NINE points to remember

Yes, you can do it as a team; 2-3 colleagues together or invite 1-3 students, Editorial Interns, to assist you.
  1. select issue or decide on on-going-topic; and define your subject/focus
    or select established/published subject marked VACANT in KEYWORD INDEX
  2. develop your promotion
  3. send points 1,2,3 to for approval
  4. start promoting when accepted, see entry #17 use e-mail to send out call for papers
  5. results of your promotion are recorded in progress report
  6. authors will send their submissions to AEQ, rarely to you
  7. Feature Editor writes one page editorial
  8. Note
           A - Feature Editor does not have to read submitted manuscripts
           B - journal's New York Office carries all and any correspondence with reviewers and/or authors
           C - reviewers come from Editorial Staff
           D - when needed, AEQ may invite a subject specialist outside journal editorial staff
           E - in case of a disagreement among reviewers, we will seek Feature Editor's input
           F - Feature Editor does not know who the reviewers or authors are
           G - we welcome editors' input for Readers' Choice or Editors' Choice
           H - Feature Editor has a general knowledge of issues and trends in a specific subject
  9. Thanks for selecting Academic Exchange Quarterly for your professional needs.
August 2006