Domine, Montclair State University, NJ
Speech Adaptation and Situational Optimality  /  52
	John Rhoades, St. John Fisher College, NY
	Zhiming Zhao, SUNY College at Geneseo, NY
Service-Learning & College Student Success   /  57
	Michele K. Wolff, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
	Shannon M. Tinney, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Fostering Service-learning in Teacher Preparation  /  62
	Alisa J. Bates, University of Utah
	Cathi Allen, University of Utah
	Peggy McCandless, University of Utah
Factors for Adopting the Internet for Instruction  /  67
	Deborah Grimes, South Lenoir High School
	Cheryl McFadden, East Carolina University
	Susan Colaric, Saint Leo University
Subversion:  Teaching a Blue Novel in a Red State  /  71
	Jesse Kavadlo, Maryville University of St. Louis
A Writing/Publishing Project in a French Class  /  75
	Beatrice Dupuy, The University of Arizona, AZ
Commissioned Assignments in Environmental Policy   /  80
	Joshua M. Pearce, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
	Chris Russill, University of Otago, New Zealand
Service Learning Abroad and Global Citizenship  /  85
	Kimberly Jones, Elon University, NC
	Judith Esposito, Elon University, NC
MPBL: Equipping the African University Lecturer  /  90
	Virginia Milhouse, University of Oklahoma, OK
Counseling Interns Learning Lessons of Life  /  96 
	Darline Hunter, University of Houston Clear Lake
Promoting Faculty Commitment to Distance Learning  /  100
	Jennifer McLean, Pennsylvania College of Technology
Teaching as Acting and Directing  /  105 
	Maria Granic-White, Southeastern University,  FL
Engaging and Assessing Students in Online Courses  /  110
	Scott A. Hutchens, Delta State University, MS
	J. Reid Jones, Delta State University, MS
	Darlene E. Crone-Todd, Delta State University, MS
	Heidi L. Eyre, Delta State University, MS
Competency, Readiness, and Online Learning  /  116
	Zahide Yildirim, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Instructor-Student Interaction: Form/Meaning Chat  /  121
	Melissa L. Fiori, Daemen College, NY
The Evolution of a Service-Learning Course  /  127
	Sean P. Foley, Northern Kentucky University
Capacity Building through Service Learning  /  132
	Naim Kapucu, University of Central Florida
	Claudia Petrescu, Eastern Michigan University
Technocomplacency: The spellchecker and learning   /  139
	Ishmael Doku, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Updating How We Teach (French) Literary Movements  /  147
	Anita Jon Alkhas, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Studying Le Ballon rouge with False Beginners  /  151
	Jacqueline Thomas, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Service Learning among Students with EBD  /  155
	Kelley S. Regan, George Washington University
Community-Based Learning and Social Justice  /  160  
	Karen J. Gibson, Portland State University, Oregon
Sharing CAT Memories: Numbers as Words as Songs  /  164
	José Dávila-Montes, University of Texas at Brownsville
Self-determination in adolescent bilingualism  /  170
	Yoshiko Okuyama, University of Hawaii at Hilo
Joyce’s “The Dead” – Teaching and Critical Theory  /  175
	Siobhan Craft Brownson, Winthrop University, SC
Teaching fiction using tangible questions  /  180
	Katarzyna Szmigiero, Filia  AS,  Piotrkowie Trybunalskim, Poland
Philosophy Across Prison Walls  /  185
	Jeffrey R. Paris, University of San Francisco
Nature and Use of Curriculum in Special Education  /  192
	Sara J. Jatala, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX
	Randy L. Seevers, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX
Possibilities or Problems Who’s to Say  /  197
	Debra Lindsey Prince, Mississippi State University 
	Devon Brenner, Mississippi State University
	Kay Brocato, Mississippi State University
Functional Grammar in EFL Literary Translation  /  202
	James W. Porcaro, Toyama University of International Studies, Japan
Citizenship and Service Learning  /  207
	Tamara Ann Waggener, Sam Houston State University
Reflection and Validity in Qualitative Research  /  211
	Deborah Court, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Elena’s Passion: ESL Learning as TESOL Method  /  215
	Audre Garcia-Grice, Hostos Community College, CUNY
More Grammar Gaps  /  220
	Melvin J. Hoffman, Buffalo State University College, NY
Service-Learning and Student Attitudes  /  226
	Jennifer K. Halfacre, The University of Mississippi
	Deborah A. Chessin, The University of Mississippi
	Martha S. Chambless, The University of Mississippi
Students Researching Victorian Short Fiction  /  232
	Leslee Thorne-Murphy, Brigham Young University
The Electronic Dissemination of Research Findings  /  237
	William W. Bostock,  University of Tasmania
Community Service Self-Efficacy: Research Review  /  242
	Roger N. Reeb,  University of Dayton
The Study of Service-Learning as a Moral Matter  /  249
	James M. Lies, Stanford University, CA
Re-envisioning Asynchronous Communication  /255
	Meg VB Wood, University of Wyoming
Service-Learning Synergy in Teacher Education  /  260
	Cynthia B. Elliott, Southeastern Louisiana University
Strategies for Gifted Second Language Learners  /  265
	Todd Deveau, University of Houston, TX
Service-Learning and Teacher Empowerment  /  271
	Aileen Hale, Boise State University
Keyword Subject Index   /  278-279
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